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This page is about WMI-LimeSurvey, a service useful to conduct ethical surveys with LimeSurvey, a free software hosted by Wikimedia Italia for Wikimedia contributors.

Welcome in WMI-LimeSurvey, your wikisurvey!
The WMI-LimeSurvey in action for Wikimania 2021 online.

Please read all the sections before reading #Request a Survey.

Also discover the ethical values .


Wikimedia Italia is hosting this service intended for all Wikimedia project volunteers, in the hope that it will be useful but without any guarantee (like Wikipedia).

The server is offered by Wikimedia Italia and very few volunteers take care of the application so this service is at your disposal but to the maximum of our voluntary availability.

Please be kind and collaborative with our technical volunteers.


In short: If things go wrong, offer food to the volunteers.

This tool is not designed to collect secret or potentially discriminatory information, for the simple fact that you shouldn't collect what isn't useful for a "standard" Wikimedia project.

Wikimedia Italia and any related technical volunteer reserve the right to not collaborate on any survey for any reason, especially if you try to put a pineapple on a pizza.

Data protection

Note that every WMI-Survey is covered at least by the following privacy policies and disclaimers:

For whatever legal question, contact Wikimedia Italia:

Known usages

A list of known usages:

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Share an Idea

Have you found a "Google Form" somewhere that you would like to convert into an astonishing, cute & sparkling LimeSurvey?

Let us know! Start a discussion in the talk page:

Request a Survey

Here you can request to open a new survey into WMI-LimeSurvey. Whoa!

Here you can also request to migrate your existing "FooSurvey" into WMI-LimeSurvey, if now everyone is screaming / crying / running crazy around the room, like a pinball ball with protective gloves and sanitary masks, because of that survey was not WMI-LimeSurvey.

In short, enter a catchy title for your survey and press the button:

Feel free to improve the default template to add more useful examples to speed up requests.


Some tips to make the best surveys in the world:

In short:

  • test it right from the start (modifying it later is a mess)
  • respect other people's time (avoid very-long surveys)
  • don't ask for data you don't need


Technical documentation

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