Wikimedia LGBT+/Governance/2023-12-27

This online video conference is focused on the tasks of governance and the LGBT+ User Group. The meeting is intended as an opportunity for core organizers to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and ideas.

The Wikimedia Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.

Attendees edit

Agenda edit

  • Reminder: November User Group mtg: Wikimedia LGBT/2023-12-28
  • Election results
  • Communication channels among GovComm and Board
  • Managing membership lists
  • Incorporation and fiscal sponsorship
  • Potential non-WMF Grants
    • UAF - Opportunity Grants:
    • Elsewhere, the North American Hub Research Project ends December 2023, with intention to establish a North American wiki organization
      • Details still in development, but one goal is supporting organizations such as Wikimedia LGBT+ in applying for grants from United States-sponsors, or for regional projects
      • That project requested acknowledgement and comment from Wikimedia LGBT+, as they already do LGBT+ engagement in the United States
  • Providing comment on Incident Reporting System (IRS) in development by the Trust and Safety Product, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Unredeemed QW T-shirts
  • Annual report coming due

Notes edit