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Train-a-Wikipedian is a program where we'll train and groom Wikipedians and help them to become better editors. On the English-language Wikipedia, there are a few similar projects where an editor get mentors. In this training, we'll focus mainly on non-English Wikipedians.

Customizable course

We understand that not everyone will need to be taught all these things. If one person needs help with Wikipedia editing and formatting, another person may want to learn about counter-vandalism, preventing disruptive editing etc. So, almost all our trainings will be customizable, and our trainees will be given independence to choose/select topics which they want to learn.

Training procedure

This training session will be both:

  1. 1-to-1 training
  2. Group discussion or session

This trainings will mostly be online, we may conduct workshop sessions as well.

Enrol, contact

If you want to enrol here or if you have any question, leave a message at Talk:CIS-A2K/Train-a-Wikipedian

Join now edit

All Indic-language Wikipedians are welcome to join this training. We strongly believe that this program will help you become better and more skilled Wikipedians. Once you join this program as a participant, we'll create a sub-page for you where we'll record conversations with you, your progress and the sessions you'll be attending.

Participants edit

Assamese Wikipedia edit

None so far, join now

Bengali Wikipedia edit

  1. Bodhisattwa (training page)
  2. Atudu (training page)
  3. Abu Sayeed (training page)
  4. ferdous (training page)
  5. Mouryan (training page)

English Wikipedia edit

  1. Jim Carter (training page)
  2. Prof tpms (training page)
  3. Vin09 (training page)
  4. Iamharishjoshi (training page)
  5. Mahensingha (training page)

Hindi Wikipedia edit

  1. Harvinder Chandigarh (talk) 17:32, 12 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Gujarati Wikipedia edit

None so far, join now

Kannada Wikipedia edit

  1. User:Csyogi (training page)
  2. User:Omshivaprakash (training page)
  3. User:Vikashegde (training page)
  4. Msvishwa (training page)
  5. ಪ್ರಶಸ್ತಿ (training page)
  6. Madhusarthij (training page)
  7. Gopala Krishna A (training page)
  8. Ananth subray (training page)
  9. Annapoornima Koppad (training page)

Konkani Wikipedia edit

  1. User:The Discoverer (training page)

Maithili Wikipedia edit

None so far, join now

Marathi Wikipedia edit

  1. User:cherishsantosh (training page)
  2. User:Abhinavgarule

Malayalam Wikipedia edit

  1. Akbarali (training page)
  2. Irvin calicut (training page)
  3. Ranjithsiji (training page)
  4. Vijayakumarblathur (training page)

Nepali Wikipedia edit

None so far, join now

Odia Wikipedia edit

  1. User:Jnanaranjan sahu (training page)
  2. User:Th3snehasish (training page)
  3. User:MKar (training page)
  4. Nistha.aslp (training page)

Punjabi Wikipedia edit

Sanskrit Wikipedia edit

  1. User:Sayant Mahato (training page)
  2. User:Shubha (training page)
  3. User:Udit Sharma (training page)
  4. User:NehalDaveND (training page)

Tamil Wikipedia edit

None so far, join now

Telugu Wikipedia edit

  1. Bhaskaranaidu (training page)
  2. User:Meena gayathri.s (training page)
  3. Dr. Rajasekhar (training page)
  4. Ramana1248 (training page)
  5. Katta Srinivasa Rao (training page)
  6. Koneti Kumar (training page)
  7. Imahesh3847 (training page)
  8. Pranayraj1985 (training page)
  9. Kasyap (training page)
  10. Nrgullapalli (training page)
  11. Meena gayathri.s (training page)
  12. T.sujatha (training page)
  13. Ajaybanbi (training page)

Urdu Wikipedia edit

  1. Drcenjary (training page)
  2. فیروز اردووالا (training page)

Sindhi Wikipedia edit

  1. User:Jogi don (training page)

Others edit

  1. User:Jishnu neelakandan (Christ University) (training page)
  2. User:VismitaRavindra (Christ University) (training page)

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