Wikimedia Taiwan/Declaration/The statement of Wikimedia Taiwan regarding the Extradition bill of Hong Kong

International Edition 國際英文版Edit

Wikimedia Taiwan requests the attention of Wikimedia Foundation and global communities of Wikimedia movement to the Hong Kong extradition bill related issues and to draft out related policy accordingly.

To our knowledge, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region recently has made a legal amendment about extradition to Taiwan, China, Macau, etc. Nevertheless, the draft of the amendment creates distrust from local residents and international stakeholders. After the major scale of protest, Hong Kong SAR Government announced the bill will be suspended for the moment.

Wikimedia Taiwan has no comment regarding the internal affairs of Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong is a common transfer location for the Wikimedia community members from Taiwan to attend international events. In 2015, the staffs of an independent bookstore in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, were disappeared. That incident and the intent of the current amendment cause us as a Wikimedia chapter is worrying about the safety risk while traveling abroad.

Therefore, we have three requests:

  1. To Wikimedia Foundation’s legal and safety department, please stay tuned regarding this incident, and co-op with Hong Kong usergroup and Wikimedia Taiwan to provide possible support on legal and strategic issues in order to ease the risk concern for the Wikimedia volunteers who contribute in the region.
  2. Even though the legal concern is relieved temporarily, we still would like to ask for any Wikimedia organizations hosting an international event while making the travel arrangements to avoid arranging the Taiwanese participants to travel by airlines owned by China or Hong Kong, nor making the transfer at Hong Kong or any other airports within China.
  3. The ongoing discussion about Wikimedia movement strategy should include evaluation about the possible influence of illiberal democratic regime’s threat to free knowledge. These regimes may bring damage such as legal intimidation, violent threat, and monopoly of ideology. From the recent experience of Chinese Wikipedia, we cannot anticipate openness and inclusion could passively defend from these kinds of sabotage. Instead, it needs a more powerful strategy and action to respond on.
  • This statement is open for all Wikimedia volunteers from Taiwan to cosign as individual or communities.

Local Edition 本地華語版Edit





  1. 維基媒體基金會法律部門與安全部分,請對此次事件保持警覺。特別是針對香港維基媒體運動的發展,需要提供當地用戶組和台灣分會法律與策略上的充分協助,緩解兩地維基媒體志工的安全疑慮。
  2. 即使法律威脅暫時緩解,我們仍希望各主辦國際會議的維基組織在安排台灣與會者的旅程時,儘量將轉機點安排在非香港或中國境內的機場;並避免安排他們搭乘中國、香港航空公司的班機。
  3. 正在進行的維基媒體策略討論,應多加留意非自由民主政權對開放知識的威脅。這些政權可能帶給維基媒體運動帶來法律風險、暴力威脅以及獨佔意識形態等破壞。根據中文維基百科近年的經驗,我們無法期待消極地開放包容能夠抵抗這些破壞,而需要更具力量的策略及行動予以反擊。
  • 本聲明開放台灣維基媒體志工以社群和個人名義連署。

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