Wikimedia Foundation Report, December 2012

Video of the monthly Wikimedia Foundation metrics and activities meeting covering the month of December (January 10, 2013)

Global unique visitors for November:

484.5 million (-0.79% compared with October; +2.06% compared with the previous year)
(comScore data for all Wikimedia Foundation projects; comScore will release December data later in January)

Page requests for December:

20.2 billion (-0.8% compared with November; +23.5% compared with the previous year)
(Server log data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects including mobile access)

Active Registered Editors for November 2012 (>= 5 mainspace edits/month, excluding bots):

79,532 (-0.03% compared with October / +0.59% compared with the previous year)
(Database data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects. Note: We recently refined this metric to take into account Wikimedia Commons and activity across several projects.)

Report Card (integrating various statistical data and trends about WMF projects) for November 2012:



Wikimedia Foundation YTD Revenue and Expenses vs Plan as of November 30, 2012
Wikimedia Foundation YTD Expenses by Functions as of November 30, 2012

(Financial information is only available for November 2012 at the time of this report.)

All financial information presented is for the Month-To-Date and Year-To-Date November 30, 2012.

Revenue $16,614,546
Engineering Group $5,309,228
Fundraiser Group $1,442,814
Grantmaking & Programs Group $2,159,357
Governance Group $314,952
Legal/Community Advocacy/Communications Group $1,265,059
Finance/HR/Admin Group $2,267,388
Total Expenses $12,758,798
Total surplus/(loss) $3,855,748
  • Revenue for the month of November is $11.26MM vs plan of $10.29MM, approximately $964K or 9% over plan.
  • Year-to-date revenue is $16.61MM vs plan of $15.50MM, approximately $1.11MM or 7% over plan.
  • Expenses for the month of November is $2.83MM vs plan of $3.12MM, approximately $290K or 9% under plan, primarily due to lower personnel expenses and capital expenses partially offset by higher legal expenses, bank fees, outside contract services, and operating grants.
  • Year-to-date expenses is $12.76MM vs plan of $14.64MM, approximately $1.88MM or 13% under plan, primarily due to personnel expenses, internet hosting, travel expenses, capital expenses, and outside contract services partially offset by higher legal expenses, bank fees, and awards and grants.
  • Cash position is $28.06MM as of November 30, 2012.



Visual Editor opt-in launch on English Wikipedia


An alpha version of the VisualEditor, the upcoming rich-text interface which will make it easier to edit wiki pages, was enabled on the English Wikipedia in December. Experienced editors can now test it and provide feedback on problem and priorities.

"The Impact Of Wikipedia" (video produced for the fundraiser, with subtitles in various languages)

Record donations in shortest ever fundraiser


The fundraising team reached their end-of-year goal of US $25 million early this year, making 2012 the shortest fundraiser to date. We also had a record-breaking total number of contributions: 1.484 million donations since July 1. The campaign ended with a "Thank You" banner that introduced readers to a diverse group of editors through written messages and video interviews. About half a million people watched a four-minute video introduction to Wikipedia editors and we saw an increase in account creation.

First round of the new funds dissemination process ends


The Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees approved the recommendations of the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC), allocating $8.43 million to 11 Wikimedia organizations. This marked the successful conclusion of the first round of the new FDC process. This change in how money is distributed within the Wikimedia movement was described by Trustees Jan-Bart de Vreede and Patricio Lorente as "a significant devolution of power to the global volunteer community of Wikimedians". The committee was formed earlier in 2012 and consists of seven volunteers from seven different countries, who have editing experience on several Wikimedia projects, and have founded or have been Board members of five Wikimedia chapters.



A detailed report of the Tech Department's activities for December 2012 can be found at:
Department Highlights

Major news in December include:

In December, the VisualEditor team enabled on the English Wikipedia an alpha version of the VisualEditor (see also general "Highlights" section). The VisualEditor team focused on ensuring that it worked properly, on providing a dedicated tool to report problems with editing, and on addressing the reports and ideas from editors after deployment.

This successful release was also a major milestone for Parsoid (the parsing program that translates plain wikitext into HTML annotated for easy editing, and vice-versa). Parsoid needs to handle the full range of arbitrary and complex existing wiki content, including templates, tables and extensions; it did so very well, as witnessed by the lack of mistakes introduced by Parsoid in the wikitext. This was in large part due to the team's efforts on automated conversion testing and the completion of a strategy to only convert the parts of the page what were edited ("selective serialization").

This month, the Editor engagement team (E2) continued to develop new features of the Notifications project (called "Echo"), and enabled a first experimental release on They worked on feature requirements, the user experience and developed interface and behind-the-scenes components. More features will be developed in January that are planned to be enabled on the English Wikipedia in early 2013. Help is welcome to test these features to provide feedback and find bugs. (see also: Presentation slides from the metrics meeting for December)

Dario Taraborelli explaining results about the AFTv5 tool and new user registrations at the metrics meeting for December

A research study on the use of the Article Feedback (AFT) tool on the English Wikipedia confirmed that many readers use this quality assessment feature, and a sizable number of them go on to register and become editors. Based on that research and other suggestions, new features were started to reduce the editor workload through better filters and simpler moderation tools. The activation of Article Feedback on all articles of the English Wikipedia is planned for March 2013. Some wikis like the German Wikipedia have started to evaluate this tool as well, while others like the French Wikipedia are discussing it.

No significant development activity happened on Page Curation (an interface for experienced contributors to review and improve newly created pages) following its release on the English Wikipedia, but its localization and adaptation for possible use on other wikis and in other languages is currently under consideration.

In December, the Editor engagement experiments team (E3) launched a new test aimed at Onboarding new Wikipedians; it offers an optimized task list immediately after sign up, inviting those without an idea of how to get started to choose an article and try their hand at editing. Development continued on the new account creation experience and a Guided Tours feature that which will be launched in January 2013.

To support these and future experiments, the EventLogging tool underwent heavy development, including the launch of a dedicated space on meta-wiki for defining the data collected in a public, collaborative manner. Development of a user metrics interface for programs also begun in order to standardize user metrics, and provide infrastructure and access to them.

Last, the E3 team collaborated with the Fundraising team to reach out to donors and readers as part of the annual fundraising campaign, via email and a "Thank You" banner which ran at the end of the year.

The Mobile development and design team worked on finalizing contributory and other experimental editor-focused features on the Beta site (uploads, editing, and watchlist functionality) in order to clear the way for mobile uploads by March 2013. They also worked to improve the reader and potential editor experience by introducing features geared toward educating and engaging users, such as a human-readable last-modified indicator for articles and watchlists, and thumbnail images to illustrate the watchlist view. Because of the huge interest generated in the Beta testing site, an Alpha site was created to house very early work on contributory features without disrupting the reading experience of the 100,000+ Beta users.

Work continued on GeoData, a tool to store and retrieve GPS coordinates in Wikimedia databases, and it was deployed to all Wikipedia and Wikivoyage sites; it is expected to become officially operational shortly. This tool is a cornerstone of the discovery feature for the mobile site, allowing users to read about places around them.

Orange Congo joined the list of mobile carriers who enable free mobile access to Wikipedia via the Wikipedia Zero program. The Wikipedia Zero team resolved operational issues and continued to work on more partnerships. Two other initiatives to bring Wikipedia to mobile devices, the Wikipedia S40 J2ME app and the USSD service, are now ready to launch pending contractual negotiations with carriers.

Last, the Mobile quality assurance team started to work on an upcoming community testing event for Mobile features, and support for the MobileFrontend extension in the Beta cluster testing environment.

Other news

  • Community metrics are now generated every month to provide insights into the activity and health of the MediaWiki contributor community.
  • The Language engineering team continued to improve the workflow and interface for translators; this is done as part of an initiative to improve the user experience of the Translate extension, a tool used to translate software as well as content of wiki pages.


Zack Exley thinking under a large set of testing data during the 2012 Wikimedia Fundraiser. The team did more than 100 live A-B tests in December.
Katie Horn explaining banner statistics during the monthly metrics meeting (slides
Department Highlights
see general "Highlights" section

Major Gifts and Foundations

  • Received a $500,000 gift from M. Chastain, a $500,000 gift from A. Sosnik, a $250,000 grant from the Knight Foundation, and a $100,000 gift from an anonymous donor.

Annual Fundraiser

  • We reached our $25,000,000 end-of-year goal early this year. See the Fundraiser Statistics page for a view comparing this year to previous years
  • This was the shortest fundraiser to date. We showed everyone banners only for the first 9 days and then experimented with a new feature: hiding banners. We started showing banners only to users who hadn't seen them before, and only for a limited number of views (usually 1 or 2). This lowered the visibilty of the banners while still allowing us to reach our goal. This method of displaying banners will impact our fundraising testing strategy in the future. More information can be found in the Press Release: "The Wikimedia Foundation raises $25 million in record time during 2012 Wikipedia fundraiser"
  • Banners were only shown to the following five English-speaking countries through December 31: US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand in addition to fundraising chapters. This was a response to a very successful start and worldwide testing which indicated we could improve our global translations. The team will be working to improve translations to re-launch the global fundraiser in all remaining countries in the Spring of 2013.
  • Through more than 100 live A-B tests, we discovered many new, more-effective banner messages. We started the campaign on November 17 [1] and took all fundraising-related banners down on December 31 [2].
  • The results of past fundraising tests are available on "We Need a Breakthrough" and a synopsis of December testing highlights will be included in the upcoming Fundraising 2012 report, which is in the process of being written.
  • Customer Service worked with 10 agents to answer emails in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, French, Chinese, as well as using community-translated messaging for inquiries in German and Polish. We responded to over 20,000 emails from October to December (peak-time) and worked closely with the Tech team to identify, triage, and respond to donor issues. We also worked cross-departmentally on a broad range of issues (Legal, Ops).
  • We closed the campaign December 27 - 31 with a "Thank You banner" that introduced our readers to a diverse group of editors through written messages and video interviews. About 500,000 people watched a four-minute video introduction to Wikipedia editors and we saw an increase in account creation. 'The Impact of Wikipedia' video series can be found here. You can see the 51 featured editors here
  • The campaign received some positive coverage this year in the media, for example on Techcrunch and The Next Web.

Grantmaking & Programs

Department highlights
  • The WMF Board of Trustees approves FDC funds allocations for 2012–2013 Round 1.
  • The Grantmaking team and the FDC welcomes Katy Love, who joined WMF as the Senior Program Officer for the FDC on 28 December, 2012.
  • Wikipedia Zero officially launches in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Preparation for the launch of the Individual Engagement Grants program in January 2013 is underway.

Strategic Goals Metrics

Metric Value MoM MoM% Chart
Free Wikipedia Zero Page Requests 2.8m 87k +3.3%   [3]
Global South Active Editors (5+ edits in main namespace) 15k -141 -0.9%   [4]



Funds Dissemination Committee


WMF Grants Program

  • WMF prepares to initiate the Flow Funding pilot project, which will begin in the New Year. Read more about it on the FF portal.
  • 2 grants approved and 8 reports accepted in December 2012
Grants approved in December 2012
  1. Nkansah Rexford Nyarko's Wikimedia outreach in Ghana: Grants:PWM GH/Wikimedia outreach in Ghana.
    Funds support the launch of "'Wikimedia Outreach in Ghana' campaign which will be our first mass project. Our main goal, in line with that of the Foundation's, is to train Ghanaians to collect, refine and contribute Ghana- related content for free use on some selected wiki projects -- Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wikimedia Commons and Wikibooks (Cookbook)."
  2. Malayalam Wikipedia 10th Birthday Celebrations approved: Grants:Malayalam Wikipedia/10th Birthday Celebrations.
    "These events are conducted as a series of celebrations of the tenth anniversary and birthday of Malayalam Wikipedia. Existing Wikipedia editors, aspiring Wikipedia users, subject matter experts and media representatives will be participating in these events. Apart from introducing a lot of common public to the concept of Wikipedia (both as readers and editors), it also rejuvenates the spirits and passion of the existing user base."
Reports accepted in December 2012

Participation Support


No requests approved or reports accepted in December 2012.

Individual Engagement Grants

  • WMF begins community discussions and lays plans for new pilot program focused on making grants to individuals to complete projects, which will be launched in January. Read more about it here.


  • Dispute Resolution Project: Results from a new survey of existing English Wikipedia dispute resolution volunteers, aimed at understanding their motivations and experiences in order to identify ways to retain and recruit more volunteers, have been released: wikipedia:Wikipedia:Dispute_resolution_volunteer_survey.
  • Small-Wiki Editor Engagement Project: Results from the Bangla Wikipedia help pilot have been released, demonstrating that the number of active new Bangla editors doubled during the pilot period:
  • WikiWomen's Collaborative: We've launched a survey to gather feedback on the project from participants, and results will be available in January. The project has a new portal and is focusing on growing its base of volunteers to sustain it post-fellowship.

Wikimania Scholarships


Committee selected to run the 2013 Wikimania Scholarships selection process. Committee members are:

  • User:AutoGyro
  • User:Karthikndr
  • User:KTC
  • Osmar Valdebenito
  • User:Kudpung
  • User:CT Cooper
  • Deryck Chan (WM HK)
  • Simon Shek (WM HK)
  • Jessie Wild (WMF)

The application process is expected to start in mid-January.

Learning and Evaluation

  • Began drafting framework for evaluation and learning for the Grantmaking and Programs team.




Education - Brazil
Reports on courses

Ongoing development of courses that were selected but affected by a national strike:

Finalized 6 courses of the Education Program: 4 with good articles and contributions (about 80% of the content has already moved to or developed in the main domain of the Portuguese Wikipedia), and 2 under review. More than 60 articles have been produced.

Program development
Professor Ruy de Queiroz
  • Development of restructure of Wikiprojects
  • Meeting with Ministry of Health to reach out to “school-hospitals”, which have research groups that develop projects and may engage with the project to improve Wikipedia articles on Medicine.
  • Meeting with professor Ruy de Queiroz, who was already using Wikipedia as an educational tool
  • Brazilian professor featured on the Wikimedia blog:
    Professor Yuri Leite


  • Free Access to Wikipedia has officially launched in the Democratic Republic of Congo (via Orange).
  • Mobile improved our usage reporting for more accurate analytics. In many developing countries, Opera Mini is the most widely used browser by users on mobile devices. For example, Opera Mini is the primary way Telenor's customers access Wikipedia Zero. We previously had no data on aggregate Opera usage on Wikipedia mobile, but now that will be included in our mobile analytics (starting in 2013).

Global Education

U.S. student profiled on Wikimedia blog

Washington University senior Kevin Li's work on Wikipedia was featured on the Wikimedia Foundation's blog. Kevin, a student in Joan Strassmann's Behavioral Ecology course, contributed an article on worker policing to the English Wikipedia. Kevin started the article, and it has now achieved Good Article status. Read more about Kevin's experiences.

Education Program kicks off in Sweden
A Wikipedia wall at a teachers' conference in Sweden.

Sophie Österberg, the education manager for Wikimedia Sverige, has written a detailed update on the kick-off of the Wikipedia Education Program in Sweden. She and the rest of the team in Sweden have been meeting with instructors and institutions to determine the best ways of working Wikipedia into the curriculum in Sweden. Wikimedia Sverige has also produced T-shirts and brochures for the program, and they're excited about the results so far: many instructors have expressed interest in being part of the program, and they've started to build relationships. Learn more about the Swedish education program's activities.

Brazilian professor's work featured on blog
Yuri L. R. Leite

Professor Yuri Leite of the Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo in Vitória, Brazil, has been using Wikipedia in his courses since 2009, when he taught a class on the Charles Darwin book "The Origin of Species" and had his students update the article on the book on the Portuguese Wikipedia as he went along. Now, his students have contributed to improving the information on evolution available on the Portuguese Wikipedia for several terms, and Yuri looks forward to continuing to grow the available articles. Read more about his motivations for doing the project.

Trophy Case highlights excellent student work

Professors and Ambassadors who worked with students in the United States and Canada program in 2012 have added a series of links to the new Trophy Case, which highlights the best student work. The Trophy Case includes categories for articles that were featured on the English Wikipedia's main page in the Did You Know section, those that have achieved Good Article status, high quality new articles, significantly expanded existing articles, and non-textual contributions. See the Trophy Case, and add other student work you see to it.

Worldwide resources page created on outreach wiki
Studenti píší Wikipedii is a brochure developed by Wikimedia Czech Republic for their education program, one of the brochures featured on the new page.

A centralized repository of information for participants in the Wikipedia Education Program worldwide has been created on the outreach wiki's education portal. Broken down into information by target audience, such as instructors and students, the page contains links to brochures, handouts, and videos available in multiple languages. Handouts created specifically for Wikipedia Education Program participants in any language are welcome. See the page.

Human Resources


In December on the celebratory front, HR hosted an annual holiday party and organized a group excursion to watch "The Hobbit" movie. We kicked off a Remote Employee Experience Task Force to improve the experience of people who work remotely. We also hosted open enrollment for staff to change their health plan benefits.

Staff Changes

New Requisitions Filled
  • Matt Flaschen, Software Engineer, Features (Engineering)
  • Katy Love, Senior Program Officer, FDC (Grantmaking and Progams)
New Recruiting Intern
  • Ion Vazquez (Human Resources)
New Contractor
  • Joseph Silverman (Administration)
Contract Extended
  • Antonella Amatulli
  • Stephanie Coates
  • Cristiana Coimbra
  • Andrew Garrett
  • Aaron Halfaker
  • Joanie Hjulmand
  • LaTrisha Holliness
  • Sandra Hust
  • Alexander Kuiper
  • Mimi Li
  • Jonathan Morgan
  • Heather O'Malley
  • Kritie Robinson
  • Yuko Sakata
  • Elena Strelnikova
  • Julie Trias
  • Heather Walls
  • Laura James
  • Kelly Kay
  • Raymond Lui
Contract Ended
  • Alec Bogossian
  • Arun Ganesh
  • William Kelly
  • Srikanth Lakshmanan
  • Stacey Merrick
  • Lori Phillips
  • Karina Pulec
  • Steph Thommen
New Postings
  • Deputy General Counsel
  • Director of User Experience
  • Legal Intern (Summer)
  • Software Engineer - Multimedia
  • Software Engineer (Search)
  • Software Engineer (Apps)


Total Requisitions Filled
December Actual: 128
December Total Plan: 167
December Filled: 2, Month Attrition: 3
YTD Filled: 32, YTD Attrition: 16
1 Position canceled for FY
Remaining open positions to fiscal year end
45 (8 of which are on hold)

Department Updates

Real-time feed for HR updates or

Finance and Administration

  • We have been focusing on our insurance renewals for 2013. Our goals for this insurance renewal are:
  1. Improved D&O Coverage
  2. Improved Media and Privacy Liability coverage
  3. Improved travel coverage, with no country exclusions and a change to an new travel assistance provider.
  • We closed the space improvement project for the third floor enginnering space and are beginning planning for space improvement projects on the sixth floor for our next fiscal year.
  • We have hired a Systems and Network specialist to work on Office IT projects, on a temporary basis, while we are searching for a full time person for this role.

Legal, Community Advocacy, and Communications


LCA Report, December 2012


In December 2012, the Legal and Community Advocacy team presented a draft of the first conflict of interest guidelines to Meta for community comment and feedback. LCA also finalized standardized grant agreements for the FDC organizations and continued to provide guidance regarding Thematic Organizations.

Contract Metrics

  • Submitted : 27
  • Completed : 20

Trademark Metrics

  • Submitted : 12
  • Approved : 1
  • Pending : 6
  • Denied : 4
  • No Response : 1

Domains Obtained


We obtained the following domains over the last month:,,,,,,,,,,,

Coming & Going

  • Rubina Kwon transitioned from being a legal intern to a contract attorney.
  • Billy Kelly and Karina Pulec’s legal internships ended.
  • Ava Miller, Megumi Yukie, and Missy Black are coming on board as legal interns for the spring.

Other Activities

  • A draft of guidelines on potential conflicts of interest was posted on Meta for public comment. Details of the guidelines were also set out in a blog post.
  • A California superior court overruled Internet Brands’ demurrer. Details of the ruling were set out in a blog post.
  • GC Geoff Brigham shared some views on the naming of thematic organizations.
  • Grant agreement templates for FDC organizations were finalized.
  • LCA continued to work with Creative Commons to ensure that the interests of the Wikimedia community and WMF were represented during the drafting of Creative Commons v.4 licenses.
  • LCA provided support and guidance for internships for women in software in conjunction with GNOME Foundation, Wikimania scholarships, and the FDC process.
  • The team has also been working on securing more expansive insurance protection for potential issues that may arise in relation to the defense of community-generated content.

Communications Report, December 2012


In December the communications team formally launched the 2011-12 WMF Annual Report, as a print product and in a wiki/PDF version. Further work on translations and production of localized editions will continue through January. In December we also announced the winners of the 2012 Wiki Loves Monuments global contest and issued a release celebrating the conclusion of our recent successful online fundraiser.

Communications also supported WMF ED Sue Gardner during a series of media interviews and panel discussions in New York, focusing on the fundraiser, Wikipedia Zero, and diversifying and growing our community of contributors.

Major announcements

The Wikimedia Foundation raises $25 million in record time during 2012 Wikipedia fundraiser (27 December)
Winners Announced in World’s Largest Photo Contest, Wiki Loves Monuments (3 December)

Major Storylines through December

WMF’s fundraiser breaks a record (December 27)

The Foundation’s most successful fundraiser ever got strong coverage in late December around the announcement that marked the shift from fundraising to a highly-visible ‘thank you’ campaign. This year’s coverage also included unexpected news of a $70K donation from US based ‘Cards against humanity’ which offered a video appreciation of Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia edits its fundraising strategy (Bloomberg News)

  • Wikimedia Raised $25M So Far in Annual Wikipedia Fundraiser (All Things Digital)

  • Cards against humanity gives $70000 to Wikipedia (Web Pro News)

  • Are people who edit Wikipedia better people? (NY Magazine)

End of year lists grab on to Wikipedia (December 27-30)

Annual end-of-year media coverage on 2012 lists included a popular list of most-viewed articles in Wikipedia, based on results from a toolserver app by Johan Gunnarsson. The list generated a lot of speculation about how certain articles rose above others, including the curious inclusion of the German article for ‘Sackgasse’ (cul de sac) topping the German Wikipedia list.

  • The Most Popular Pages on Wikipedia in 2012: Facebook, One Direction and … Cul De Sacs? (All Things D)

  • Wikipedia's most-viewed articles in 2012 were... (CNET)

  • Wikipedia's hits of the year (Guardian)

Other worthwhile reads

  • The Hindu | Indians win in Wiki mega photo contest (December 6)

  • The Daily Nation (Kenya) | Wikipedia records high web traffic from Kenya (December 10)

WMF Blog posts


Fifty-four blog posts through December, including bilingual posts in German, Spanish, Czech, and Portuguese.

A few highlights:

The impact of Wikipedia
Ravan Jaafar Altaie (December 20)

(Through December the Foundation featured 12 video interviews highlighting the contributions of volunteers from around the world. The whole series can be viewed at

Article Feedback
New research and next steps (December 20)

15 million free media files on Wikimedia Commons (December 10)

Wiki Loves Monuments (through December)

(Numerous posts through December profiled the incredible selections from last year’s Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest, some of the most amazing freely licensed photographs on the Internet)

Media Contact, December 2012


Wikipedia Signpost, December 2012


For lots of detailed coverage and news summaries, see the community-edited newsletter “Wikipedia Signpost” for December 2012:

Visitors and Guests


Visitors and guests to the WMF office in December 2012:

  1. Craig Minassian (Minassian Media)
  2. Jove Oliver (Minassian Media)
  3. Eric Harris (Minassian Media)
  4. Kat Walsh (Chair of the Board of Trustees)
  5. Lisa Grossman (m|Oppenheim)
  6. Valerie Aurora (The Ada Initiative)
  7. Mark Oppenheim (m|Oppenheim)
  8. Gray Lincoln (Fuze Box)
  9. Trevor Bolliger (Wikia)
  10. Jason Asbahr (Monstrou)
  11. Jonathan Cooney (Monstrou)
  12. Doron Weber (Knight Foundation)
  13. Luis Villa (Greenberg Traurig)
  14. Sarah Paris (UCSF)
  15. Dr. Eric Widera (UCSF)
  16. Andrew Rutledge (Microsoft)
  17. David Sandwisch (Pacbell)
  18. Richard Ortic (Gemini Model Art)
  19. Rodney Dunican (Rod Ventures)
  20. Saal Pean (Creative Commons)
  21. Krista Boscoe (Kaplan)
  22. Chad Spencer (DemiCreative, fundraising)
  23. Dan Spencer (DemiCreative, fundraising)
  24. Desirina Boscovich (Desirina Communications, fundraising)
  25. Ben Thompson (Microsoft, engineering)
  26. Lindsay Bayne (Microsoft, engineering)
  27. Daniel Phifer (Social Imprints)
  28. Kevin Mitchell (Fluxx)
  29. Robert Kaye (
  30. Caroline Young (ASG)
  31. Cindy Hawley (ASG)
  32. Brendan Quinla (ASG)