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Vikimedija Italija - Associazione per la diffusione della conoscenza libera - APS yra Wikimedia movement italų kalbos skyrius.

The members of Wikimedia Italia at the general assembly on June 23, 2019.

Kontaktinė informacija - Kontaktai. Bendro pobūdžio el. laiškus „Vikimedija Italija“ galima siųsti adresu info(_AT_)

Vikimedija Italija oficialus tinklapis yra Taip pat yra ir Viki puslapis skirtas nariams bei angliškai/prancūziškai kalbantiems.

Dabartinė valdyba

Since May 18, 2024.


Dabartinė taryba

See also: wmit:Personale

Įstaigos adresas

via Bergognone 34, c/o BASE Milano
20144 Milano (MI)

Telefono nr.: +390256569662
email: segreteria


As of December 2022, the association counts 354 members. The 2021 budget comprised around 750,000 €, raised from donations, "Cinque per mille" tax donations and contributions to institutional activities.

What has been done so far (most links in Italian, sorry)
  • we participate round-the-year in local and national events and fairs, seminars, lectures in classrooms, etc. for promoting WMF projects in Italy (logbook)
  • we support and collaborate in nationwide petitions and campaigns
  • we organized some online and offline initiatives (Wiki@home (anglų), WikiAfrica, BWM, Biblioteca, Musica)
  • 3rd part publishers released a DVD-version of it:wp (more than 20,000 copies sold) and a handbook about Wikipedia and the Wikis
  • we have obtained the status of "associazione di promozione sociale" (social promotion association, a "charity" status in Italy); this grants tax deductibility on donations for the donors and other facilitations: we have also joined the WMF 2009 fundraising and 2010 "cinque per mille" campaign (sort of en:Eight per thousand for charities)
  • we have an office in Milan.
Best successes
Worst headache
  • the squatted domains***.it
  • some legal complaints about the content of some Wikipedia articles (mainly bios of politicians), passed through to the VRT, as WMI is not the proper recipient, except one which went through a 5-years trial before WMI won in the Court.



Skaityti Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Italia.

Finansinės ataskaitos

Maždaug du kartus per mėnesį Vikimedija Italija publikuoja informacinį biuletenį (Vikimedijos Naujienos).


Vikimedija Italija buvo įkurta Kanino mieste 2005 m. liepos 17 d., penktadienį.

Vikimedijos Fondas parengė ir patvirtino įstatus.

Per IRC susitikimą su Jimbo, Angela ir Anthere įstatai buvo pakoreguoti, o Fondui buvo suteiktas leidimas tęsti veiklą.

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