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Kunal Mehta (Legoktm)

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Detalji o kandidatima
Me speaking at the 2017 Wikimania hackathon
  • Osobno:
    • Ime: Kunal Mehta
    • Lokacija: New York City, USA
    • Jezici: en-N
  • Uvodna reč:
    • Wikimedijanac/ka od: 2007
    • Aktivni wikiji: English Wikipedia, MediaWiki.org, Commons, Meta-Wiki, Wikitech
Introductory statement / Application summary.
This section to be translated. (150 word maximum)
Wikimedian sam od 2007. Bio sam član Odbora WMF 8 godina (vidi punu biografiju). U obje sam uloge stekao iznimno razumijevanje tehničkih potreba i realiteta pokreta.

Zdravu i održivu tehničku zajednicu podjednako vode volonteri, podružnice i osoblje WMF-a – i zbog toga sam radio na mentorstvu i osnaživanju razvojnih inženjera-volontera. Svoj sam rad fokusirao na izgradnju značajki i alata koji wiki korisnicima daju veću kontrolu, kao što su Filter zloporabe, SpamBlacklist i global CSS/JS.

Ključni je dio rada WMF-a razvoj i održavanje tehničkih značajki – od presudne je važnosti da Odbor donosi dobro informirane odluke o tehničkim inicijativama i prioritetima. Kao netko tko ima izravno iskustvo u razvoju, uvođenju i održavanju značajki koje zadovoljavaju jedinstvene Wikimedijine zahtjeve, vjerujem kako moje iskustvo i perspektiva mogu pomoći Odboru i WMF-u da bolje služe pokretu.

Doprinosi Wikimedia projektima, članstvo u Wikimedia organizacijama ili podružnicama, aktivnosti u ulozi organizatora Wikimedia pokreta ili učestvovanje sa organizacijom koja je saveznik pokreta Wikimedia.
(najviše 100 reči)
As a Wikimedian since 2007 and a former WMF staffer for 8 years (see full bio), I have a strong understanding of the technical needs and realities of the movement. I work to build features and tools that give control to users on-wiki. A healthy and sustainable technical community is one led by volunteers, affiliates and WMF staff alike, which is why I’ve worked to mentor and empower volunteer developers. Wikimedians are disappointed with the WMF’s recent technical output; I would like to bring my experience in successfully creating, deploying and maintaining technical projects to the WMF board.
Stručnost u veštinama koje je Odbor označio kao potrebne.
  • Organizaciona strategija i upravljanje
  • Tehnologija platforme na nivou preduzeća i/ili razvoj proizvoda
  • Javna politika i pravo
  • Nauka o društvenim podacima, analiza velikih podataka i mašinsko učenje

(najviše 150 reči)

I bring significant experience in “Enterprise-level platform technology and/or product development” as well as “Organizational strategy and management” to the board. Wikimedia technical development is radically different than the rest of the web, with an intense focus on privacy, security, transparency, internationalization, and user freedom. Blending my experience as a longtime volunteer contributor and as a WMF engineer, I understand the desires for new features and bugfixes while balancing the day-to-day needs of building and defending a secure platform. I’ve developed new features for editors and resolved sitewide outages during late nights and weekends. I regularly give input on technical roadmaps, favoring a bottom-up approach for determining strategy.
Proživljena iskustva u svetu. Posebno smo zainteresovani da pročitamo o proživljenim iskustvima u regionima Afrike, Južne Azije, Istočne i Jugoistočne Azije i Pacifika i Latinske Amerike i Kariba. Verujemo da bi iskustvo u ovim regionima moglo da pomogne da se proširi sposobnost odbora da ispuni cilj strategije pokreta, a to je pravičnije učešće. Naravno, svesni smo da i druga iskustva takođe mogu dati važan doprinos.
(najviše 250 reči)
As a journalist, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to others, tell their stories and amplify their experiences. I’ve interviewed homeless university students, victims of assault, as well as politicians and activists. In 2018, I traveled to Italy and Greece to report on the ongoing refugee and migrant crises firsthand. On the island of Lesbos, we visited Moria (aka “the worst refugee camp on earth”), interviewing refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war, as well as residents on the island who were living with the influx of refugees.

Telling these stories and more have allowed me to gain a better appreciation for experiences I personally haven’t lived through. I do my best to make sure as many other people can gain that same appreciation by releasing as much content as possible under free licenses.

Outside the bubble of the English Wikipedia, my experiences have given me a unique perspective on the technical needs of our diverse communities, which I’d like to bring to the board. During SUL finalization, I worked with stewards on implementing a new global renamers group. To empower cross-wiki patrollers and global sysops, I rolled out global CSS/JS. Wikisourcians particularly felt the pain of musical scores being disabled, and helped test it when we re-enabled it. And they, along with Commons uploaders, raised awareness of large file uploads being broken and helped with debugging until we found the cause and fixed it.

Odlično poznavanje drugih kultura i regiona, i jezika koji nije vaš maternji. Interkulturalna svest pomaže u izgradnji mostova u našoj multikulturalnoj zajednici.
(najviše 250 reči)
I learned how to program via Wikibooks and Wikipedia, and it eventually grew into my dream career. I regularly interact with people from across the world through talk pages, IRC, etc., many of whom I now consider friends. I’ve spent my summers mentoring and working alongside GSoC/Outreachy students from Cameroon, India and Taiwan, not to mention many others from around the world through guidance on bugs, patch review and casual conversations.

Despite only speaking English (and fragments of Gujarati and Spanish), my key skillset is bridging the communication and culture gap between technical and non-technical users. I’m fluent in technical jargon and can translate that into plain language when helping people out over chat, in person and on technical village pumps. And I’m able to diagnose user complaints, turning them into actionable bug reports on Phabricator.

A key part of the WMF’s work is in developing and maintaining technical features – it is crucial that the board has someone who has real experience developing, deploying and maintaining features that meet Wikimedia's unique technical requirements. I regularly hear that the board and WMF upper management are out of touch with the needs of the developers and editors doing the work on the ground, and don’t realize the full scope or implications of projects they sign off on. Having collaboratively developed user scripts, gadgets, Toolserver/Toolforge tools, and MediaWiki extensions to benefit a diverse group of contributors, I’d bring a bridge to the technical community that is desperately lacking.

Iskustvo zagovornika stvaranja sigurnih i kolaborativnih prostora za sve i/ili iskustvo u situacijama ili kontekstima cenzure, represije ili drugih napada na ljudska prava.
(najviše 250 reči)
As an administrator, IRC channel operator, and member of the Technical Code of Conduct Committee, I have significant experience ensuring users can work together in safe/collaborative spaces by working to catalyze and de-escalate situations, stepping in with sanctions to protect contributors as necessary.

I've invested time developing and improving anti-abuse/power user tools that give control to users on-wiki like AbuseFilter, SpamBlacklist and GlobalCssJs.

Creating safe spaces requires identifying and reducing power imbalances. In the technical community, there is a de facto power disparity between paid WMF developers and volunteer developers. To counteract this, I regularly mentor and support newer developers and nominate them for “+2” merge rights (which WMF staff get by default). A thriving and empowered volunteer developer community is essential to sustain the Wikimedia movement.

WMF staff also need a safe space, and must not be constantly in fear of being re-organized at the whims of a constantly changing upper management. The board must support the unionization of staff in addition to the previously promised ombudsperson.

I regularly fight attempts at censorship through my work with Kiwix, the offline Wikipedia reader, by packaging it for Debian, which makes it easier for users to install. Recently I wrote a guide showing how to set up a local mirror of the Russian Wikipedia using Kiwix and Debian.

At my day job, I’m privileged to continue the work that the late Aaron Swartz started in SecureDrop, building and supporting software to protect whistleblowers and journalists.

Iskustvo u vezi sa grupom (ili iskustvo člana grupe, u meri u kojoj želite to da podelite) koja se suočila sa istorijskom diskriminacijom i nedovoljnom zastupljenošću u strukturama moći (uključujući, ali ne ograničavajući se na kastu, rasu, etničku pripadnost, boju kože, nacionalno poreklo, nacionalnost , rodni identitet, rodno izražavanje, seksualnu orijentaciju, godine, religiju, jezik, kulturu, obrazovanje, sposobnosti, prihode i okruženje).
(najviše 250 reči)
I am a person of color and do not feel comfortable sharing more than that publicly.
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2022 Board of Trustees Analysis Committee Rating

This table shows the candidate rating provided by the 2022 Board of Trustees Analysis Committee
Candidate Name Wikimedia Background Sought Skills Sought Regional Experience Human Rights & Underrepresentation Overall rating from the average score of the four categories Overall rating from the average score of the nine criteria
Kunal Mehta Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver Gold