Disvolvo de Komunuma Kapablo

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Community Capacity Development is an initiative that aims at identifying needs and ways to build capacity in different Wikimedia communities , and then initiating specific actions to build specific capacities in specific interested communities.

Kio estas komunuma kapablo?

“Komunuma kapablo” estas la kapablo de komunumo atingi siajn celojn. Ĉi tiuj celoj estas tre diversaj, kaj ilia gamo inkluzivas problemojn efikajtan sur unu aŭ ĉiujn Vikimedia(j)n komunumo(j)n.
Kio estas disvolvo de kapablo?

Capacity building, also known as capacity development, is a development approach that involves identifying the challenges that inhibit a community from achieving their goals, and then building, facilitating, or supporting projects to address these challenges.

Kiaj projektoj estis farita en 2016?

In this first and pilot year of the project, the Wikimedia Foundation worked with the following three communities. Click each community to learn about the plan and the current status.

Entuta takso de la jaro de provprojekto

Kio okazis post la provprojekto?

The Foundation did not make a decision about changing the pilot-level funding of the program, so the program remained at that level of funding and continued to deliver trainings, develop curriculum, and mentor communities on that scale.

Trainings were delivered in:

  • WikiConference Bulgaria 2016
  • CEE Meeting 2017
  • Wikimedia Conference 2017
  • Wikimania 2017
  • India Wikidata Month 2017 (month-long series of Wikidata trainings in 8 major cities in India, to English and most Indic communities)
  • Estonia Wikidata training 2017
  • Nigeria (English, Igbo, and Yoruba communities)
  • Ghana (English and Ewe communities)
  • South Africa (English and South African language communities)
  • Wikimedia Conference 2018
  • Wikimania 2018
  • South Korea 2018 (Korean community)
  • Punjab (Punjabi and Tamil communities)
  • Mumbai (Advanced Wikidata training for Indian Wikidatans)
  • WikiConference Ukraine 2018
  • CEE Meeting 2018
  • Australia 2018 (English community)
  • New Zealand 2018 (English and Wikidata community)
  • Tanzania – East Africa regional training (English, Swahili, Luganda, and Portuguese communities)

Materials developed as part of the program, both during the pilot and since then

Ĉu vin interesas pliigo de kapablo ene de via komunumo?

Please consider discussing with your community or Wikimedia affiliate and submitting some self-assessments to the Community Capacity Map! (CCM)

There are over thirty capacity areas described in the CCM Guidelines page. Take a look and see if you're inspired to think about which capacity would be most useful for your community or organization to work on building.

In the pilot year, there were six areas for development - read each capacity's scope, challenges, and potential solutions to see if you are interested. These areas were chosen after interviews with sixteen communities or countries (predominantly in the Global South), and seem to be the areas that affect a large portion of Wikimedia communities.

In each capacity space, we invite your comments and participation - to discuss and clarify challenges, existing solutions (from other communities), and potential future work (e.g. research, trainings, facilitated meetings, etc.).

Kio estas la Projekto por Disvolvo de Komunuma Kapablo?

La celo de la projekto Disvolvo de Komunuma Kapablo estas (finfine) sisteme progresi al pliigo de kapabloj en Vikimediaj komunumoj.

This project began with a phase of Community Research , where the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) conducted qualitative research into strengths, challenges and needs of different communities, aiming to understand the breadth and scope of capacity needs in emerging communities. These interviews were conducted with sixteen communities or countries[1] per profundaj videaj intervjuoj kun grupeto de komunumanoj.

Preliminary results from this research phase was presented at the Wikimedia Conference 2015 in Berlin in May 2015. The slides are on Wikimedia Commons.
Ĝisdatigu min!

Se vi volas ricevi novaĵojn pri ĉi tiu iniciato, bonvolu aboni ĉe nia Malloka Mesaĝo-Livera Listo. [2] La novaĵoj estas anglalingve liverataj al via diskutpaĝo en Meta-Vikio.


  1. Interviews were conducted by Sati Houston and Asaf Bartov in February and March 2014, with individuals from the following 16 communities / countries: Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, India (English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu) and the Arabic community.
  2. Se vi abonis antaŭ la 19a de Aŭgusto, 2015, vi jam estas en la distribulisto.