Wikimedia Nigeria/FindingGLAMs in Nigeria

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FindingGLAMs logo.svg This page is dedicated to documenting FindingGLAMs events in Nigeria.

Group photograph of the FindingGLAMs workshop at Kenneth Library, University of Ibadan.

FindingGLAMs is a project organized by Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden) in building a truly worldwide database of cultural heritage institutions and their collections on Wikipedia, the largest and most popular educational site in the world. It will empower cultural organizations to share their knowledge and content with the world through collaboration, training, documentation and case studies in Nigeria and also lay the groundwork for long term and sustainable collaboration between cultural organisations and the Wikimedia movement (the organizations behind Wikipedia and other free educational websites).


In Nigeria, Wikidata for Librarians workshops were held at the Kenneth Dike Library of the University of Ibadan and Nimbe Adedipe Library to improve Library information about Nigeria on Wikidata.


Participants from FUNAAB can join the peoject dashboard here


The event was sponsored by Wikimedia Sverige, and organised in Nigeria by Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc. in partnership with Kenneth Dike Library of the University of Ibadan and Nimbe Adipe Library of the FUNAAB.

Funding from Wikimedia Sverige provided travel, refreshments, as well as participants packs costs. Wikimedia Nigeria provided volunteer veteran Wikipedia editors with experience in running such workshops as facilitators.


Olaniyan Olushola training at Kenneth Dike Library.
Ayokanmi Oyeyemi training at Kenneth Dike Library.

The event programme was developed to include trainings on Wikidata and adding Nigeria GLAMS

Online Wikimedian volunteerEdit

Both online and offline Wikimedian/Wikipedia editors are welcome to assist. Offline/physically present editors can provide on call coaching and training assistance to individual editors. Online volunteers are encouraged to help assist participants by welcoming them to the community and kindly coaching them through their edits on Wikipedia. Online volunteers are also needed to provide encouragement to continue editing as well as assisting in the editing of climate change related articles.

Volunteer signupEdit

If you are interested in helping out anytime during the event (or afterwards as we might need people to coach the participants online after the workshop) then you can signup with your username below:


A programme dashboard to measure the editing impact of the event can be found here: here

For the two events, a total of 40 new editors where trained who worked on 22 articles making 70 edits adding over 1,000 words of content and adding 20 references.

Event participantsEdit

A list of the new editors that participated in the event.

Useful guides to WikipediaEdit