Wikinews Foundation

Note: A new idea, the Collaborative Media Network, replaced the Wikinews Foundation following discussion at the Wikinews Water Cooler.

The Wikinews Foundation is a proposed separate organization that would allow Wikinews to issue proper press credentials and provide the necessary support services that issuing press credentials requires.

Draft Mission StatementEdit

The mission of the Wikinews Foundation is to provide support for neutral, free content, participatory '"Journalism'".

The ProposalEdit

In brief: Wikinews needs the ability to properly handle press credentials. Press credentials let reporters get into events and allows people (including the government) to quickly identify the person as a reporter. The Wikimedia Foundation can not safely issue press credentials. A separate organization (ie The Wikinews Foundation) could.

See also: The full proposal

About the nameEdit

Several names have been proposed each with their own pros and cons. We will eventually need a name that represents what we are trying to accomplish. The name Wikinews Foundation should be treated only as one of many potential names.

People interested in helping to create thisEdit

Please add your name below if you would like to help out or take part.


  • Write bylaws
  • Develop organizational structure
  • Incorporate
  • Get a trademark license from WMF
  • Get federal nonprofit status