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Communications Committee
Provisional Directory

According to a resolution had passed on the 2nd meeting of the Provisional Directory, the proposal for a Communications Committee was approved. The Provisional Directory had appointed counselor and amened the mission and task statements on its 10th meeting.


The mission of such Communications Committee (CommComm) is to provide advice on the communications between the Chapter & all its publics, like Wikimedia Foundation, Counterpart chapters in the other parts of the world, Local Wikimedians, web 2.0 & internet personnel, researcher, professor & advisers, etc. etc.

傳訊委員會的任務為協會有關協會與其所有的公眾群(即維基媒體基金會,其他地區的協會,各維基人,web 2.0及網路的相關工作者,研究員,教授及其他顧問等) 的溝通工作提供意見。


  • To provide advices & reminders to the PD on Communication issue
  • To alert the PD whenever a possible PR or Communications crisis may occur between any publics & the chapter
  • To gather & collection idea & opinions from all the publics & members of the chapter
  • To draft communications proposals for the activities held by Chapter

Terms of officeEdit

Shall be no longer than the expiry of the term of office of the Provisional Directory