Bengali Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebration Kolkata/Community and Team

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Core committee from Wikimedia Kolkata community

  1. Rangan Datta
  2. Biswarup Ganguly
  3. Kalyan Sarkar
  4. Jayanta Nath
  5. Prachatos Mitra
  6. Dr. Tanmay Bir Jt. Convener
  7. Bodhisattwa Mandal
  8. Partha Sarathi Banerjee
  9. Ayan Choudhury
  10. Sumantro Mukherjee
  11. Santanu Chandra
  12. Sujay Chandra

Organizing committee

Committee Meeting
  • Prof. Asis Mazumdar, Dean, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Jadavpur University
  • Sanjay Gopal Sarkar, Joint Registrar (Academic), Jadavpur University
  • Siddhartha Bhattachrya, Secretary, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Jadavpur University
  • Prof.Mahidas Bhattacharya, Director, School of Languages and Linguistics, Jadavpur University
  • Dr. Rita Ray, Jadavpur University
  • Dr. Samir Karmakar, Jadavpur University
  • Atanu Saha (Jt. Convener),Jadavpur University



The conference preparations are being led by members of the Wikimedia Kolkata Community on the ground and is headed by members of the Wikimedia Kolkata Community, who are playing a major part in various teams as well. Also part of various teams are members of the larger India Wiki-Community who have rugged it out for a few years and now share their experience in giving the hosts a welcome helping hand in this first national Wiki-initiative in the country. Four people in well regarded positions within Wikimedia have graciously agreed to join the team in advisory capacity.

The committee features people of varying backgrounds, including professionals, students, individuals well connected with various institutions, attendees of past Wikimania's, and longtime Wikipedians.



For sake of approaching authorities and to provide coordination, a small group of appointments has been established.

Name Function Community Roles
Jayanta Nath Secretary Kolkata Community Overall planning & project management
Overseeing preparations and doing groundwork
Motivate & support all stakeholders
Kalyan Sarkar Chair Kolkata Community
Bodhiswatta Mondal Treasurer Kolkata Community

The following persons act as coordinators and handle the funds.

  1. Atanu Saha
  2. Ayan Choudhury
  3. Bodhisattwa Mandal
  4. Santanu Chandra
  5. Sujay Chandra

Advisory group


In addition, a small group of advisors has been designated whose task is to guide the Working Group with advice to ensure that it is progressing along the correct path - Keepers of the Flame, so to say. They will play no arbitration role. They are :

Name Username Affiliation
Arjuna Rao Chavala Arjunaraoc Past president of Wikimedia India Chapter
Bishakha Datta Bishdatta Member of Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
T. Vishnu Vardhan Visdaviva CIS A2k program Director



The following teams are listed. Details of duties/responsibilities are given here.

Team Sub team Roles Members
Mechanics of handling finance
Getting expenditures approved
Keeping financial records
Post-event accounts
Sponsorship & Advertisement
Find sponsors
Communicate with sponsors
Advertisements as per Wikimedia Policy
Scholarship Coordination
Organise scheme for scholarships
Help organise grants
Correspondence with aspirants
Manages attendees scholarships
Works with applicants to manage expectations & schedules
Volunteer Coordination
Plans for staffing needs; support for each other group
Identifies & screens staff & related time-lines
Fills in any gaps
Speaker Coordination
Relationships with speakers
Coordinates with Program manager
Coordinates with Registration coordinator
Manages speakers sponsorships and special needs
Conference Planning
Program Management
heads the program committee
Program timetable
Coordinates with communications on releases
Coordinates with Tech & Logistics on room/hall needs
Registration & Help Desk
Development of the registration system (technical)
Managing registration questions/issues/problems, off and on-site.
Helps people needing help
Currently being managed by the Technical Team
Hall management
Ensuring Hall prepared as per schedules
Help speaker’s special needs in the hall

Technical & IT
Oversees & schedules sysadmin and programming work, coordinating:
Software setup
Software for volunteer coordination / allocation
Calendaring software for showing/editing the program
Arranges wi-fi connectivity
Ensures servicability of hall presentation projectors
Venues & Logistics
Parties & Fun
Fun events, tourneys
Building an enthusiastic social team
Coordination with satellite parties & calendars
Additional fun activities
Press & Media
Basic copy for press
Liaises with press/media correspondents
Deals with press inquiries and assignments
Conducts press conference
Wiki Outreach,Communications and Announcements
Community announcements
Designs Website
Makes announcements & updates
Follow up on statistics during and after
Other promotional activities

Follow up during and after the event