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«Устранение огромного разрыва в содержании и устранение систематической предвзятости в отношении африканского континента путем распространения реальных африканских историй и точек зрения на широкую публику. Это будет достигнуто путем публикации: статей, цитат, изображений, видео и данные об исторических и современных играх, спорте и развлекательных мероприятиях должны быть легкодоступными и легкодоступными как в Интернете, так и в автономном режиме, а также на разных языках ».

AfroSports is a multi-country, multi-faceted WikiProject which aims to encourage the contribution of content that relates to the historical and contemporary games, sports, and recreational activities of several African countries, the Caribbean and the diaspora to Wikimedia projects.



Africa has a lot of unknown and unpublicized games, sports and cultural recreational activities, due to systemic and racial bias, many professional athletes and sportspersons are underrepresented with low visibility. This project plans to decolonize the knowledge available on the African Sports scene. The African sports sector is underutilized, huge and rapidly growing, it has not received the coverage it deserves, and some of the available content is not representative of the true state of affairs. AfroSports seeks to reduce the content gap drastically.

The focus will include a variety of interests, such as historical games of cultural significance, Sports festivals, African Sport history articles, biographies of sports personalities (especially women), Sport Institutions, Facilities, Associations, archives of relevant publications about African games/Sports and, images of relevant subjects and characters, etc. This will be achieved through varying methods, such as GLAMs; editing workshops, writing and upload contests, partnerships with relevant organizations and Government ministries, activating Wikipedia's-In-Residence (WIR) in libraries of Sport Institution institutions, and so on, using the help of existing communities/affiliates in Africa and beyond. This project is designed to use Sports to help bridge the content gap on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia and Open projects, as well as to improve the awareness of these projects and the overall movement in African countries.


Участник Related work/affiliate Country
Alaafiabami Oladipupo Co-Founder of Free Knowledge Africa, Contributor to Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata, etc. Keen interest on African Sports. Нигерия
Timmylegend Соучредитель Free Knowledge Africa, участник Wikipedia, Commons, Wikivoyage и т. Д. Живой интерес к пробелам в контенте в Африке. Нигерия