Departamentos da Fundação Wikimedia

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A Fundação Wikimedia (WMF) mantém uma equipe de profissionais para auxiliar a comunidade da Wikimedia e os projetos da Wikimedia. A equipe é organizada sob a liderança da Direção Executiva, e baseia-se principalmente na sede da organização em São Francisco, EUA, enquanto outra parte da equipe trabalha remotamente de outras partes do mundo.

A equipe da Fundação Wikimedia é organizada em oito departamentos, cada qual liderado por um executivo. Alguns dos departamentos são compostos de múltiplas equipes e subequipes.

The Office of the Chief Executive Officer includes the Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer and their immediate support staff.

O departamento de Avanço lidera os esforços de parcerias para arrecadação de fundos e recursos da Fundação Wikimedia.

The Communications department leads the Foundation's efforts to openly and effectively share information—about the Wikimedia movement, the Wikimedia projects and the Wikimedia Foundation's work itself—with a global audience including volunteer editors, site readers and other stakeholders.

The Finance and Administration department ensures responsible management of Wikimedia Foundation funds and resources, in keeping with our core values of transparency and accountability.

The Legal department oversees all legal matters for the Wikimedia Foundation and facilitates initiatives designed to support and grow the Wikimedia community and the Wikimedia projects. The department's work includes policy drafting, trademark law, copyright law, international law, employment law, litigation, fundraising and grant law, domestic and international contracts, privacy law, ethics, internet law, and non-profit corporate governance.

The department is also tasked with carrying forward the Foundation’s goals of advocating for the free knowledge movement, including fighting for content online, facilitating community discussions about critical Wikimedia Foundation policies, building and overseeing good governance where appropriate, and working to improve legal and legislative policy to aid the dissemination and use of free knowledge.

The Product and Technology department refers to the engineering, product, design, data science, and other technical teams employed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Its mission is to build, improve and maintain the technical infrastructure of Wikimedia sites and projects (software and hardware), by supporting and complementing volunteer efforts.

The Talent and Culture department recruits and supports skilled, passionate people to advance the Wikimedia vision.

Past departments

Over the history of the Wikimedia Foundation, there have been modifications to the composition of the staff departments.

Product and Technology
In 2022/2023, the Product and Technology departments were merged into one and went through an internal reorganization.
Legal and Community Advocacy
In 2015, the Legal and Community Advocacy department was split. The Legal team became its own department, and the Community Advocacy team joined the newly created Community Engagement department.
Team Practices and Talent and Culture
In 2016, the Team Practices and Talent and Culture department was split. Talent and Culture remained its own department, and the Team Practices team joined the existing Product department.

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