In this section you will find templates and files that will help you create the content you need. New templates are created for logos and presentations. We have used Figma, a free software that runs in the browser, for creation of logos. You will find a presentation template in Google slides. Even if you’re not a designer, you should be able to create your own assets with these new templates!

WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Create Introduction.png


Do you need to create or update a logo for your affiliate? We are piloting a more accessible way to support affiliates with do-it-yourself design templates on Figma , a free-to-use design platform that can run on any browser.

WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Create Logo.png


For presentation decks we use Google Slides. You can find the 2022 Wikimedia Affiliate presentation template below.

The Wikimedia Foundation presentation template for staff can be found on Wikimedia Office.

WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Create Presentations.png


Affiliate documents with the movement globe logo. You can find the letterhead in this Google doc and the digital document form on this one.