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2006 board elections

Election Officials are people who are appointed by the Board of Trustees to oversee official Wikimedia votes. This official position is not permanent, and may change for each election. Any user may volunteer to be the Official for an election following the advertisement of the post on the Foundation-l mailing list. The Board will choose one or more Officials from the pool of those volunteering for the role.

Election Officials must be an editor of one or more Wikimedia projects, and must not be standing in the election themselves. Election Officials may not vote in the election they are presiding over.

Election Officials are responsible for checking the voting logs and making efforts to ensure that votes by sock puppets are not included. The Election Officials should publicize the election. For cross-project elections, the Election Officials should work with translation coordinators to ensure all projects have equal access to the voting information. They are required to write the rules for the election and ensure these are met, for example, by striking out votes from users who have voted more times than is allowed. Election Officials are responsible for announcing and distributing the election results. They should make efforts to answer questions about the election.

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