Community Engagement Insights/2016-17 Report/Question 147-TR03

Question 147 (TR03) edit

We are considering the idea of offering pre-paid credit cards where conference participants are able to book their own travel. The WMF would continue to provide the same support in all other travel matters. Would you prefer receiving a pre-paid credit card rather than the WMF booking travel for you?

Participants could select more than one option

0% did not select an option [?]

1 – I would prefer a pre-paid credit card to book my own travel (43%)
2 – I would prefer for the Wikimedia Foundation team to book my own travel (38%)
3 – I am not sure (23%)
43% of participants would prefer to book their own travel using a prepaid card and 38% would like the Foundation to book their travel.

Statistics edit

Response statistics Value
Total participants[?] 47 (100%)
Answered question[?] 47 (100%)
Did not select an option[?] 0 (0%)
Dropped out[?] (not available)
Margin of error[?] 9%