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This year, only three MediaWiki files are added and other two existing ones need to be updated (see below). You are highly recommended to put those messages into your language. Both of those messages are needed sysop hands to be updated on local wikis.

The last year setting is found at Election UI text 2006.

Thank you for your works in advance!

Messages need to be updated/translated


What's that?

displayed for users who hit the vote page without going via Wikimedia.
displayed at the top of the page for users with a valid source wiki session.

Welcome to the fourth election for the Wikimedia Board of Trustees, the governing authority for the Wikimedia Foundation. We are voting for three people to represent the community of users on the various Wikimedia projects. The successful candidates will serve two-year terms on the Board of Trustees. They will help to determine the future direction that the Wikimedia projects will take, individually and as a group, and represent your interests and concerns. They will decide on ways to generate income and on the allocation of moneys raised, among many other issues.

Please read the candidates' statements and responses to queries carefully before voting. Each of the candidates is a respected user, who has contributed considerable time and effort to making these projects a welcoming environment committed to the pursuit and free distribution of human knowledge.

You may vote for as many candidates as you wish. The three candidates with the most votes will be declared the winners. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held.

Please remind yourself you may only vote from one project. Even if you have 400 edits on multiple projects, it doesn't mean you have the right to vote twice. If you later would like to change your vote, please vote from the project from which you voted before.

For more information, see:

You are not qualified to vote in this election. You need to have made $3 edits before $2, and your first edit must be before $5.

I can't determine your Wikimedia user ID. Please log in to the wiki where you are qualified, and go to [[Special:Boardvote]]. You must use an account with at least $1 contributions before $2, and with a first edit before $3.

Welcome $1!

Sorry, you have been blocked on your registered wiki. Blocked users are not allowed to vote.