Community Engagement Insights/2016-17 Report/Travel

Community Engagement Insights 2016-17 Report

Key Findings from the Travel team edit

To be filled in by the Travel team

Which were your team's most important research questions?
To what extent were these questions answered?
What additional analyses does your team need?
Which questions surprised your team?
How does your team you plan to use the data?
What survey questions would your team like to ask next time?

Travel team report edit

Across audiences edit

Question 129 (TR01) edit

Which of the following annual Wikimedia events that were supported by the Wikimedia Foundation have you attended in the last 3 years? (select all that apply)

Participants could select more than one option

38% did not select an option [?]

1 – Wikimania (in Esino Lario, Mexico City, or London) (8%)
2 – Wikimedia Hackathon (in Jerusalem, Lyon, or Zürich) (2%)
3 – Wikimedia Conference (in Berlin) (3%)
4 – Don't know/Not sure (53%)
From the survey participants, 54% was not sure or did not know about these events and 38% did not select any option. Please note that this question was missing "Did not attend any" as an response option.

Question 146 (TR02) edit

For the annual events that you attended, have you ever received funding or travel support from the Wikimedia Foundation?

Mean = 0.1
5% selected "Not sure" [?]

1 – No (90%)
2 – Yes (10%)
Most participants (90%) have not received travel support for the annual events they have attended.

Question 147 (TR03) edit

We are considering the idea of offering pre-paid credit cards where conference participants are able to book their own travel. The WMF would continue to provide the same support in all other travel matters. Would you prefer receiving a pre-paid credit card rather than the WMF booking travel for you?

Participants could select more than one option

0% did not select an option [?]

1 – I would prefer a pre-paid credit card to book my own travel (43%)
2 – I would prefer for the Wikimedia Foundation team to book my own travel (38%)
3 – I am not sure (23%)
43% of participants would prefer to book their own travel using a prepaid card and 38% would like the Foundation to book their travel.

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