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This page outlines the standards and guidelines related to the Abuse filter helpers and their use of their rights to manage Abuse filters globally.

The Abuse filter helpers global group was created to allow its users global access to view the contents of abuse filters marked as private and their corresponding abuse log entries.

Requests for abuse filter helper rights should be placed on Steward requests/Global permissions#Requests for other global permissions. The request will be approved by a steward if there is a consensus for the user to become an abuse filter helper after a period of discussion of no less than one week.



If an abuse filter helper has made no global edits for a year, the permission may be revoked by a steward. They may re-apply through the regular process.

Misuse or abuse:

This permission can be removed immediately by a steward in the case of abuse or serious misuse, after which a request for comment must be filed. In other cases, a request for comment can be filed, and the rights removed by a steward if it is closed with consensus for that course of action.

Assigned rights

  • Menampilkan catatan penyalahgunaan (abusefilter-log)
  • Menampilkan entri catatan penyalahgunaan secara rinci (abusefilter-log-detail)
  • Lihat entri catatan filter penyalahgunaan yang ditandai pribadi (abusefilter-log-private)
  • Menampilkan filter penyalahgunaan (abusefilter-view)
  • Lihat penyaringan penyalahgunaan yang ditandai sebagai pribadi (abusefilter-view-private)
  • Retrieve information about IP addresses attached to revisions or log entries (ipinfo)
  • Enable two-factor authentication (oathauth-enable)
  • Lihat log daftar hitam spam (spamblacklistlog)

Rights specifically not assigned

  • Membuat atau memodifikasi filter penyalahgunaan (abusefilter-modify)
  • Buat atau ubah filter penyalahgunaan global (abusefilter-modify-global)
  • Memodifikasi filter penyalahgunaan dengan tindakan terbatas (abusefilter-modify-restricted)
  • Mengembalikan semua perubahan yang dilakukan oleh suatu filter penyalahgunaan yang ditentukan (abusefilter-revert)

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