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Wikimedia User Group Rwanda
Murakaza neza!

Wikimedians in Rwanda pause for a group photo after the 2030 strategy discussion

Who we areEdit

A team of self-motivated individuals who improve articles on Wikimedia Foundation project websites and promote free and open access to knowledge locally in Kinyarwanda & English. We also invest in projects that sensitize and train different communities in Rwanda about Wikipedia with much emphasis on Kinyarwanda Wikipedia .


  • To represent the Wikimedia Foundation to the Rwandan Wikimedia contributing community.
  • To promote Wikimedia projects and free content in general and to encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education in Rwanda in Kinyarwanda & English.
  • To recruit and train interested people to participate to Wikimedia projects in Rwanda.
  • To organize conventions, conferences, meetings, workshops, contests in Kigali and other cities in Rwanda related to collection and sharing free knowledge.
  • Reducing the internet gender gap through training and encouraging more women to participate in the free knowledge sharing processes.
  • To enhance the reading and writing culture of among Rwandan youths

Activities & ProjectsEdit

We host many events each year. See some recent and upcoming ones here.


Everyone interested in joining us is highly welcome just add your name on the above list or just get in touch with us via the links in grey boxes above!