CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2012-03-15

<poem> [21:02] <Hmundol_> sorry about that. got cut off at the worst possible time [21:02] <Hmundol_> let's start? [21:02] <pradx> YES! [21:02] <sai> ya [21:02] <kondicherry> Karthikndr Hello! [21:02] <Karthikndr> 3...2...1... start :) [21:02] <mlbnkm> yes [21:02] <shantanoo> 391: Thursday March 15 2012 -- 17:32:19 +02:00 [21:02] <Hmundol_> thank you all for attending. i've lost count of how many folks we have on [21:02] <Hmundol_> so welcome all [21:03] <freakofmimsy> <thunderclap> [21:03] <Hmundol_> this is the fortnightly india program irc [21:03] <Hmundol_> we have't had the monthly ones for a while now - and my apologies for that [21:03] <Hmundol_> we're restarting as forntighters [21:03] <Hmundol_> the way i though we could do it today is to give you a quick update on india program [21:03] <Hmundol> and then follow it up with discussions on indic languages [21:04] <Hmundol> here are 5 areas we are currently working on in march. [21:04] <Hmundol> we are continuing our efforts at improving the impact of outreach. nitika is leading this initiative. she's working on getting collateral improved and available. …and getting as many outreach opportunities as possible. and getting as many community member supported as possible [21:04] <AshLin> Hi [21:05] * pradx takes a seat [21:05] <Hmundol> we are starting the work on communications with noopur's joining. it's early days yet - but we are working on early thoughts on communications. [21:06] <Hmundol> these will include digital outreach, social networks and media/PR. …all centered around how to support community building. [21:06] <AshLin> What's the breakup of roles between your associates, Hisham? [21:06] <freakofmimsy> what does "getting collateral improved" mean? [21:06] <Hmundol> this is a common them on everything that you will hear from india program. it's not about content or for that matter readership. it's always about community building [21:07] <giri> Hello from Hyderabad [21:07] <Hmundol> freakofmimsy: presentations, hand outs and outreach tips [21:07] <freakofmimsy> ah [21:07] <Hmundol> AshLin: nitika: outreach & education / noopur: Communitications: shiju: indic languages / subha: commnity & program support [21:07] <AshLin> Hi Giri, join in [21:08] <AshLin> thanks, that helps [21:08] == shanmugamp7_ has changed nick to shanmugamp7 [21:08] <freakofmimsy> hmundol, have you made the presentations available on commons? [21:08] <Hmundol> another aspect we are working on trying to close the loop on outreach. how do we get an efficient way of staying in touch with newbies in a manner that community members can use and see value on [21:09] <Hmundol> freakofmimsy: it's on [21:09] <Nitika> freakofmimsy: we are trying to experiment with different presentations, handouts and stuff. Most of the versions are avaliable on meta as for now in form of google docs. Once we have improved and finally made the final versions we'll upload them on commons too. [21:09] <freakofmimsy> thanks! [21:10] <AshLin> this is VERY important to us, we see a gap between Indian newbies joining Wikipedia and their becoming contributing community members [21:10] <subha_> Hi everyone! Subha here.. [21:10] <Hmundol> we are trying to see if we can have a CRM solution that allows community members to stay in touch with participants on outreach sessions. subha is installing an instance of a package called sugar. we will be trying it out this month. we think it's a really big problem that needs solving. [21:10] == tinucherian_ has changed nick to tinucherian [21:10] <Theo10011> oh lawdy [21:10] <Hmundol> one aspect we are also going to work on is how do we redesign IEP. we will be preparing a plan for the redesign this month. [21:11] <PSubha> Hi, sorry if I already said hi.. [21:11] <Hmundol> …and of course, we have indic langagues [21:11] <Hmundol> last but not least [21:11] <Hmundol> which is good sedgway to the main part of today's discussions [21:11] <Hmundol> btw, am really sorry for not saying hi to everyone.too many guys!!! this is awesome!!! [21:12] <Hmundol> anyways, coming back to indic languages [21:12] <freakofmimsy> Can we talk about communications? [21:12] <Theo10011> You know, IRC- It's quite a lot of of fun {citation required}™ [21:12] <sai> using the info from ip address location,basing on the state he is using,can't we put a banner on english wikipedia asking the reader to translate the current language into their language,eg: a guy in UP will get a msg asking him to translate the article into hindi, while a guy in karnataka will get one for kannada [21:12] <Hmundol> i'm going to ask shiju to jump in but just to set the context, shiju has been having a series of discussions with indic languages wikipedians [21:13] <Hmundol> he has been publishing updates on these conversations as well as a summary of these discussions. [21:13] <srikanthlogic> sai: some old discussions on that are unclosed on india list IIRC [21:13] <Hmundol> can someone post the links to these while i'm talking please [21:13] <sai> ok [21:13] <Sid-G> sai:IP addresses aren't always accurate [21:14] <Sid-G> sai:a guy in UP can end up with haryana/delhi/bihar etc too [21:14] <Hmundol> the objective behind all of these was to try and get a rich sense of the context of each community and to try and elicit suggestions from within the communities themseleves [21:14] <pradx> sai: true, I think my IP address will tell you that I'm in Delhi - though I'm not [21:14] <shantanoo> one can put the banner depending upon the user's preferred language (user may have to specify this in preferences) [21:14] <sai> ye yes i know the limitations [21:14] <Hmundol> shiju then posted specific ideas to specific communities based on their context. [21:14] <sai> its a short term publicity [21:14] <AshLin> except English ;) [21:14] <Nitika> [21:15] <Theo10011> hiya AshLin [21:15] <Hmundol> and then started a period of intensive discussions on village pumps, individual talk pages, chats, etc etc etc [21:15] <AshLin> yo Theo [21:15] <srikanthlogic> AshLin: you are doing that job voluntarily ;) [21:15] <AshLin> some one promised to pay me in stamps but is yet to deliver ;) [21:15] <freakofmimsy> thanks for that ashlin! you're awesome [21:16] <Hmundol> point to note is that the ideas we started off with have now coalesced into a a number of initiatives [21:16] <Theo10011> AshLin, we are closing the RfC for the mayur issue if you want to vote. [21:16] <Hmundol> i'm now going to ask shiju to talk about 2 of them [21:16] * srikanthlogic heads there to quickly have a look [21:16] <Hmundol> wikiproject; medical translate and wikiproject: translate clean up [21:16] <freakofmimsy> Yeah, hiwp has been a mess for a while, but that didn't come out in the reports [21:17] <AshLin> Theo, link please [21:17] <Hmundol> and while shiju types.. …(or i think he's typing!), let me give you some context on these initiatives. [21:17] <Sid-G> AshLin: [21:17] <Shijualex> Yes, the projects on various Indic language wikis are slowly picking up, even though we are yet to get interested users for some languages. But we hope the situation will slowly improve as we move on. The good thing is most of the major languages communities are atleast moderatley active [21:17] <AshLin> thx Sid-G [21:17] <Hmundol> the basic idea is to get collaboration going amongst existing editors. it doesn't make a difference about the scale. 1 editor will become 2 and eventually so-on-and-so-forth... [21:18] <AshLin> btw thanks for the compliment, freakofmimsy [21:18] <Shijualex> The real success from the past 2 months is Assamese [21:18] <jayanta> hi we have started medical translate project at [21:18] <Theo10011> <Applause> [21:18] <tinucherian> +1 [21:18] <Hmundol> hey jayanta: that's wonderful to hear. [21:18] <Shijualex> Assamese community really picked up and we have a good community in North East now [21:19] <Nitika> yeah! thats great Jayanta! [21:19] * pradx hopes the next WikiConference is in Assam :) [21:19] <Noopur28> +1 :) [21:19] <freakofmimsy> +1 [21:19] <Karthikndr> pradx : when will it be, any idea? [21:19] * srikanthlogic hopes there is a next WikiConference sooner :) [21:19] <jayanta> we need to fix this bug [21:19] <Hmundol> and the assumese community should conduct a session for ALL of us on how to do outreach. they have had amongst the most successful individual outreach sessions that i have heard of [21:19] <Vibhijain> we do have many assamese students in kolkata, delhi, mumbai [21:19] <pradx> karthikndr: whenever it is [21:20] <Theo10011> oh lawdy Noopur28 on IRC? [21:20] <Shijualex> :) it will be wonderful if all of us help them to add more members to NE wki community. i see much potentail there [21:20] <srikanthlogic> jayanta: thanks for bringing that up. [21:20] <AshLin> * AshLin hopes there WILL be a WikiConference seeing that no one has come forth [21:20] * srikanthlogic adds to my list of bugs to watch :) [21:20] <tinucherian> personally i wud really want the next Wikiconference in W.Bengal [21:20] <Karthikndr> pradx; hmmm yeah [21:20] <Noopur28> hey, Theo :) [21:20] <Shijualex> Not only for Assamese and Bengali but also for English [21:21] <jayanta> hehe! tinu! [21:21] <Theo10011> hiya [21:21] <tinucherian> hoi jayanta ! [21:21] <subha> here is a good news, Saroj Dakal from ne wiki has just moved to Nepal and could help in outreach over there.. [21:21] <freakofmimsy> nice, nice, now let's talk in specific about what's been done until now (the plans are awesome, as we all agree)! :-) [21:22] <jayanta> Bangalore community is big , so personally i wud really want the next Wikiconference in Bangalore! [21:22] <giri> subha: isn't there is an active group in nepal? [21:22] <tinucherian> hi subha , do you remember the name of an active ne wikipedian in Bangalore ? [21:22] <Karthikndr> any support for South India? [21:22] <subha> hey tinu, jayanta, srikanth, karthick and our India team :) [21:22] <Shijualex> An important project that slowly picked up in few Indic langauges is Medical project. It is opening new avenues for outreach among Medical students [21:23] == Theo10011 changed the topic of #wikimedia-office to: Upcoming office hours: | Publically logged during office hours. [21:23] <subha> not sure how active, but these wikipedians are working harder to get more projects released from incubator.. [21:23] <Hmundol> Karthikndr: support is there for anyone who needs it! [21:23] <Karthikndr> hi subha [21:23] <Hmundol> shiju is working with telugu wikipedians and nepali wikipedians and assamese wikipedians and hindi wikipedians and many more! [21:23] <subha> hi karthik (calling kaarthik :) [21:24] <Theo10011> Joan, of arc. [21:24] <AshLin> Query for Hi Wikipedians [21:24] <jayanta> another one! [21:24] <Shijualex> already few Medcial college students expressed Interest in this project (in Indic langauges) and we are seeing the possibility of doing outreach in these Mecial colleges [21:24] <tinucherian> Hi Shiju, Any of the incubator indic lang Wikipedias likely to come out as full Wikipedia soon? [21:24] <AshLin> Who's working on delivering WikiSource? [21:24] <srikanthlogic> jayanta: pdf generation, already there :L) [21:24] <freakofmimsy> hmundol, why did you hire a newbie editor with 700 edits for communications when there was another candidate with 8000 edits, communications experience for Wikimedia and an MBA degree? [21:25] <Shijualex> Tinu, I could see a small possibility for Tulu [21:25] <jayanta> I know u r! [21:25] <tinucherian> ok [21:25] <jayanta> I have just poke! [21:25] <Vibhijain> hope sanskrit wikiquote will be the next [21:25] <Hmundol> freakofmimsy: because edit count was not the criteria for selection. [21:25] <Shijualex> Few users expressed interest in Tulu and I am supporting them to get start with that [21:25] * shantanoo uses .odt format and then using openoffice/libreoffice convert it to pdf. [21:25] <kondicherry> freakofmimzy just shot the moon [21:26] <freakofmimsy> hmundol, so what else was the criteria? [21:26] <Hmundol> i want to talk about the whole point on medical outreach [21:26] <subha> this PDF is really needed, when we still have font rendering problem, I am not sure how badly the PDF will be! [21:26] <AshLin> Any Hindi Wikipedians in the house? [21:26] <Sid-G> just in [21:26] <pradx> AshLin: newbie here :) [21:26] <tinucherian> But I guess your current priority is to revive the all the existing Wikipedias ( dormant ones) [21:26] <Vibhijain> me (semiactive) [21:26] <AshLin> Anbout Hi WikiSource? [21:26] <Sid-G> AshLin:thats dormant [21:26] <Shijualex> Hi Ahwin, what is the query aboyt Wikisource? [21:27] <Sid-G> AshLin:same for hi-wikt [21:27] <Nitika> Calling out for help - to foster these medical projects in different languages such as te, as we want to do outreach in medical colleges. If you have friends, family members in medical colleges who'd want to conduct outreach in their campus please let us know. [21:27] <freakofmimsy> hmundol, you know that the english wikipedia community specifically asked you for an established wikipedian after the IEP report. so I'm not sure what other criteria establishes that? [21:27] <Hmundol> shiju addressed the point about medical outreach. here is an idea that we want to try out [21:27] <AshLin> Its a good candidate for creation [21:27] <Vibhijain> wikisource is in a bad situation [21:27] <AshLin> as per a thread on the list [21:27] <Vibhijain> many copyvio things [21:27] <Hmundol> freakofmimsy: i'll come to your questions after i have finished my point on medical outreach in an indic languages context. [21:27] <AshLin> okay [21:28] <srikanthlogic> freakofmimsy: looks like IEP will have seperate member from Global Dev as told by bazanews [21:28] <giri> Hmundol: is there an agenda for tomorrow's meeting in hyderabad? [21:28] <Hmundol> one challenge when we do outreach is we often leave newbies without any specific idea of what to edit. [21:28] <AshLin> @Nitika, Ntha Hussain in Calicut [21:28] <shantanoo> Vibhijain: :). few days back i requested to disable the anonymous edits on wikisource. to make sure each user is aware of copy violations. it has been turned down. // srikanthlogic [21:28] <Sid-G> AshLin:There's no point in creating a project if there's no community to support it [21:29] <Theo10011> Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again? [21:29] <srikanthlogic> freakofmimsy: for some thread you want to read ? [21:29] <Hmundol> to support the medical translate project, we are trying to see if we can get outreach done in medical colleges to specifically address the needs of a project. [21:29] <Shijualex> One good news about Indic wikisource is, Gujarati Wiki source will be created soon [21:29] <Vibhijain> great [21:29] * shantanoo interested in knowing how to flag copy violations. [21:29] <AshLin> We are planning to spur a hew Hi Wikipedians in Pune to take this up [21:29] <freakofmimsy> srikanthlogic, the specific purpose behind hiring an established wikipedian from the India community was to have someone Indian plus with experience with editing on the English Wikipedia. The other online communications consultant was going to be there anyway. [21:29] <Hmundol> in the case of medical outreach, while one obviously doesn't HAVE to be a doctor, getting medical expertise is always helpful [21:29] <Nitika> AshLin: in talks with her :) [21:29] <srikanthlogic> Theo10011: lol.. elders of internet told you so ? [21:33] <Hmundol> so i'll step in for him and talk a little bit more about the medical translate project. [21:33] <Theo10011> o.O [21:34] <tinucherian> Wow.. What happened ? [21:34] <tinucherian> everybody left [21:34] <Theo10011> net split prob. [21:34] <tinucherian> ? [21:34] <Hmundol> the original plan was to have to top 80 or so medical articles translated into simple english and then on to non-english languages [21:34] <subha> I am here [21:34] <Noopur28_> ? there's a problem here [21:34] <Prad2609> everybody got thrown out - and then thrown back in again [21:34] <srikanthlogic> am here [21:34] <Hmundol> whoa. what's gong on here... [21:34] <Karthikndr_> not lest, thrown out :P [21:34] <Fluffernutter> wait, were we about to discuss why non-wikipedians are being hired? [21:34] <Karthikndr_> left* [21:34] <Shijualex_> yeah, some message appeared and I disconnected. Now back [21:34] == shanmugamp7_ has changed nick to shanmugamp7 [21:34] <Theo10011> It's called a netsplit. When the IRC servers change or get dumped. [21:34] <Theo10011> Anyway [21:35] <Prad2609> geekspeak :) [21:35] <AshLin> snowball earth - everything's frozen? [21:35] <Theo10011> IRC- It's quite a lot of of fun {citation required}™ [21:35] <Theo10011> Fluffernutter!!! [21:35] <Fluffernutter> hi Theo10011 :) [21:35] <tinucherian> Pradx = Prad2609 ? [21:35] <Prad2609> tinucherian: yes [21:35] <tinucherian> ok :) [21:35] <AshLin> I get quite confused at times [21:35] <Hmundol> anyways, the initial plan was that for these medical articles, they would be translated into simple english and then onwards to local languages [21:36] <jayanta> HMUndol: top 80 article, list anywhere? [21:36] <shantanoo> --- for more info :) [21:36] <AshLin> Hisham , has simple english translation of any article been done? [21:36] <subha> can we have a policy to have atleast part of real names, this geeky names are quite confusing and distracting :p [21:36] <Hmundol> the translation to simple english would have - i suspect - made the need for medical folks slightly less necessary [21:36] <giri> Hmundol: :) [21:36] <Theo10011> wilkommen BobTheWikipedian [21:36] <Hmundol> AshLin: yes, …for not more than 3 when i last checked [21:36] <Prad2609> subha: personal preferences mostly :) [21:36] <BobTheWikipedian> danke theo [21:36] <freakofmimsy> hi bobthewikipedian [21:36] <Prad2609> subha: this is my wikipedia handle [21:36] <Theo10011> np :) [21:37] <AshLin> are we able to get the info through without dumbing down? [21:37] <subha> :) [21:37] <AshLin> this is a dangerous issue, in a sense [21:37] <giri> AshLin: the "Basic English" versions might help [21:37] <Hmundol> however, since that is going slowly, community members in Assamese, Telugu and Nepali are doing it the relatively harder way - but hopefully with richer quality medical articles [21:37] <freakofmimsy> Okay, so we have less than 23 minutes left [21:37] <Theo10011> oh no [21:37] <AshLin> Giri, what's Basic English? [21:37] <Hmundol> We are trying to support them by encouraging medical outreach [21:38] <Shijualex_> But when Medical project project is started few users showed interest to write independly as they are from Medical background [21:38] <giri> AshLin: It's one of the "languages" available on the Wikipedia [21:38] <freakofmimsy> giri, ashlin, that's simple english [21:38] <subha> but, the whole point is when Indic WPs will have real doctots/people with medical background as editors, is that really neccessary for having simple English versions? [21:38] <Hmundol> Personally, I think outreach with a prior purpose in terms of subject area might hold potential and we should try it out [21:38] <AshLin> I know "simple" but not Basic [21:38] <giri> AshLin: sorry, "Basic" [21:39] <kondicherry> AshLin [21:39] <Hmundol> shiju: can you also talk about the translate project? [21:39] <Hmundol> or rather the translate cleanup project [21:39] <Shijualex_> so we could see articles developing independent of simple english/English. I have seen this in Tamil and Malayalam. B [21:39] <Shijualex_> sure [21:39] <Shijualex_> another interested project is happening in Kannada [21:40] <Theo10011> You guys do know, we have a distant yet ignored cousin of english Wikipedia, simple english wiki? [21:40] <Hmundol> while shiju talks about it, let me also butt in and say that the strategic context for this project is to drive collaboration. [21:40] <AshLin> THx Kondicherry [21:40] <jayanta> We have one doctor user, but now he is not active now... [21:40] <AshLin> BTW who is "giri"? Ansumang? [21:40] <Shijualex_> 2010-2011 Google creatred some 1500 articles across few indic languages to buld their translation memory [21:40] <Theo10011> Fluffernutter, BobTheWikipedian you guys think simple english might be a better place for these "initiatives" ? [21:41] <giri> AshLin: Who is giri?? I am Giridhar RAO, and I live in Hyderabad -- does that help? [21:41] <AshLin> Thanks, giri, nice to meet you [21:41] <AshLin> :) [21:41] <BobTheWikipedian> theo - sorry since i came in late i'm still getting a feel for what's being discussed [21:41] <Hmundol> there were several issues with the initiative - including poor quality translation in some cases and poor formatting in many cases [21:41] <Shijualex_> Few users had raised concerns about this project. One of the the biggest concern was that it generated content without building the community. Also, while there was quite a bit of content added to Kannada Wikipedia, there were also problems regarding the translation and formatting. However, there is also a big opportunity here because there is a lot of good content is generated through this project. [21:41] <giri> AshLin: pleasure :) [21:41] <Theo10011> ok. [21:41] <jayanta> top class medical article here [21:42] <Fluffernutter> Theo10011, doubt it. Simple english is fairly difficult, I think. Really if the participants in the initiative lack english fluency, they ought to be editing on their native language wikis, not en [21:42] <Hmundol> it also cause some hilarious problems because the project looked at the most searched terms on google [21:42] <giri> jayanta: thanks [21:42] <Shijualex_> So Kannada wikipedians are actively working on this project to enhance the quality of existing articles and to build community [21:42] <Theo10011> mhm [21:42] <Hmundol> …which means we now have articles on lady gaga in hind and tamil and kannada and telugu. …which causes much bemusement in discussions amongst community members! [21:43] <AshLin> Maybe we need stripped down information versions because some of these are very complex for translation [21:43] <shantanoo> AshLin: +1 [21:43] <freakofmimsy> How far is India Programs in terms of design for IEP v0.2? [21:43] <jayanta> hishum we need mosst needed 80 article list [21:43] <Hmundol> one sec jayanta, just digging it out. [21:43] <BobTheWikipedian> actually, when i don't understand a medical topic as it's presented on wikipedia (which happens far more often than i'd like), i consult simple: and usually don't find the topic there [21:44] <jayanta> :) [21:44] <BobTheWikipedian> so i think expanding the medical initiative to the simple english wikipedia is essential [21:44] <AshLin> jayanta, Diabetes, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Asthma should start you off [21:44] <techfiz> Shijualex_: thanks for helping to build the project around Google articles on Kn wiki.. and it has really got many of us closer as a community [21:45] <Shijualex_> Infact Kannada community is activey working to take maximum benefit out of this project. We have Omshiva prakash from kannada community to tell us about this project [21:45] <Shijualex_> Omshiva prakash is user <techfiz> :) [21:45] <freakofmimsy> Will IEP v0.2 target English Wikipedia or Indic languages? [21:45] <Hmundol> here goes, jayanta: [21:46] <shantanoo> +1 for Indic languages [21:46] <techfiz> Shijualex_: thanks for the intro [21:46] <techfiz> :) [21:46] <Hmundol> we will be publishing a plan for who we will redesign IEP v2.0. my current answer on english or indic is we don't know. [21:46] <Fluffernutter> +2 for indic languages [21:46] <BobTheWikipedian> :) [21:46] <kondicherry> Are prior number of articles required for the creation of gu wikisource? [21:46] <tinucherian> techfiz good to see the current activity around Kannada Wikipedia [21:47] <Hmundol> sorry, make that "how we will redesign" IEP v2.0. not the actual design; but how we propose the design. [21:47] <jayanta> :-D [21:47] <Theo10011> oh subtle [21:47] <Noopur28_> hey fellow SIG techfiz :) [21:47] <Hmundol> jayanta: key thing on the medical translate project is to get some guys involved. even 1 or 2 to begin with. [21:47] <Shijualex_> janyanta, I will send you details about most important medical articles [21:47] <techfiz> Many of us around Kn wiki never met or had anything common to work on earlier and Google Clean up project shows the community power and interest . [21:47] <Hmundol> and encourage and support them to translate 1 or 2 articles. [21:48] <jayanta> Shijualex_: thx [21:48] <techfiz> For the first time, we have around 6-8 people volunteering on such community project [21:48] <Fluffernutter> Hmundol, is there a launch date set for IEP 2.0? Like, are you going to try for the spring? summer? next year? [21:48] <freakofmimsy> hmundol, less than 12 minutes left. can we get back to the question on communications consultant? [21:48] <Hmundol> jayanta; if we are able to get 1-2 editors doing 1-2 articles, then they can reach out others.. it's all about building momentum. [21:48] <tinucherian> Shijualex_ , are you working on Google cleanup on other languages too ? [21:48] <techfiz> Noopur28_: hi tinucherian thanks for all encouragement [21:48] <Vibhijain> does there r article on indian ruppes note on en wiki? [21:48] <techfiz> tinucherian: he has been the back bone :) [21:48] <Theo10011> what's the status these days with the India programs? [21:48] <giri> Hmundol: is the medical translation project on the agenda for tomorrow? [21:48] <Theo10011> Is it registered yet? [21:49] <Hmundol> Fluffernutter: my current thinking is this year but don't have a firm date in mind. we will share it well in advance. [21:49] <AshLin> @Vibhijain [21:49] <Hmundol> giri: YES! [21:49] <Shijualex_> Tinu, let us first start with kannada. We are learing so many things while doing this. Once it is stablized I will document this and we can start in other languages also [21:49] <giri> Hmundol: great. let me contact a doctor or two i know [21:49] <Hmundol> giri: and i am going to ask your help to get community members outreach opportunities. [21:49] <Theo10011> do that. [21:49] <Theo10011> Hello? [21:49] <Theo10011> My question, please. [21:50] <Shijualex_> We can do the same project atleast in Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil also [21:50] <Hmundol> giri: please! we have 1 Telugu wikipedian involved in it right now. he needs all the help he can get!!! [21:50] <Theo10011> .... [21:50] <tinucherian> You are welcome , techfiz .. It was nice of you sharing Kn Wiki experiences at blore meetup [21:50] <techfiz> Cleaning up Google Contributed Articles for Kannada is like revamping the Kn wiki by 15-20 % [21:50] <AshLin> patience is a virtue, Theo ;) [21:51] <freakofmimsy> ashlin, lol [21:51] <Theo10011> IRC office hours are not. [21:51] <subha> giri, shijualex has already created a page, the instructions are there.. [21:51] <freakofmimsy> he's avoiding the questions [21:51] <Theo10011> they will be ending in 10 minutes. [21:51] <Hmundol> Theo10011: not sure about the question again? [21:51] <Theo10011> <Theo10011> what's the status these days with the India programs? [21:51] <Hmundol> sorry, lost all grammatical coherence there. [21:51] <Theo10011> <Theo10011> Is it registered yet? [21:52] <Theo10011> Can someone else explain. [21:52] <Hmundol> the trust is registered as we had announced earlier. [21:52] <Theo10011> I meant, is it currently functional? or are the employees still direct contractors? [21:52] <Theo10011> Is there a legal entity, specifically. [21:53] <techfiz> Involvement of editors like Shijualex_: and seeing him working on Kn wiki also got many peoples attention. A true team of editors, bot man's, admin and new community enthusiasts have joined hands with Kn wiki project now.. [21:53] <Hmundol> there are some assessments being done about the legal and regulatory context. [21:53] <Theo10011> ok [21:53] <Theo10011> Status unknown? [21:53] <techfiz> We are announcing the project to the community later today to welcome more peoples involvement [21:53] <Theo10011> status confidential [21:53] <Hmundol> the india program team are independent consultants to the foundation. [21:53] <thinkdper> Outsourcing? [21:53] <thinkdper> NEVER! [21:54] <freakofmimsy> hmundol, so you are doing the due diligence post-registration? [21:54] <Theo10011> Will this change? what would be the point of the trust then? [21:55] <Hmundol> shiju: we have 5 minutes [21:55] <AshLin> @harish_kothari, Hi [21:55] <Hmundol> are there any questions on the indic languages discussions? [21:55] <freakofmimsy> so now we have learned how to avoid questions during office hours. [21:55] <Hmundol> giri: we will carry on any questions you have on anything on indic languages tomorrow. [21:55] <giri> Hmundol: sure [21:56] * thinkdper has no questions. [21:56] <Hmundol> just to answer your point on the agenda for tomorrow, it is to celebrate telugu 50K!!! yayyyy!!! and to talk about "WHAT NEXT!" [21:56] * thinkdper wonders what is telgu? [21:57] <AshLin> thinkdeeper, the language of Andra Pradesh stste in India [21:57] <Shijualex_> These are some of the major happening across Indic wikis. I am sure more will be there to report next month [21:57] <giri> thinkdper: :) [21:57] <Hmundol> freakofmimsy: we are focussing on the material topic that was intended for this IRC. [21:57] <freakofmimsy> hmundol, I thought the community determined that [21:57] <freakofmimsy> Anyway, you can volunteer 15 minutes more to this discussion [21:57] <giri> thinkdper: some 90 million native speakers, i think [21:57] * thinkdper sees that. [21:57] <shantanoo> Hmundol: is there plan for getting support for new INR symbol on all indic wikis? [21:58] <tinucherian> thinkdper : [21:58] * thinkdper waves welcome back to Theo10011 [21:58] <Theo10011> danke [21:58] * thinkdper sees a tinucherian , one heavy twitterer! [21:58] <Shijualex_> Shantanoo where is it required? [21:58] <Hmundol> shantanoo: i have to confess and say i don't know. but i wil find out and get back to you. shiju: do you know? are any of the techie folks on? (I don't think i saw them.) [21:58] <Theo10011> techies, no. [21:58] <Shijualex_> INR symbol is part of font [21:59] * tinucherian thinkdper :P [21:59] <Shijualex_> So why special support is required for that symbol? Most of the fonts updated to include that symbol [21:59] <shantanoo> Shijualex_: didn't find it on mrwiki [22:00] * thinkdper is following you on twitter, tinucherian [22:00] <freakofmimsy> hi aroundtheglobe, how are you doing? [22:00] <subha> if you don't find then you have to create a page on that in mr wiki [22:00] <Shijualex_> Shantanoo, could you send me a mail at I will check this? [22:00] <shantanoo> Shijualex_: ok. [22:00] <tinucherian> Thanks thinkdper :) [22:01] <subha> [22:01] <@Theo10011> checking something [22:01] <Hmundol> Hey MKar. not sure if are a new indic wikipedian. (and apologies if you are not and i am boo-boo-ing here.) do feel free to ask any questions you might have. [22:02] <MKar> from Odia Wiki Community :) [22:02] <Hmundol> ah, welcome! [22:02] <Hmundol> good to see you. [22:02] <subha> Hi MKar :) [22:02] <MKar> Hi [22:02] <Hmundol> i notice that medical translate has started in Odia as well!!! good show [22:02] <Hmundol> …though i think it is only one editor right now… he needs help, buddy. [22:02] <Hmundol> subha: can you share the project page that was created? [22:03] <subha> yes, [22:03] <AshLin> Kondicherry/: Hows WikiProject Gujarat doing? [22:03] <MKar> Yes only one editor :( [22:03] <freakofmimsy> it's 3 minutes over 10. time to wrap up? [22:03] <kondicherry> good, we've a meetup on this sunday [22:03] <subha> and MKar has made changes in the project page.. [22:03] <kondicherry> will be discussing about wikisource [22:04] <Noopur28_> Kondicherry what did smit say? [22:04] <AshLin> have all Gujarat articles been assessed as yet? [22:04] <kondicherry> thanks to Rangilo Gujarati and others [22:04] <subha> that's nice @Kondicherry [22:04] <Hmundol> Thanks, MKar!!! [22:04] <kondicherry> Noopur28 smit said he'll help [22:04] <Noopur28_> ok [22:04] <kondicherry> I have contacts with authorities in LDCE [22:05] <Hmundol> MKar. Speak to Nitika about outreach in medical colleges. [22:05] <Noopur28_> alright, let me know if you need help. [22:05] <AshLin> All the bestfor your meetup [22:05] <Hmundol> odia community is small and there is a lot of space for newbies. doing some outreach in bhubaneswar or cuttack (where most of you guys are at) could help [22:05] <MKar> till now not conducted any... [22:06] <Hmundol> dong outreach in medical colleges [22:06] <kondicherry> @Noopur28 okay, so should I propose for a WikiAcademy on [22:06] <Nitika_> Hey MKar.. lets connect via mail. you can write to me at [22:06] <Hmundol> ouch. make that "doing" outreach. [22:06] <Hmundol> sorry. [22:06] <AshLin> MKar, its easy, just take a ppt along or beeter sill show them on the internet oitself [22:06] <tinucherian> sure, kondicherry [22:06] <Noopur28_> kondicherry sure, you can also use the prezi subha made [22:06] <Noopur28_> it will save you time [22:07] <kondicherry> @tinucherian Thanks to freakofmimzy, he helped me almost everyday since I started editing! [22:07] <AshLin> okay folks, I'm off, gn :) [22:07] <Hmundol> thanks, AshLin. [22:07] <Nitika_> kondicherry, if you need any back end work to be done or assitance feel free to get in touch with me [22:07] <AshLin> ciao Hisham [22:07] <kondicherry> @Noopur28 ok [22:07] <Theo10011> nighty night AshLin. [22:07] <freakofmimsy> bye ashlin [22:08] <Hmundol> Folks, I know we have drifted over our time but I wanted to make sure we covered all the Indic wikipedians that were on. [22:08] <tinucherian> nice... freakofmimzy is an veteran [22:08] <Theo10011> Not all. [22:08] <freakofmimsy> thanks hmundol, would you like to have another office hours next week? [22:08] <Hmundol> happy to, freakofmimsy. [22:08] <Shijualex_> Bye, See you all [22:08] <freakofmimsy> great! looking forward to that [22:08] <subha> this was a nice discussion...thanks folks.. Good night! [22:09] <Hmundol> thanks everyone for coming in. [22:09] <freakofmimsy> thanks for answering the questions hmundol [22:09] <Noopur28_> good night all! [22:09] <kondicherry> Good night! see you in next meeting [22:10] <Nitika_> Thank you! Sleep well everyone. [22:10] <Hmundol> thanks, guys. Good night.


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