Current members

The project is open to very different profiles. At the moment, the main contributors are:

  • marcmiquel, project creator and main contributor
  • Destokado, active contributor and developer (new dashboards)
  • sdivad, advisor

Roles to contribute to the Diversity Observatory

The project welcomes all kind of contributors that want to participate in discussions, do some research on diversity, or simply fight the gaps. There are at least seven different types of activities or profiles from whom the project would benefit.

  • Data retriever frames the problem of diversity and extracts the necessary data to study and throw light on it.
  • Researcher/data analyst studies the data on a problem of diversity, extracts conclusions, and communicates them through visualizations.
  • Communicator explains the conclusions in order to raise awareness in specific communities or movement-wide.
  • Strategist proposes some top-priority goals, mechanisms, or principles based on research and the state of the communities.
  • Creator proposes or creates a tool based on the data or any conclusion in order to improve any diversity-related problem.
  • Developer/designer works on developing and refining the tools in order to make them as usable as possible.
  • Program manager organizes programs with the communities including activities and using the tools in order to solve the problems.

The observatory is primarily involved in the first 7 activities. However, any of the seven can make a contribution and benefit from the work done.

These are the activities or roles ("hats") that are being developed at the diversity observatory.

(!) It is important to warn that most of the outcomes of this project are currently at a "prototype" stage, as most of the efforts are dedicated to data, research, and communication. In other words, they work and give the expected results, but require some design and development improvements in order to provide a better experience (in terms of speed and extra functions). If you are a professional developer, join and improve them!

Technical development and community dissemination

The two main lines of work are the community dissemination of the tools and data analysis results, and the technical development.

On the community side, the main need is to disseminate the project so everyone in the Wikimedia movement knows about it, e.g. writing e-mails, improving this same portal, etcetera. Currently, we are contacting community leaders and disseminating this project. Are you part of them? Please get in touch.

On the technical side, there is always room for improvement in coding new visualizations based on cultural context content. Also, there are some ideas that would be nice to work on in the future. If anyone wants to volunteer, we welcome new members to the project. Please get in touch at or with marcmiquel.

Use cases

These are some of the community initiatives aimed at covering specific reigons or cultural contexts and spreading content across Wikipedia language editions. Some of them have been contacted, are aware of the data from this project and already use the tools.

This is a project to exchange content about the Iberian Peninsule among the Iberian peninsule language Wikipedias. The articles choosen for the 2019 edition of the contest were selected from the Top CCC article lists.

This is a project to exchange content about central and easter Europe among a group of Wikipedia language editions. The articles choosen for the 2019 edition of the contest were selected from the Top CCC article lists.

We are currently in conversations or keep in mind the following projects in order to see how we can assist them with our tools.

This is a project to help the representation of certain cultural contexts in generally small Wikipedias.

With the same spirit of this project, we created lists of articles that do not exist in these Wikipedias and are part of the language cultural context, but exist in larger language editions (Missing CCC). These are the languages for which we created lists of articles: Bahasa Indonesia (id), Bahasa Jawa (jv), Bahasa Sunda (su), Hindi (hi), Tamil (ta), Telugu (te), Marathi (mr), Kannada (kn), Malyalam (ml), Odia (or), Punjabi (pa), Sanskrit (sa), Gujarati (gu), and Sindhi (sd). These lists can be consulted in this same page if editors consider so.

This is a project to cover and spread content about Catalan culture from Catalan Wikipedia to all Wikipedias. During this 2019 the project seems to be inactive.

This is a project to spread content about Asia in all language editions.

This is a project to cover and to spread content about Africa.