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The event venue is Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Exact Address188, Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700032.

How to reach the venue


Jadavpur University one of the most popular and famous universities in Kolkata covering a big area of Jadavpur, Kolkata.

Here we are giving you some directions on how to reach the venue from major stations and airport of Kolkata :-

Quick info

  • Language to use: The city's primary language is Bengali. Hindi is widely used in the city, if you know Hindi, use it to communicate. You may use English language too.
  • Prepaid taxi : Prepaid taxi is an easy and recommended way to travel. Please see #Prepaid taxi section below.
  • Easy to find: Unlike some hotel or seminar halls of (any) city where generally Wikimedia seminars or conferences are organized, Jadavpur University is a very known place. You will get direction and help to reach Jadavpur University from any part of the city. Everyone knows the place.
  • Area details: the area's name is Jadavpur. Jadavpur University occupies a vast part of the area. So, Jadavpur and Jadavpur University are essentially the same area.

From Howrah station


Direct taxi is available from Howrah Station to Jadavpur University/Jadavpur. A dozen of bus (including state government sponsored bus and mini bus) come to Jadavpur University (or Jadavpur). The easiest option is taking a pre-pad taxi to the venue.

From Sealdah station


From Sealdah station you may come to Jadavpur by taxi or train. You may take buses too, but it takes log route. Prepaid taxi is also available. It'll bring you directly to the venue. So, better go for prepaid taxi.

From Chitpur/Kolkata station


From this station also a loads of buses and many prepaid taxis are available. Go for Taxi. It is more time efficient than bus or anything else.

Train direction

For train , after reaching Sealdah station, go to Sealdah station south (south part of the station, same station) and from ticket counter buy "Jadavpur" station's ticket. It'll take INR 6/ticket. Only second class ticket is available. Note: if you are new to the city, travelling by train from Sealdah to Jadavpur between 3 pm to 10 pm is not recommended (similarly, avoid Jadavpur to Sealdah train travel between 7 am to 12:30 pm). In these time slots, trains are highly packed with people.

From Sealdah south, travel using any train (platform 10—14) except Budgebudge local. It'll take 20 minutes by train to come from Sealdah to Jadavpur. The stations from Sealdah to Jadavpur are— Sealdah' --> Park Circus --> Ballygunje --> Dhakuria --> Jadavpur. Platform will be on the left side of the train.

From Airport


Prepaid taxi is the best way to come to Jadavpur University from the airport. The prepaid counter is located inside the airport, just beside the "exit". So book taxi before leaving the airport. Ask CISF staffs if you can not find the counter. Right outside the exit, you'll find long queue of taxi. Take a taxi from there (any taxi number is not assigned thee now). There too you'll get help from airport workers/CISF.

Prepaid taxi


Prepaid taxi is an option to pay first and use the transport later. Prepaid taxi is available in every places included Howrah and Sealdah station and Kolkata airport.

  • You'll get receipt aright after paying to prepaid counter, if you are going to claim reimbursement, make sure to keep a part of receipt with you.
  • If you want you may deny to hand over the receipts to taxi driver before reaching the destination.
  • The back-side of the receipt has a feedback form, (no one really uses it), but you may write your complaint there if needed. Taxi driver will face issue while claiming the money.