CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2011-06-02


CIS-A2K (Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge) is a campaign to promote the fundamental principles of justice, freedom, and economic development. It deals with issues like copyrights, patents and trademarks, which are an important part of the digital landscape.
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[9:01pm] Hmundol: Hi everyone
[9:01pm] Hmundol: Hi Theo
[9:01pm] sodabottle: hi hisham
[9:01pm] Vibhijain: hi
[9:01pm] Hmundol: hi sodabottle
[9:01pm] Hmundol: hi vibhi
[9:01pm] Vibhijain: hi hisham
[9:01pm] Theo10011: Hisham: have you met vibhi?
[9:02pm] Hmundol: To be honest, I don't think so.
[9:02pm] Theo10011: ah
[9:02pm] Vibhijain: i am vaibhav
[9:02pm] Vibhijain: ya
[9:02pm] Vibhijain: its our first one
[9:02pm] Hmundol: ...ah, now i know you.
[9:02pm] Theo10011: Anyone else from the pune joining the meeting?
[9:02pm] Theo10011: heh
[9:02pm] Vibhijain: maybe ashlin
[9:02pm] Hmundol: well, Frank, Annie & PJ are with ashlin and a few others. a bit of a rain storm has disrupted plans somewhat
[9:03pm] Bence joined the chat room.
[9:03pm] Hmundol: frank, annie & pj will be joining in in a few minutes.
[9:03pm] Theo10011: How did everything go so far?
[9:03pm] Vibhijain: well hisham do u live in delhi
[9:03pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: Hi
[9:04pm] ramx joined the chat room.
[9:04pm] Hmundol: it's been very interesting. we've had 5 meetings so far - symbiosis institutes of media & communication / computer science / business mgmt / economics as well as college of engineering pune
[9:05pm] Hmundol: hi srikanth. hope you are good
[9:05pm] Hmundol: vibhi: i do, though am currently in pune
[9:05pm] Vibhijain: oh
[9:05pm] Vibhijain: i also live in delhi
[9:05pm] ramx: hi Hisham
[9:05pm] Hmundol: ...i think the early signs are reasonably encouraging. there is some interest that is there.
[9:05pm] Hmundol: hi ramx
[9:05pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: am good, hope you have stopped your travel for good around pune
[9:05pm] Mayur joined the chat room.
[9:05pm] Hmundol: srikanthlogic: hahaha, no i haven't! sorry!!!
[9:06pm] Hmundol: hi mayur
[9:06pm] Vibhijain: hi mayur
[9:06pm] Hmundol: hi bence
[9:06pm] Bence: hi all
[9:06pm] Mayur: hi hisham!
[9:06pm] Hmundol: theo: will continue our discussion on how's it going so far when frank & annie & pj join in
[9:06pm] Mayur: Hi vaibhav!
[9:06pm] Vibhijain: hi
[9:07pm] Theo10011: Hisham: Great.
[9:07pm] Odisha1 joined the chat room.
[9:07pm] Vibhijain: hi odisha1
[9:07pm] Hmundol: hey odisha1. hello!
[9:07pm] Vibhijain: Good interest coming!
[9:07pm] Vibhijain: Thats good!
[9:07pm] Odisha1: hello vibhijain & hmundol
[9:08pm] ramx: what's the agenda for this meeting?
[9:08pm] Vibhijain: odisha i heard that u r very young
[9:08pm] Vibhijain: in age
[9:08pm] rsrikanth05 joined the chat room.
[9:08pm] Odisha1: hmm yes... i m a student
[9:08pm] Vibhijain: hi srikanth
[9:08pm] Vibhijain: kk
[9:08pm] Theo10011: ramx: no agenda, these are informal community meetings usually.
[9:08pm] Vibhijain: i am also a studnet
[9:08pm] Hmundol: ramx: the agenda for this meeting is to share a brief update of the india programs and i have invited a few folks who are working on the educatin program to join in and share what's happening on the india education program
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[9:09pm] Hmundol: ...and beyond that, it is just anything that the community wants to discuss
[9:09pm] rsrikanth05: Hello, I am Srikanth R, aka Rsrikanth05, student from Bangalore.
[9:09pm] Hmundol: ...and i just read theo's point on agendas!
[9:09pm] Vibhijain: too many students! thats good!!
[9:09pm] Hmundol: hi rsrikanth05
[9:09pm] Hmundol: vibhijain: +1
[9:09pm] Odisha1: hi srikanth05
[9:09pm] Vibhijain: well no one can be younger than me
[9:10pm] Hmundol: rsrikanth05: is this the first IRC you are attending?
[9:10pm] Vibhijain: ya
[9:10pm] rsrikanth05: Hello Odisha1.
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[9:10pm] rahimanuddin joined the chat room.
[9:10pm] rahimanuddin: hi everyone!
[9:10pm] srikanthlogic: rsrikanth05: you are more "Wikipedian" than a student in terms of time spent, you know what i mean
[9:10pm] Hmundol: hi rahimuddin
[9:10pm] Vibhijain: i have attended one on sa wiki channel, there was just two users, i and swaroop
[9:10pm] rsrikanth05: Yes, this would be my first one. I just posted on the mailing list that I was not joinging due to log in problems, but I managed to get in.
[9:10pm] Vibhijain: hi
[9:11pm] Hmundol: rsrikanth05: great
[9:11pm] srikanthlogic: rahimanuddin: Hi !
[9:11pm] rahimanuddin: srikanthlogic, hi!
[9:11pm] rsrikanth05: @srikanthlogic, I guess so. @rahimuddin, Hello.
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[9:11pm] rahimanuddin: srikanthlogic, late by 10 mins, any important thing discussed?
[9:11pm] Hmundol: hey guys, shall we start?
[9:12pm] Vibhijain: ya
[9:12pm] srikanthlogic: rahimanuddin: nothing started yet..
[9:12pm] rsrikanth05: Yes sir.
[9:12pm] Vibhijain:
[9:12pm] Odisha1: yes..
[9:12pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: waiting for someone ?
[9:12pm] ramx: the most prominent question which I face when I tell something about this program is "What's there for me/us"?...folks your thoughts/comments/suggestions on this
[9:13pm] pradx joined the chat room.
[9:13pm] • srikanthlogic looks at sodabottle who gave a wonderful explaination of "whats there for me" in trichy workshop
[9:13pm] Hmundol: cool. well, the first update is that we have received a lot of interest in our postings for the participation and the indic languages positions. >100 applications for both. we have started the shortlist and will be reaching out to conduct interviews shortly.
[9:13pm] rsrikanth05 left the chat room.
[9:13pm] Vibhijain: thats good
[9:13pm] Hmundol: second is that i've attended community meetups in bangalore, pune, hyderabad and mumbai.
[9:13pm] Hmundol: there are 2 that i particularly wanted to talk about.
[9:13pm] rsrikanth05 joined the chat room.
[9:13pm] Vibhijain: kk
[9:14pm] rsrikanth05: Sorry guys, I accidentally, clicked on Exit.
[9:14pm] Vibhijain: np
[9:14pm] Hmundol: in hyderabad, the meet up happened after quite a few months - and was very well conducted (good mix of newbies and experienced editors). i am hoping that it becomes more regular.
[9:14pm] Vibhijain: kk
[9:14pm] annielin joined the chat room.
[9:14pm] Hmundol: in pune, we invited every single person who applied for campus ambassador to attend and we have 60+ people come in which was awesome!
[9:15pm] Theo10011: annie and frank are on.
[9:15pm] fschulenburg joined the chat room.
[9:15pm] rsrikanth05: I think we all would like to have monthly meetups in every major city.
[9:15pm] Theo10011: hola annielin
[9:15pm] sodabottle: "whats there for me question" for students can be answered by exposure+experience+networking; i have found this useful. A specific example i use for final years is recos from fellow wikipedians as a means to beef up their resume
[9:15pm] annielin: hi Theo10011!
[9:15pm] annielin: hi everyone!
[9:15pm] fschulenburg: hi all
[9:15pm] Hmundol: in fact, every time there is a community meet up, we are making sure that we invite all the guys who have applied for Campus Ambassadors to attend.
[9:15pm] Hmundol: hey frank / annie: welcome aboard.
[9:15pm] rsrikanth05: Hmondol, 60+ applications ?? Are you serious? That's amazing news. Shows the student community is intetrested.
[9:16pm] Hmundol: absolutely. 60+ attendees in the pune meet up - and hundreds of applications from across the country.
[9:16pm] Vibhijain: ya
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[9:16pm] Vibhijain: can other city habitats also register?
[9:17pm] fschulenburg was granted voice by ChanServ.
[9:17pm] Vibhijain: whats th age limit?
[9:17pm] Nayvik joined the chat room.
[9:17pm] Hmundol: not currently, vibhijain. we are doing the pilot only in pune.
[9:17pm] Hmundol: ...and there is no age limit
[9:17pm] Vibhijain: kk
[9:17pm] asdofindia joined the chat room.
[9:17pm] rsrikanth05: You just need to be a student, eh? Even at 30?
[9:17pm] Vibhijain: i am 13
[9:17pm] Hmundol: no. another interesting thing about campus ambassadors is that there is a really large number who are not students - but young professionals
[9:18pm] Vibhijain: oh
[9:18pm] rsrikanth05: Then, how are they 'campus' ambassadors?
[9:18pm] rsrikanth05: Are they working ON campus?
[9:18pm] Vibhijain: what works they do?
[9:18pm] Hmundol: they are campus ambassadors becuase they are supporting the program that we trying to set up.
[9:18pm] Vibhijain: ohk
[9:18pm] ramx: I'm one of those
[9:18pm] Vibhijain: good
[9:18pm] rsrikanth05: Ohkay. Not sure I understood that properly, can you explain it in detail please?
[9:18pm] ramx: young professionals
[9:18pm] Hmundol: they work on anything! ...they volunteer a few hours every week and will come to a predetermined campus and support the program
[9:18pm] rsrikanth05: Someone just out of college?
[9:19pm] annielin: they work on campus, hence the title. They provide face-to-face Wikipedia guidance for students (and professors)
[9:19pm] Vibhijain: good
[9:19pm] rsrikanth05: Oh, that way, so they're like representatives of the Wikipedia community TO the campus?
[9:19pm] annielin: for example, at agreed-upon times with professors, they can come into class sessions and do presentations to teach students how Wikipedia-editing works
[9:19pm] annielin: rsrikanth05: in many senses, yes!
[9:20pm] rsrikanth05: Ohkay, got it, Crystal Clear now.
[9:20pm] Hmundol: also wanted to get back to Theo's question on how's it been going
[9:20pm] pradx: perhaps they can also have a Wikipedia Open Day when members of the public can walk in to a pre-determined campus and try their hand at editing wikipedia under guidance of Campus Ambassadors? Feasible??
[9:20pm] • asdofindia finds wikipedia pretty much self explanatory
[9:20pm] annielin: and in other senses, they're also representatives of the campus program to Wikipedia
[9:20pm] Hmundol: Frank : was explaining that we had me up with 5 institutes and the response was interesting.
[9:20pm] pradx: maybe once in a year, I mean
[9:21pm] Theo10011: Hmundol: I am getting a good idea.
[9:21pm] rsrikanth05: pradx, that would be like a Wikipedia marathon that we've tried out on our regular meetups? courtsey Srikanthlogic
[9:21pm] fschulenburg: yes, there was a lot of interest today
[9:21pm] Vibhijain: please tell
[9:22pm] fschulenburg: we talked to three different institutes today
[9:22pm] fschulenburg: and all three were interested in participating in the program
[9:22pm] rsrikanth05: Can I have the names please?
[9:22pm] Vibhijain: thats superb
[9:22pm] rsrikanth05: of the iInstitutions.
[9:22pm] fschulenburg: yes, we were really happy about it
[9:23pm] Theo10011: I think Hisham mentioned above rsrikanth05.
[9:23pm] fschulenburg: Symbiosis Economics
[9:23pm] pradx: rsrikanth05 - hmm, no. I mean like a test drive
[9:23pm] Hmundol: hey, we'll share the names but needless to say, they have expressed interest and nothing has been confirmed yet.
[9:23pm] fschulenburg: Symbiosis Computer Science
[9:23pm] fschulenburg: and College of Engineering
[9:23pm] Hmundol: i think while there has been a positive response, it is also useful to point out why they are interested.
[9:24pm] rsrikanth05: I was just interested in knowing what KIND of colleges were eager to be a part of this.
[9:24pm] fschulenburg: and as Hisham said: nothing has been confirmed yet
[9:24pm] fschulenburg: but there was a strong interest
[9:24pm] Hmundol: they see the logic of students developing research skills, critical thinking skills, writing, collaboration.
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[9:25pm] Hmundol: they also see the logic of students feeling motivated because their articles are available on wikipedia to a massive global audience instead of just a term assignment
[9:25pm] rsrikanth05: Hmundol, I agree with you. I personally, improved my grammar with the English Wikipedia.
[9:25pm] Ranon joined the chat room.
[9:25pm] Hmundol: rsrikanth05:
[9:25pm] Vibhijain: it would be good if universities teaching sanskrit and pali join this program, it would b good for both the wikis.
[9:25pm] rsrikanth05: +1
[9:26pm] fschulenburg: they also thought that improving the students' media literacy was important
[9:26pm] Hmundol: vibhijain: we want to have some language colleges also involved and will work on it
[9:26pm] Vibhijain: can we ork ith organizations
[9:26pm] • srikanthlogic is interested if few from Symbiosis Computer Science end up as mediawiki / wikimedia hackers
[9:26pm] rsrikanth05: I think this program in Samskrit universities would be better than the Samskrit academy we ran last Jan in bangalore.
[9:26pm] Hmundol: equally important is to understand the challenges. getting wikipedia article editing to replace conventional papers / reports is not going to be easy.
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[9:27pm] Hmundol: there is additional effort required by teachers as well as students.
[9:28pm] Hmundol: there is the need to develop wikipedia editing skills. markups are one challenges but encyclopadia writing is not easy - and that will take time and effort.
[9:28pm] fschulenburg: they were also very interested in Wikipedia trainings for faculty members
[9:28pm] Beria joined the chat room.
[9:28pm] • rsrikanth05 is thinking on the same lines as srikanthlogic we could have these guys working on mediawiki code
[9:29pm] rsrikanth05: Hmundol, are workshops on the Manual of Style part of this program?
[9:29pm] Hmundol: rsrikanth05: we will be covering this as part of the training
[9:29pm] pradx: hmundol - there also needs to be some sort of incentive for the teacher for doing this. is there anything?
[9:29pm] Mayur: I think Complete editing tutorial in repective language is very necessary in each indic wiki
[9:30pm] rsrikanth05: pradx, errr.. less correction of the papers?
[9:30pm] fschulenburg: there are a number of incentives for teachers:
[9:30pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: any focus on large scale article creation? this also needs individual communities' notice / inputs
[9:30pm] Mayur: So that it may become easier to learn
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[9:30pm] pradx: rsrikanth05 - students will correct their own papers? crowdsourcing
[9:30pm] Hmundol: srikanthlogic: there is no focus on large scale article creation. it is about creating articles on specific academic topics
[9:31pm] annielin: to the question about incentives for teachers: there are a bunch, we believe
[9:31pm] fschulenburg: (1) their students will be much more motivated
[9:31pm] rsrikanth05: pradx, not that way, they can see the Wikipedia or/project edits and assess that.
[9:31pm] fschulenburg: as they write for a real audience
[9:31pm] annielin: particularly based on feedback from professors in the U.S. who have already participated in similar programs
[9:31pm] fschulenburg: (2) Teaching the students skills that they might need in their future professional life (i.e., the use of wikis)
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[9:32pm] fschulenburg: (3) Learning more about Wikipedia and how it works
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[9:32pm] fschulenburg: (4) Experimenting with an innovative teaching model
[9:32pm] rsrikanth05: so, this is like Management students writing on Marketing, Economics students writing on Economy and Engineering students writing on Application of bernoulli's theorem in the modern day? [just a thought]
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[9:32pm] Hmundol: also, there is increased recognition that some of my students' articles are featured on wikipedia is a source of recognition
[9:33pm] Vibhijain: ya
[9:33pm] srikanthlogic: would like to know from fschulenburg if US campus program had seperate namespace like Hmundol was suggesting the other day at hyd
[9:33pm] • rsrikanth05 agrees with hmundol Recognition is definitely a motivator, worked with me too .
[9:33pm] Vibhijain: but i think we need to go beyond en wiki
[9:34pm] fschulenburg: srikanthlogic: no, there was no seperate namespace. we encouraged them to start editing in the article namespace as soon as possible
[9:34pm] annielin: in the U.S. we also provide the title "Wikipedia Teaching Fellow" to professors who are particularly engaged in the project
[9:34pm] fschulenburg: as we think it's important for them to engage with the community
[9:34pm] rsrikanth05: vibhijain, I think this program can go on to every project, BA english students can work on En Wiktionary, while media students can contribute photographs to the commons.
[9:34pm] annielin: which is another incentive for professors in India - a title of distinction that looks good on resumes/CVs
[9:34pm] rsrikanth05: +1
[9:34pm] Vibhijain: oh, the commons idea is a good one
[9:35pm] Hmundol: vibhijain: true. however, given that the predominant language of higher educatino is english, we want to start off there but like i said, we want to get language courses to join in as well
[9:35pm] fschulenburg: rsrikanth05: yes, contributing photos to commons is a great idea
[9:35pm] Vibhijain: we should also try to make more and more DVD versions of our wiki, to ensure offline access to wikipedia
[9:35pm] rsrikanth05: fschulenburg:O:-) Thank you.
[9:35pm] srikanthlogic: fschulenburg: or for that matter even spoken wikipedia will do a lot good
[9:35pm] fschulenburg: srikanthlogic: absolutely
[9:36pm] Vibhijain: every indic wiki should participate in that
[9:36pm] pradx: it would also be interesting if we mixed things as well - taking photos during an experiments/field studies etc and posting it to Commons/Wikipedia where these are lacking
[9:36pm] Vibhijain: as access to wikipedia is a challenge in india
[9:36pm] rsrikanth05: Just to point out. User:AmbujSaxena used to contribute to spoken versions of articles on the English Wikipedia. He quit editing the day his student life ended and he got a job. He told me so via email.
[9:36pm] Hmundol: hey, btw, guys, pj is with me. he just got off a long flight so he doesn't have internet access. say hi to him!
[9:36pm] fschulenburg: one of the professors we were talking to yesterday proposed to have some kind of competition
[9:37pm] fschulenburg: let's say over a period of three months
[9:37pm] rsrikanth05: Hi, PJ. hmundol, why is he/she called PJ?
[9:37pm] Hmundol: pradx> yes, we should and will look at mixing things up by adding stuff like i just mentioned.
[9:37pm] Hmundol: i'll let him answer.
[9:37pm] fschulenburg: do you think that would be a good idea?
[9:37pm] Hmundol: PJ says: my middle name is peter and james
[9:37pm] rsrikanth05: oh, okay, thats all, thanks.
[9:37pm] ramx: hi PJ
[9:38pm] Hmundol: ...btw, we went to a college today and the director said, PJ stands for poor joke...  !
[9:38pm] rsrikanth05: fschulenburg: is this competition similar to what we had a while back on the Tamil Wikipedia?
[9:38pm] Vibhijain: haha
[9:38pm] annielin: poor PJ.
[9:38pm] Hmundol: PJ says: hi ramx
[9:38pm] Hmundol: annie:
[9:38pm] fschulenburg: rsrikanth05: tell me more about that
[9:38pm] Anoop joined the chat room.
[9:38pm] rsrikanth05: fschulenburg:, I think srikanthlogic could explain it better, he's more active on Tamil.
[9:38pm] fschulenburg: ok
[9:38pm] rsrikanth05: Anoop: welcome bro
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[9:39pm] Anoop: rsrikanth05 Thanks
[9:39pm] srikanthlogic: fschulenburg: tamil wikipedia contest
[9:39pm] fschulenburg: thanks *click*
[9:39pm] Hmundol: where there any other questions on the education program?
[9:39pm] fschulenburg: srikanthlogic: that sounds great!
[9:39pm] Vibhijain: thats a good thing, we r getting support from governmemnts
[9:40pm] Vibhijain: they r a good financial boost
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[9:40pm] srikanthlogic: fschulenburg: awareness was a big plus, we dont know how many contributors tamil wikipedia got. sodabottle was a gem though..
[9:40pm] Vibhijain: ya
[9:40pm] fschulenburg: srikanthlogic: how did you get the government to support it?
[9:40pm] rsrikanth05 joined the chat room.
[9:40pm] sodabottle: we got a grand total of 2 out of the competition
[9:41pm] rsrikanth05: Sorry guys I missed out on the last bit, I got disconnected.
[9:41pm] sodabottle: one of the judges (a theology professor from newyork) and me (a competitior who didnt win any prizes)
[9:41pm] sodabottle: came to tamil wikipedia through the contest
[9:41pm] srikanthlogic: fschulenburg: a language conference was planned with $100M budget(?), so money for language was available in plenty
[9:41pm] wayiran1 joined the chat room.
[9:41pm] fschulenburg: ah, ok
[9:42pm] Vibhijain: i gotta go
[9:42pm] Vibhijain: bye
[9:42pm] fschulenburg: bye Vibhijain
[9:42pm] annielin: bye!
[9:42pm] Vibhijain left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[9:42pm] rsrikanth05: bye vibhijain
[9:42pm] Hmundol: ...btw, we are holding campus ambassador trainings this weekend in pune.
[9:42pm] Hmundol: by vibhijain
[9:42pm] sodabottle: but the number of articles that resulted out the of competition was very less (<100)
[9:43pm] rsrikanth05: number doesn't really matter does it? right now, something happened, it should be enough.
[9:43pm] sodabottle: and a side effect of the cooperation was the word donation we got from the tamil virtual university
[9:43pm] srikanthlogic: but it gave us enough publicity on all leading local print media, with govt funds
[9:43pm] rsrikanth05: +1
[9:43pm] sodabottle: that boosted tamil wiktionary word count by 70,000
[9:43pm] srikanthlogic: which made tamil wiktionary into top 10
[9:43pm] fschulenburg: I thing getting some attention is a huge benefit
[9:44pm] Hmundol: btw theo: you had said earlier that you had an idea. what was that? think i missed it.
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[9:44pm] Theo10011: I meant I had an idea how things are going.
[9:44pm] annielin: sodabottle: that's awesome
[9:44pm] rsrikanth05: attention is better than count at the moment, IMHO.
[9:44pm] Theo10011:
[9:44pm] Hmundol: theo:
[9:44pm] fschulenburg: rsrikanth05: indeed
[9:45pm] yannf joined the chat room.
[9:45pm] rsrikanth05: attention is like a catalyst. more people aware = more people contributing => more articles in the long run
[9:45pm] sodabottle: also it gave us a guideline on how to approach other institutions for word donations
[9:45pm] rsrikanth05: Welcome Yann.
[9:45pm] fschulenburg: yannf: hi
[9:45pm] yannf: hello
[9:45pm] Theo10011: hey yannf
[9:45pm] Hmundol: hi yannf
[9:46pm] sodabottle: since then we have had one more word donation and another one is in the discussion stage
[9:46pm] rsrikanth05: sodabottle, what does Word Donatation actually mean? single words getting added and defined on Wiktionary?
[9:47pm] ramx: what's "word donation"??
[9:47pm] sodabottle: word donation = dictionary entries from existing dictionaries being donated under a CC BY SA licence to be used in wiktionary
[9:47pm] sodabottle: In our case, Tamil Virtual university has a english-tamil technical dictionary
[9:47pm] sodabottle: they donated the content to tamil wiktionary
[9:48pm] rsrikanth05: how does matter from other dictionaries come under CC BY SA? most dictionaries licence their data right? I mean it isn't open like wiktionary.
[9:48pm] ramx: thanks sodabottle, but what's a SA licence?
[9:48pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: Theo10011: the banner campaign starts sometime soon ?
[9:48pm] asdofindia joined the chat room.
[9:48pm] srikanthlogic: ramx: share alike
[9:48pm] rsrikanth05: ramx, Self Attribution
[9:48pm] rsrikanth05: oh, sorry.
[9:48pm] ramx: now I'm confused
[9:48pm] rsrikanth05: take his definition
[9:48pm] sodabottle: TVU is a govt of TN organisation
[9:48pm] ramx: okay
[9:48pm] Theo10011: share-alike.
[9:49pm] sodabottle: so govt held the copyright to the dictionary
[9:49pm] rsrikanth05: uhoh, that's bad.
[9:49pm] sodabottle: and it donated the content to wiktionary
[9:49pm] Hmundol: srikanthlogic: we have not yet started the digital outreach plan (of which the banner campaign, [Edit] India, etc.) are components.
[9:49pm] asdofindia: what's the /topic here?
[9:49pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: cool, vaguely remembers the time is somewhere in june / july.
[9:49pm] Theo10011: India operations, whhy?
[9:50pm] rsrikanth05: banner campaing for Campus Ambassadors?
[9:50pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: hows the ramping up of office coming up ?
[9:50pm] srikanthlogic: rsrikanth05: banner for contribute indic, edit etc
[9:50pm] Hmundol: we are in the process of shortlisting resumes for interviews .
[9:50pm] rsrikanth05: oh okay.
[9:50pm] Hmundol: also, we need to start looking at potential office locations.
[9:50pm] asdofindia: Theo10011: oh ya, i see it... WMF India operations.. sorry for disturbing
[9:50pm] rsrikanth05: so basically, the Camp. Amb. [too lazy to type the full thing], is a success. Yay.
[9:51pm] rsrikanth05:
[9:51pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: you mean inside delhi. is it delhi or ncr ?
[9:51pm] Hmundol: to be honest, have had to invest a lot of time in the pune pilot.
[9:51pm] Hmundol: NCR
[9:51pm] srikanthlogic: and to the folks who said blore to be IT capital, NCR beat that. so wikimedia sits in IT capital
[9:51pm] rsrikanth05: NCR? I thought the Chapter was headed in Bangalore? or is this not connected to that?
[9:52pm] srikanthlogic: rsrikanth05: office and chapter are 2 diff things
[9:52pm] srikanthlogic: rsrikanth05: chapter -> chapter team. office -> wikimedia india programs under Hmundol
[9:52pm] rsrikanth05: Office of what? Wikimedia Foundation?
[9:52pm] srikanthlogic: rsrikanth05: yes
[9:54pm] Theo10011: Just a reminder, we are approaching the end of this IRC office hour.
[9:54pm] ramx: hey Hisham, what's the timings/schedule for weekend Campus Amb program training/orientation?
[9:54pm] Hmundol: hey everyone, just realised that we all jumped into the detail of the education program and i completely forgot to thank frank and annie and pj for coming down to india.
[9:54pm] fschulenburg: I really enjoy being here
[9:54pm] fschulenburg: it's great!
[9:54pm] Hmundol: i haven't been able to show them any part of pune at all because all we've done is run from one college to another! ...but shall try and make amends
[9:55pm] Hmundol: for all those familiar, i have tried to give them local food - so they have had vada paus, sabhudana kichdi and poha.
[9:55pm] Nayvik left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[9:55pm] Hmundol: ...tomorrow i shall give them all old monk and thums ups!
[9:55pm] rsrikanth05: Thank you Annie and Frank for making this possible. Thanks to Hmundol.
[9:55pm] fschulenburg: the vada paus were delicious
[9:55pm] Theo10011: They should consider visiting Delhi, Mumbai and B'lore on their next visit.
[9:55pm] fschulenburg: yes, I would love to do that
[9:55pm] Theo10011: heh Hisham get them to try some pani-puri too.
[9:56pm] rsrikanth05: Please do one in Chennai. The minute you enter the city by Road, you will see an array of colelges on either side of the highway
[9:56pm] Hmundol: theo: will do!
[9:56pm] fschulenburg: this time we're just staying for seven days.
[9:56pm] rsrikanth05: hmundol, forget old monk, go desi plese. : )
[9:56pm] anirudh joined the chat room.
[9:56pm] pradx: in Chennai you can walk from one college to another in a line
[9:56pm] rsrikanth05: +1
[9:56pm] fschulenburg:
[9:56pm] srikanthlogic: rsrikanth05: community needs to grow up
[9:56pm] srikanthlogic: rsrikanth05: in chennai
[9:56pm] Theo10011: Hey anirudh
[9:56pm] anirudh: hoi
[9:56pm] Hmundol: hey anirudh
[9:57pm] fschulenburg: hi anirudh
[9:57pm] annielin: Theo10011: I'd love to visit Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and other parts of India
[9:57pm] srikanthlogic: anirudh: is anirudhsbh ? Hi!
[9:57pm] Theo10011: Annie: you should, there's a ton of stuff to see and foods to try.
[9:57pm] rsrikanth05: Err. welcome, Sir Nicholas.
[9:57pm] annielin: I'd love to be adventurous with food, but my stomach and I need to have a conversation about that first
[9:57pm] rsrikanth05: +1
[9:57pm] anirudh: theo10011, hmundol, fschulenburg : hi!
[9:57pm] annielin: geenrally I'm quite adventurous with food so I might ignore what my stomach says regardless
[9:57pm] annielin: *generally
[9:58pm] anirudh: srikanthlogic: yes sir, rsrikanth05: hi!
[9:58pm] annielin: I hope I get to meet more of you in person someday
[9:58pm] Theo10011: heh Delhi and Mumbai should be kinder to your stomach.
[9:58pm] Theo10011: I think.
[9:58pm] anirudh: annielin, ask barry for suggestions.
[9:59pm] Theo10011: We are approaching the end of this IRC office hour, I would put the log on Meta and post the link to the India mailing list.
[9:59pm] annielin: anirudh:
[9:59pm] Theo10011: Thanks to everyone for attending.
[9:59pm] Hmundol: hey, everyone, thank you so much for attending. an especially warm thank you to the new guys who came in. hope to see you again really soon.
[9:59pm] pradx: thanks
[9:59pm] srikanthlogic: also requesting folks to step in at #wikimedia-in
[9:59pm] rsrikanth05: Thanks, for a first timer, I enjoyed this talk.
[9:59pm] annielin: absolutely.
[10:00pm] Hmundol: rsrikanth05:
[10:00pm] fschulenburg: +1
[10:00pm] pradx left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[10:00pm] asdofindia left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[10:00pm] Hmundol: good night, india!
[10:00pm] ramx: good night everyone
[10:00pm] rsrikanth05: Yes, can we set up one hour talks for different purposes? like a short tutorial on using tools, OR counter vnandalism?
[10:00pm] anirudh: good night
[10:00pm] yannf: annielin, if you need a tourist guide in India, tell me ... that's my job
[10:00pm] ramx: hisham you missed my question about weekend schedule for CAP
[10:00pm] annielin: yannf: awesome, will do!
[10:00pm] Theo10011: Night all.
[10:00pm] annielin:
[10:01pm] rsrikanth05: Godd night guys.
[10:01pm] rsrikanth05: How soon will the log be up on Meta?
[10:01pm] rsrikanth05 left the chat room.
[10:01pm] fschulenburg: yannf: there's nothing better than a wikipedian to explain things
[10:01pm] RoanKattouw is now known as RoanKattouw_away.
[10:01pm] yannf: fschulenburg, ;o)