CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2018-05-12


CIS-A2K (Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge) is a campaign to promote the fundamental principles of justice, freedom, and economic development. It deals with issues like copyrights, patents and trademarks, which are an important part of the digital landscape.
If you have a general proposal/suggestion for Access to Knowledge team you can write on the discussion page. If you have appreciations or feedback on our work, please share it on feedback page.

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[19:55] <Tan> Hi,
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[19:56] <Pavan_> Hello
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[19:57] <Tanz> Hi
[19:57] <Tanz> One more time:)
[19:57] <Jayprakash12345> Hello
[19:58] <Tanz> Before I change into some random guest number
[19:58] <Jayprakash12345> Tanz: Thanks for Laptop :)
[19:58] <Tanz> You must Thank Asaf and Tito:)
[19:58] <Tanz> Did you pick it upo from Deli?
[19:59] <Jayprakash12345> Yeah I am with tito
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[19:59] <Tanz> Nice:
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[20:00] <Pavan_> Hello everyone!
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[20:01] <Jayprakash12345> Hi
[20:01] <@Titodutta> Hello everyone
[20:01] <Abhinav619> Hello
[20:01] <Pavan_> We are 9 here, and time is 8 IST can let's start while others may gradually join
[20:02] <@Titodutta> We'll start in next 7-8 mins. I think a few more people may join
[20:02] <Pavan_> Fine @Titodutta
[20:02] <wrick> Hello. User:Mouryan here :)
[20:03] <Pavan_> Hi wrik :)
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[20:06] <Tanz> @Pavan and @KC Velaga can we start discussions?
[20:06] <Jayprakash12345> Hello Ananth
[20:08] <Tanz> Hi everyone:) thanks for taking time out on a saturday evening for the IRC,
[20:08] <Saileshpat> Who's Tanz? Tanveer?
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[20:08] <Tanz> As a measure to develop synergies A2K has invited KC Velaga to co-lead and moderate the IRC along with Pavan Santosh
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[20:09] <@Titodutta> Let's start the IRC
[20:09] <Pavan_> Yes
[20:09] <Pavan_> Hi everyone! I am pavan santhosh
[20:10] <balajijagadesh> hi
[20:10] <Pavan_> Today's agenda starts with Wiki Technical Training
[20:10] <KCVelaga> @Tanz Hi Tanveer thanks for the introduction
[20:10] <@Titodutta> As Wikimania is one of the biggest upcoming event, let's start with that. This year also, WMIN and CIS-A2K are providing support so that more Indian Wikimedians can attend
[20:10] <Rupika> Hi everyone
[20:11] <KCVelaga> The first point of today's agenda is Wiki Technical Training
[20:11] <@Titodutta> Ok KC, but can I finish tis point?
[20:12] <KCVelaga> OK Sure
[20:12] <Jayprakash12345> Rupika: HI
[20:12] <@Titodutta> Following WMIN committe's suggestin we have got 3 names, who will go to Wikimania, we have updated on mailing list
[20:12] <@Titodutta> Questions and comments are welsome
[20:14] <Tanz> @Tito: Following the suggestion of Wikimania Scholarship committee
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[20:14] <@Titodutta> Yes
[20:15] <Jayprakash12345> It is nice that more dian wikipedias going to wikimania
[20:15] <Jayprakash12345> indian*
[20:16] <Rupika> Indeed
[20:16] <@Titodutta> Thanks
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[20:16] <@Titodutta> I think we can move to the first topic of the agenda
[20:16] <@Titodutta> Krishna please continue
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[20:17] <@Titodutta> Hi Balaji, Ranjith
[20:17] <ranjithraj> Hello Tito
[20:17] <balakijagadesh> hi Tito
[20:17] <KCVelaga> Yes Tito
[20:17] <Pavan_> Our next topic is Wiki Technical Training
[20:17] <KCVelaga> Getting back to the first point Wiki Technical Training
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[20:18] <balakijagadesh> okay
[20:18] == ranjithraj
[20:18] == Navya
[20:19] <Jayprakash12345> So when cis want to conduct wiki technical training?
[20:19] <KCVelaga> Wiki Technical Training is a continued proposal from March IRC discussion
[20:19] <balakijagadesh> what will be level of this training?
[20:19] <Tanz> If I may chip in, we had originally planned to do this in Ranchi...
[20:20] <Tanz> But we have not been able to find support there and now propose to reschedule...
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[20:20] <KCVelaga> Yes Tanveer, thanks
[20:21] <Jayprakash12345> So again in banglore?
[20:21] <KCVelaga> As this is the first, the focus will be on the technical aspects of Wikipedia. That includes quality content creation, researching references, good article structure, use of templates, use of The Wikipedia Library , using Google Books for citation etc.
[20:21] <balakijagadesh> okay
[20:21] <KCVelaga> @Jayprakash12345 The place is not yet decided
[20:22] <KCVelaga> Suggestion on potential locations are welcome
[20:22] <KCVelaga> Suggestions**
[20:22] <ranjithraj> In Hyderabad?
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[20:22] <Tanz> @jayprakash: No, hopefully out of Bangalore... since this is a large scale event we can probably use this to generate buzz about Wiki activities
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[20:22] <Tanz> It might be a good way to revive communitiy interest as well...
[20:23] <@Titodutta> Jay in June, I feel
[20:23] <Tanz> If there are communities or community members that are not active and are slowly becoming in-active this activity can be a push
[20:23] <Jayprakash12345> And Where You want to conduct?
[20:24] <@Titodutta> place not decided yet
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[20:24] <ranjithraj> Okay, Bangalore is decided and need suggestions in Bangalore?
[20:25] <KCVelaga> @Ranjith, place is not yet decided
[20:25] == Suyash
[20:25] <Jayprakash12345> Then Maybe CIS can conduct this event in delhi?
[20:25] <Pavan_> @ranjithraj place is not yet decided
[20:25] == Nivas
[20:25] <Suyash> Hi room,chi Jai
[20:25] <Jayprakash12345> Suyash: Hello ji
[20:25] <@Titodutta> Hello Suyash ji.
* [20:26] <Suyash> Hello Tito
* [20:26] <Pavan_> Hi @Suyash
* [20:26] <Suyash> Hey Pawan
* [20:26] <Jayprakash12345> Tito: Delhi?
* [20:26] <KCVelaga> May be @Tanveer or @Tito can comment on the proposed locations; Delhi and Hyderabad?
* [20:27] <ranjithraj> What are the parameters to decide a place?
* [20:27] <Suyash> Sorry I missed conversation
* [20:27] <@Titodutta> We are talking about Wiki technical training
* [20:27] <Suyash> Okk
* [20:27] <enwnbot> <acagastya> Please let me know about the irc sessions one day in advance.
* [20:28] <Pavan_> Okay @acagastya
* [20:28] == wrick
* [20:28] <KCVelaga> @acagastya Email was sent to India mailing list on May 6
* [20:28] <Jayprakash12345> Tito ji pahle hume user ko select karna chahiye fir location select karni chahiye
* [20:29] <@Titodutta> (I think it is about his Telegram integration and other management, where Agastya is working, ok Agastya we'll do)
* [20:29] <Jayprakash12345> taki jahan ke user jyada ho vahan event ho.
* [20:29] <Tanz> @Ranjitraj:Good internet, cheap logisitics safe decent accommodation...
* [20:31] <ranjithraj> Venue & Good Wi-Fi can be freely arranged, if it is in Hyderabad
* [20:31] <Jayprakash12345> Tanz: Agar jagah pahle hi select kar lenge aur baad mei selected candidate us loction ke oopsite direction mei honge to budget hi badega
* [20:31] <ranjithraj> Let me know requirement of quality of accommodation
* [20:32] <Suyash> I am somewhat agree with jai
* [20:32] <Tanz> @Jay: This event is a national level event, we would look for participation from all communities...
* [20:32] <Tanz> @ranjithraj:any suggestions for place?
* [20:33] <@Titodutta> I also agree, perhaps we can decide the venue laer
* [20:34] <Suyash> Do we have choices other than Delhi , Hyd
* [20:34] <KCVelaga> Yes we do
* [20:34] <ranjithraj> ThoughtWorks Hyd/IIITH/Swecha Office any of these. All are in Gachibowli
* [20:34] <ranjithraj> Hyd
* [20:34] <KCVelaga> Since they're proposed till now, we're discussing on them
* [20:36] <KCVelaga> @Tanz we can get accommodation (reasonable, decent and affordable) in Hyd
* [20:36] <KCVelaga> However, I request all the members to discuss on the theme and participants
* [20:37] <enwnbot> <acagastya> How many participants are we expecting?
* [20:37] == Tanz
* [20:37] <KCVelaga> Repeating the previous statement; this training will be on Wikipedia; such as quality content creation, researching references, good article structure, use of templates, use of The Wikipedia Library , using Google Books for citation etc.
* [20:37] <ranjithraj> Is it invitee based or anyone can attend?
* [20:37] <KCVelaga> @acagastya around 15
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* [20:38] <enwnbot> <lahariya> It is invite based because we need a basic threshold of skills for tech training...
* [20:39] <enwnbot> <lahariya> This hAs been one of our learning from the last two-three iterations
* [20:39] <enwnbot> <acagastya> @lahariya [This hAs been one of our learning from the last two-three iterations], What is the frequency of this training?
* [20:40] <enwnbot> <lahariya> One per year
* [20:40] <KCVelaga> @ranjithraj Possibly users who have experience of writing articles on Wikipedia
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* [20:41] <Jayprakash12345> YES, I AGREE WITH KRISHNA
* [20:42] <KCVelaga> Any suggestions for topics related to the above mentioned theme?
* [20:44] <KCVelaga> or participation
* [20:44] <Rupika> What would be the criteria for selection of candidates
* [20:44] <Pavan_> Mentioned theme of the Wiki Technical Training is Wikipedia content creation
* [20:45] <Pavan_> training will be on related aspects like quality content creation, researching references, good article structure, use of templates, use of The Wikipedia Library , using Google Books for citation etc.
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* [20:46] <enwnbot> <acagastya> Also, how about semi-automation for content creation and update?
* [20:46] <KCVelaga> @Rupika; there is no perfectly defined set of criteria as of now. However minimum number of edits will be required. Apart from that the user will need to have fair amount of experience in editing/creating articles in their language Wikipedia
* [20:47] <KCVelaga> @acagastya please elaborate. Do you mean like user-scripts?
* [20:47] <Rupika> I see.
* [20:47] <enwnbot> <lahariya> If I may add a consistent engagement with Wikipedia is also very necessary
* [20:47] <KCVelaga> @lahariya +1
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* [20:48] <enwnbot> <lahariya> We will put out a meta page where these details along with feedback regarding location will be requested...\
* [20:48] <Ananth> I do agree with Tanveer
* [20:48] <enwnbot> <acagastya> @KCVelaga [<KCVelaga> @acagastya please elaborate. Do you mean like user-scripts?], As well as extensions, yes.
* [20:49] <@Titodutta> Agree with agastya, however logistical aspect is also important
* [20:49] <KCVelaga> @acagastya OK
* [20:51] <enwnbot> <titodutta> Can we move to the other IRC topic? we are going a little late
* [20:51] <Suyash> Okk
* [20:51] <wrick> We must decide on a Location at the earliest, though..
* [20:51] <wrick> I believe it's not yet fixed, right
* [20:52] <KCVelaga> @wrick Yes, as Tanveer suggested, we'll very soon create a Meta-Page with feedback from this IRC and users can comment there
* [20:52] <Saileshpat> Anyone up for Bhubaneswar? :P But June is not a good time. If you're ready to bear 40 degree ;)
* [20:53] <Pavan_> @Saileshpat as KC Velaga suggested, let's dicuss them in meta talk page
* [20:53] <Pavan_> Thanks for the suggestion @Saileshpat
* [20:53] <Pavan_> Let us move to next topic: Wikipedia General discussion.
* [20:54] <Pavan_> I would like to propose Project Tiger, for the discussion. Is that okay @KCVelaga?
* [20:54] <@Titodutta> Yes Pavan, go ahead
* [20:54] <KCVelaga> @Saileshpat Yes that's good location as well. Even Hyderabad is red hot :)
* [20:54] <Pavan_> :)
* [20:54] <KCVelaga> @Pavan, yes we can go ahead
* [20:54] <Jayprakash12345> I suggest that we should not invete those user who already attend event like TTT, MWT or others
* [20:55] <Pavan_> Project Tiger, as you may already know, is a collaborative a program encouraging Wikipedia communities to create locally relevant and high-quality content in Indian languages.
* [20:56] <Pavan_> Currently we are in 3rd and last month of Project tiger contest in its pilot stage.
* [20:56] <@Titodutta> who are we? :)
* [20:56] <@Titodutta> ok, got it
* [20:56] <KCVelaga> Sorry to interrupt @Jay, further discussion on Wiki Technical Training may be done on Meta
* [20:56] <Pavan_> We, the Indic Wikimedians :)
* [20:56] <wrick> Project Tiger has been hugely successful! Tamil and Punjabi Wikipedia communities are breaking each others' records continuously!
* [20:56] <KCVelaga> @Pavan please continue
* [20:57] <Pavan_> Yes @wrick. They are creating lot of content.
* [20:57] == Saileshpat
* [20:58] <wrick> Bengali community has performed much above our expectations, too. a really well thought of & properly executed Contest
* [20:58] <Pavan_> Can we have a discussion around PT, as @ravidreams and other community organizers also around
* [20:58] <ravidreams> @wrick
* [20:58] <ravidreams> Happy to hear that
* [21:00] <satdeep> But the larger Bengali Community, from Bangladesh hasn't contributed much I believe..
* [21:01] <wrick> Yea :) Also @ravidreams is coming up with new ideas for training and outreach (surrounding PT) and encouraging other communities to try & emulate some of the successful practices
* [21:01] <ravidreams> Yes, Satdeep. It has been one of the challenges
* [21:01] <ravidreams> To get participation crossing borders
* [21:01] <wrick> Yes @satdeep that is an issue. :(
* [21:01] <Bodhisattwa> True, @Satdeep, as I said earlier, the list of topics were not our preferred subject
* [21:02] <satdeep> @Bodhisattwa: Now there is a lot of flexibility. The expanded list of articles has very diverse topics
* [21:02] <Pavan_> @Bodhisattwa true, but 500 local topics, 10000 global topics and other national topics helped our community to participate more.
* [21:02] <Bodhisattwa> May be, but we lost interest
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* [21:04] <ravidreams> @bodhi, Ya, I understand. It is one of our learnings
* [21:04] <Pavan_> @ravidreams, Can you please explain about next phases
* [21:04] <ravidreams> To get the topics list right from the beginning
* [21:04] <ravidreams> Well, the contest will be get over by May 31st (June 12 for bnwiki)
* [21:05] <ravidreams> The winning community will received a 3 day capacity development programme
* [21:05] <ravidreams> which is planned to happen after July
* [21:05] <ravidreams> Meanwhile, we will think of ways to scale Project Tiger and do a next edition
* [21:05] <wrick> however this has meant that whatever articles that were created, were created by the Indian bnwikipedians and I see that as a feat in itself because there'll be no longer qualms such as bangladeshi wikipedians being there active editor base and Indian bnwikipedians not being comparatively active
* [21:05] <ravidreams> This will involve formal community consultation
* [21:06] <ravidreams> I will keep the community informed regularly about the progress we make
* [21:07] <ravidreams> On May 16th, we are meeting Google at New Delhi
* [21:07] <ravidreams> along with Punjabi Wikipedians
* [21:07] <ravidreams> to discuss the progress so far
* [21:07] <ravidreams> If anyone is around New Delhi
* [21:07] <ravidreams> Welcome to join us
* [21:07] <Bodhisattwa> @wrick, noone told that Indian bnwikipedians are not active. but most of them are active in commons and bnwikisource. For me, i have already shifted to wikipedia to wikisource
* [21:08] <Bodhisattwa> What will be the topic of discussion with google
* [21:09] <ravidreams> They want to understand how the community works, how the support and contest so far has been useful
* [21:09] <ravidreams> and receive feedback on that
* [21:09] <ravidreams> There is also a hangout on Monday
* [21:09] <ravidreams> minus Google
* [21:09] <ravidreams> Write to
* [21:09] <ravidreams> If you want to participate in any of these and give inputs
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* [21:12] <Pavan_> Thanks for the updates @ravidreams
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* [21:12] <Bodhisattwa> will you talk about the OCR issue?
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* [21:13] <Bodhisattwa> which has been stopped for Bengali pdfs and scan?
* [21:13] <Bodhisattwa> *pdfs?
* [21:13] <ravidreams> We hope to give a broad overview about Wikisource
* [21:14] <ravidreams> but the meeting is too broad to get into technical details
* [21:14] <ravidreams> We have other channels through which we can communicate such issues
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* [21:15] <Bodhisattwa> ok, then please communicate with those channels, we are suffering for last 3 months
* [21:15] <Titodutta> Ok Bodhi, we'll
* [21:16] <Tanz> @Room, just a reminder that we have crossed the time set for IRC 14 min ago:)
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* [21:16] <Tanz> @KC and Pavan: Any super important topics that are remaining to be discussed?
* [21:16] <KCVelaga> @Tanz, we can wrap up the discussion
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* [21:17] <Pavan_> @Tanz Nothing for now
* [21:17] <KCVelaga> Quick overview:
* [21:18] == Navya1 has quit [Client Quit]
* [21:20] <Tanz> @KC...
* [21:21] <KCVelaga> Wikimania scholarships by CIS-A2K discussed, following the suggestions from the Wikimania scholarships committee | Wiki Technical Training; theme and venues discussed, further discussion to be done on a meta-Wiki page | Project Tiger to end 31st this month, and meeting with Google on 16th in Delhi (users around are welcome), Hangouts call on Monday | Wikisource OCR issue of Bengali
* [21:21] <KCVelaga> @Pavan, please add if I missed anything
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* [21:21] <Pavan_> Thanks for the summery @KCVelaga
* [21:22] <Pavan_> I would like to thank everyone attended
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* [21:22] <Tanz> @Thank you all:)
* [21:22] <Tanz> Meet you all next month...
* [21:23] <KCVelaga> Thank You all
* [21:23] <balakijagadesh> thank you all