Wikinews Foundation/draft bylaws

Chapter 1: General ProvisionsEdit


This organization shall be known as the Wikinews Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation). The registered agent and registered office will be determined by a resolution of the Board of Trustees. The main web site of the Foundation shall be


The mission of the Wikinews Foundation is to provide support for neutral, free content, participatory journalism.

Official LanguagesEdit

The working language of the Wikinews Foundation will be English, although translations of this document, and other material generated by the Wikinews Foundation into other languages, for use by speakers of other languages, is encouraged. Where there is disagreement between the English version of a document, and a translated version of a document, the English version is considered to be correct and binding.

Geographical BaseEdit

The Chapter shall be based in South Carolina, United States of America. (unless we can find a better place that has someone willing to serve as registered agent and deal with the paperwork)