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Добрѣ пришли въ Мєта Вики · главьно мєждоусѣтьно мѣсто общьства органїсма Викимєдїѩ опꙑтьствовании и съвѧꙁанъ вѣщии · отъ дѣиствъ и опьсании къ ꙁамꙑшлєниꙗмь

Other meta-focused wikis such as Wikimedia Outreach and Wikimedia Strategy are specialized projects that have their roots in Meta-Wiki. Related discussion also takes place on Wikimedia mailing lists (particularly wikimedia-l, with its low-traffic equivalent WikimediaAnnounce), IRC channels on freenode, individual wikis of local Wikimedia chapters, and other places.

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Дєкємврїи 2023

October 17 - December 31: Apply to join the Ombuds commission or Case Review Committee
December 14: Community Resilience and Sustainability conversation hour at
December 7: Conversation hour with the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees at 19:00-20:30 UTC
December 7: Movement Charter Drafting Committee: December community drop-in session at

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Органїсмъ Викимєдїꙗ · Мєта Вики · и родьствьна опꙑтьствованиꙗ
The Wikimedia Foundation is the overarching non-profit foundation that owns the Wikimedia servers along with the domain names, logos and trademarks of all Wikimedia projects and MediaWiki. Meta-Wiki is the coordination wiki for the various Wikimedia wikis.