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The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) maintains a professional staff to support the Wikimedia community and Wikimedia projects. The staff are organized under the leadership of the organization's Executive Director. They are primarily based at the organization's headquarters in San Francisco, USA, while some staff work remotely from other parts of the world.

The Wikimedia Foundation staff are organized into eight departments, each led by an executive. Some of the departments are composed of multiple teams and sub-teams.

The Advancement department leads the Wikimedia Foundation's fundraising and resource partnership efforts.

Advancement teams

Foundation and Major Gifts
Fundraising Operations
Online Fundraising
Partnerships and Global Reach

The Audiences department refers to the engineering and product teams employed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Its mission is to build, improve and maintain the technical infrastructure of Wikimedia projects (software and hardware), by supporting and complementing volunteer efforts.

Audiences teams

Audiences Design
Contributors Engineering
Anti-Harassment Tools
Contributors Product
Design Strategy
Product Analytics
Program Management
Reading Engineering
Desktop and Mobile Web
Mobile apps
Reading Infrastructure
Quality Assurance
Readers Product
Technical Program Management

The Office of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director includes the Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director and their immediate support staff.

Office of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director teams

Movement Strategy

The Communications department leads the Foundation's efforts to openly and effectively share information—about the Wikimedia movement, the Wikimedia projects and the Wikimedia Foundation's work itself—with a global audience including volunteer editors, site readers and other stakeholders.

The Community Engagement department team increases the quantity, quality, diversity, and reach of free knowledge by supporting people and organizations aligned with the Wikimedia Foundation mission. We support contributors by representing them in the development of new technical tools, by supporting community governance, and by making grants to individuals, groups and organizations working on building community and growing content on Wikimedia projects and sites as well as related open knowledge projects. We are committed to supporting under-resourced and emerging regions, languages and communities, particularly in the Global South.

Community Engagement teams

Community Relations Specialists
Community Resources
The Resources team increases the quantity, quality, diversity, and reach of free knowledge by supporting mission-allied organizations and people around the world.
Learning & Evaluation
The Learning & Evaluation team supports learning and sharing tools for connecting community leaders to one another, to resources, and to capacity development opportunities.

The Finance and Administration department ensures responsible management of Wikimedia Foundation funds and resources, in keeping with our core values of transparency and accountability.

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Office IT

The Legal department oversees all legal matters for the Wikimedia Foundation and facilitates initiatives designed to support and grow the Wikimedia community and the Wikimedia projects. The department's work includes policy drafting, trademark law, copyright law, international law, employment law, litigation, fundraising and grant law, domestic and international contracts, privacy law, ethics, internet law, and non-profit corporate governance.

The department is also tasked with carrying forward the Foundation’s goals of advocating for the free knowledge movement, including fighting for content online, facilitating community discussions about critical Wikimedia Foundation policies, building and overseeing good governance where appropriate, and working to improve legal and legislative policy to aid the dissemination and use of free knowledge.

Legal teams

Legal interns and fellows
The Legal department runs a legal internship program to educate and train promising law students or recent law school graduates in the areas of Internet law and free knowledge organizations.

The Talent and Culture department recruits and supports skilled, passionate people to advance the Wikimedia vision.

Talent and Culture teams

Human Relations Operations
Learning and Development

The Technology department builds, improves and maintains the infrastructure of Wikimedia sites.

Technology teams

Core Platform
Scoring Platform
Search Platform
Technical Engagement
Developer Advocacy

Past departments

Over the history of the Wikimedia Foundation, there have been modifications to the composition of the staff departments.

Legal and Community Advocacy
In 2015, the Legal and Community Advocacy department was split. The Legal team became its own department, and the Community Advocacy team joined the newly created Community Engagement department.
In 2017, the Product department became known as Audiences.
Team Practices and Talent and Culture
In 2016, the Team Practices and Talent and Culture department was split. Talent and Culture remained its own department, and the Team Practices team joined the existing Product department.

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