Q: What are your best contributions to Wikipedia, and why?

1. My best contributions to Wikipedia are wikshinory, wiki source, wikicommons. This is why because ....... contributions in these are less problem with showing citations, the contents are most and always(regularly) useful to readers, and can also be used in other languages wikipedias.

2. Now a days Every one has a phone with good camera. Encourage them to take photos of their village, and sourroundings and upload them into commons. This will help to contribute more photos...... and the photos are useful to upload into the relevant essays particularly village essays.

3. Training to the new Wikipedians should be at Basic level only. It is observed that the Training is given to new commers at high level so that they develop some kind of fear to write in wikipedia thinking that it may go wrong.

Q: What kind of support you are looking for?

Even among educated peiole, knowledge about "Wikipediate" is very very poor. At first level we have to increase the percentage of people who know what is Wikipedia. For this purpose "a booklet / book" aoout Wikipedia be prepared (in reasonal languages) and distribute at free of cost among Educated, so that they may know what is wikipedia? I hope this will help them to become themselves as editors. For Tewiki I prepare a hand book for this purpose namely "Wikipedia margadarsini" one year back. This can be developed and use for this purpose. 9 వికీపీడియా:'''తెలుగు వికీపీడియా''' మార్గదర్శిని an abridged version of the same is also వికీపీడియా కరపత్రము

2. In Hyderabad monthly regular meetings are being conducting. For this meeting only the particular persons (Wikipedians) are coming regularly. And the meeting is being conducted very routinely and become bore. A press should be released stating that in the city to invite new members to know about wikipedia and to contribute therein. If minimum a handful new persons comes every month It would be a great success. and the meeting would be interesting. The senior wikipedians attending the meeting regularly will serve the purpose giving training to the new members.

3. In every news paper one feature namely "events of the day in the city" is there. If we could be able to put our monthly meeting/training in that particular column on the particular day It would be great help. This type of help is required from CIS-A2K/