Wikipedia Asian Month 2021/Rules

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How to Join Us ?

Participating CommunitiesEdit

Wikipedia Asian Month participation is not limited to Asian communities. If you want to take part in the contest as a participant, find the language edition of Wikipedia you would like to edit in the list below. At least 51 participating local communities will run this online Edit-a-thon on November 2021:

If you don't find your home Wikipedia on the list and you would like to organise contest, sign up to be the local organizer! Create a WAM page and link it here: Add Wikipedia Page

How to Participate in Contest?Edit

Preparation: Before 29 October 2021Edit

  • As an Organizer:
    • Set-up an Wikipedia event page on a local level within your language community. You also can use this well-designed sample page, localized this template and this banner template is required.
    • Translate the rules into your language, and maybe slightly adjust the rules if needed.
    • As organizers, you need to call a few Wikipedians to join you as local organizers/jury members (up to five) by yourselves. You can also work as jury members if you want.
    • If your local Wikipedia is already participating, ask if you can help judge articles if you are interested.
    • Add the link to your local event page and organizer list to this template before 29 October, 2021.
    • Please sign-up in this page to receive updates and news on Wikipedia Asian Month.
    • Post an invitation message on the village pump, community bulletin board, mailing list, or even make a Site Notice, around two weeks before it starts.
    • If you want Wikipedia Asian Month international team to share your event information on Facebook / Twitter, or you want to share your Wikipedia Asian Month experience / achievements on our blog, feel free to send an email to or PM us via Facebook. (To reduce misunderstanding, please contact us in English)
>>> Read more about the organise here

During the event: November 2021Edit

  • As an Organizer:
    • Use the Fountain tool (you can find the usage guidance on Meta-wiki page), or else you and your participants' will not be able to receive the prize from Wikipedia Asian Month international team. Fountain tool can help you tracking participants' progress and judge the articles are qualified or not.
    • Engage local editors and aim for maximum participation. Continue to call for participants to participate at the village pump, community bulletin board, mailing list, site notice, etc.
    • Organize online and offline events for contest promotion and increase in participation.
    • If you have expertise or skills in public relations, then you can help us get media coverage.
  • As an Editor:
    • Find the language edition of Wikipedia you would like to edit, if they are participating.
    • You have to be registered on Wikipedia to enter the contest. Register for Wikipedia if you have not done so.
    • Read the rules listed below. It is really important that you follow the rules, otherwise your effort will be wasted.
    • Choose articles about themes and topics related to Asia, but not from your native country, and start creating articles.
    • Participants have to submit their contributions through the Fountain tool.

Wrap-up: Before 2021Edit

  • As an Organizer:
    • According to the technique's limitation, Wikipedia Asian Month international team only collect the qualified Wikipedia Asian Month 2020 participant list from Fountain tool.
    • Make sure all the jury members judge all articles (which are submitted by participants) before December 31. Once you finish the judging, please update this page.
    • Please report the local "Wikipedia Asian Ambassador" (who has created most accepted articles that fulfills the criteria) on this page. If the 2nd participants have more than 30 accepted articles, you will have two ambassadors.
    • Please update the final version of organizer and jury member list on this page.
    • There will be two round of qualified participants' address collection scheduled.
    • The mail address will be randomly distributed to the communities that are able to send postcards.

Contest RulesEdit

About ArticlesEdit

In a nutshell: Create new articles relating to Asia (people, places, culture, etc.), 3,000 bytes and 300 words minimum, with sources, during November 2021. Lists do not qualify.

  • The article should be about any topic concerning an Asian country.
  • The article is newly created by you (i.e. not expanding stubs) between November 1st, 2021 0:00 and November 30st, 2021 23:59 (UTC).
  • The article should be at least 3,000 bytes and at least 300 words in length (exclude Infobox, template etc.).
  • The article should be informative. There must be no major issues with the article (no copyright violations, questions of notability, etc.).
  • The article must fulfill the notability criteria set by the respective language Wikipedia.
  • The article must have decent references; doubtful or controversial statements in the article should be verifiable by the citation(s) listed in that article.
  • The article should not be a list.
    • Exception: Creating a list that becomes a featured list counts. Only applies in Wikipedias that have featured lists.
  • The article must not be purely machine translated and should be properly copy edited.

About RewardsEdit

  • When you create four articles that fulfill the above rules, you will receive a WAM postcard from one of the Asian communities.
  • Judge(s) from each language Wikipedia will determine whether an article is accepted or not for their language Wikipedia's contest.
  • Articles submitted by an organizer need to be checked by other organizers.
  • WAM Ambassadors / Organizers will receive a signed certificate from Asian Affiliates, and an additional postcard, i.e. if they also accomplish the requirement, they can receive one postcard and one certification.
  • See the FAQ for more information.