Wikimedia meetup Eastern Asia and Oceania

This page is for discussion to organize an international meetup in Eastern Asia and Oceania.

Proposal edit

I propose hereby to hold an meetup, at least with one night stay, in Pacific area; more closely a meetup in somewhere in Eastern Asia, Southeast asia or Austraria in October.

Currently ideas are very rough. The meetup would be as below:

  • In October weekend, at least with an overstay, ideally three overstay
  • Somewhere in Eastern Pacific area, including Japan, South Korea, PRC, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Austraria.
    • Proposed dates and places
      1. weekend including the second Monday of October, Japan
        1. the second Monday of October is national holiday accompanied with Sunday, so the meetup length could be at least two overstay.
  • Meetup provides us with fun and educational occasion
    • Possible keynote speakers include
      Jimbo Wales, Joichi Ito, Tsukamoto-san (Developer of PuKuWiki & translator of "The Wiki Way")
    • Presentations, speeches, workshops ...
      • Speakers are not limited within the Wikimedia project community, but we try to invite and motivate many interesting people whose activities are relevant to our mission.
    • and social activities
      • Even only we come together and talk anything coming to mind, it would be fun and make us happy.
  • Net facilities, if possible

Your any input will be appreciated!

Aphaia | Translate Election | ++ 03:07, 9 Apr 2005 (UTC)