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MassMessaging is an effective way to inform people of Wikipedia Asian Month updates. Previous participants can be informed of the start of a new competition, and current participants can receive updates during and after the competition. You can send messages to user talk pages on your preferred Wikipedia site.

Most users who have set up an email address should get your message, even if they don't log in, since the default setting is to send an email whenever the talk page is edited.

Basic steps for sending a mass messageEdit

To send a mass message:

  • Acquire an audience. Acquire a list of users that you want to send messages to, usually based on a category, and create a list of talk page links.
  • Write a short message you want to send , and message header. Do not include a header, as the MassMessage tool has a separate field for that.
  • If you are an Administrator or MassMessage sender, you can use Special:MassMessage to send the messages yourself. Otherwise, you'll probably need to ask an admin or post a request on the "Meta:Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucrat". To make the process quick and easy, you will want to provide clear links to the list of recipients, the subject of the message, and the message body.


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