Contribute to Wikipedia in your language campaign

Contribute to Wikipedia in your language campaign

This is a new experiment to support small language Wikipedia . If successful, this may serve as a model for other new languages Wikipedia.

This experiment was inspired by this Wikimania session in 2021.


Contribute to Wikipedia in your language

One of the challenges facing small language Wikipedia is low contributions by native speakers. Most of the contents on small languages Wikipedia are either written by bots or non-native speakers who sometimes use Google translator or similar machines to translate contents on these languages Wikipedia. These cause severe damage to the quality and credibility of these languages Wikipedia. Readers don't have access to basic articles in their native languages since most of the contents are poor in quality.


The scope of this project focus on using the Central Notice banner to recruit volunteers for small language Wikipedia and we want to experiment with the Yoruba language Wikipedia.

We will host a central notice banner on large language Wikipedia that are often visited from Nigeria, and a simple form will be attached to the banner and Wikipedia readers from Nigeria who are native speakers of Yoruba Language will be asked to complete the form and participate in a training on how to contribute to the Yoruba language Wikipedia.

The Central Notice Banner will only be visible to visitors who are not registered on any Wikimedia project.


Wikipedia exists in Yoruba language. If you speak the language, please help us improve it. Register for Yoruba Wikipedia training using this form.



Location of trainees No. of trainees (Zoom training) No. of trainee (In-person training) Total number of Wikipedia accounts created Total number of users retained
Lagos State - - -
Ogun State - - - -
Oyo State - - - -
Ondo State - - - -
Osun State - - - -
Ekiti State - - - -
Kwara State - - - -
Others - - - -

Campaign participants reachedEdit

Months Total number of users reached Total number of users trained Total number of Wikipedia accounts created Total number of users retained
December 2021 1030 - - -
January 2022 - - - -
February 2022 - - - -

Thanks for your interest in Yoruba Wikipedia. Please note that the goal of this training is to create and share free knowledge in Yoruba, not promoting one's business or person. Note that this is a volunteer activity with no financial reward and by no means an employment by Wikipedia, its functionary or the WMF that operates Wikipedia.

Please see our privacy statement.