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|       For Steward requests/Permissions,       |
|  do not add users unless you are authorized.  |

The users listed below have signed the Confidentiality agreement, which is required for restricted permissions (checkuser, oversight, steward, ombudsman, Board of Trustees), or other positions requiring access to personally identifiable information, as defined by board policy. See the Confidentiality agreement "How to" page explaining the identification process.

For stewards

The diff links show confirmation by an authorized Wikimedia staff member:

Currently authorized

James (February 2012 —), Patrick (April 2015 —), Kalliope (April 2015 —), or Karen (October 2017 —), or Samuel (October 2018 —).

Formerly authorized

Greg (September 2015 — October 2017).

The format is * [[User:username]] until a diff is available, then {{/user|diff id|user name}}.
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