Wikimedia Foundation Report, October 2012

Video of the monthly Wikimedia Foundation metrics and activities meeting covering the month of October (November 1, 2012)

Data and Trends edit

Global unique visitors for September:

474.9 million (+4.08% compared with August; +4.47% compared with the previous year)
(comScore data for all Wikimedia Foundation projects; comScore will release October data later in November)

Page requests for October:

19.8 billion (+3.4% compared with September; +15.8% compared with the previous year)
(Server log data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects including mobile access)

Active Registered Editors for September 2012 (>= 5 mainspace edits/month, excluding bots):

82,582 (+4.08% compared with August / +2.98% compared with the previous year)
(Database data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects. Note: We recently refined this metric to take into account Wikimedia Commons and activity across several projects.)

Report Card (integrating various statistical data and trends about WMF projects) for September 2012:


Financials edit

Wikimedia Foundation YTD Revenue and Expenses vs Plan as of September 30, 2012
Wikimedia Foundation YTD Expenses by Functions as of September 30, 2012

(Financial information is only available for September 2012 at the time of this report.)

All financial information presented is for the Month-To-Date and Year-To-Date September 30, 2012.

Revenue $4,113,523
Technology Group $3,274,990
Community/Fundraiser Group $588,771
Global Development Group $1,353,447
Governance Group $200,668
Legal/Community Advocacy/Communications Group $581,916
Finance/HR/Admin Group $1,396,195
Total Expenses $7,395,987
Total surplus/(loss) ($3,282,464)
  • Revenue for the month of September is $2.36MM vs plan of $2.44MM, approximately $81K or 3% under plan.
  • Year-to-date revenue is $4.11MM vs plan of $4.36MM, approximately $245K or 6% under plan.
  • Expenses for the month of September is $2.20MM vs plan of $2.77MM, approximately $577K or 21% under plan, primarily due to lower personnel expenses, internet hosting expenses, travel expenses, capital expenses, grants and awards, and outside contract services partially offset by higher expenses for the annual all-hands meeting.
  • Year-to-date expenses is $7.40MM vs plan of $8.68MM, approximately $1.3MM or 15% under plan, primarily due to personnel expenses, internet hosting, travel expenses, capital expenses, legal expenses, grants and awards, and outside contract services.
  • Cash position is $22.0MM as of September 30, 2012 which is approximately 6.29 months of expenses.

Highlights edit

The design changes to the Wikipedia mobile site include new navigation and updated typography.

Mobile Wikipedia redesigned edit

The mobile gateway to Wikipedia was updated with several features that had earlier been tested on the mobile beta site. The new navigation system aims to make mobile features and settings easier to discover. In the coming months, the mobile team will work on adding possibilities to contribute on mobile devices. In the previous month, the Wiki Loves Monuments app had already introduced a mobile photo upload function, as the first such possibility. For readers, the new design offers fonts that make the content easier to read.

First in-person meeting of the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) edit

The nine members of the new volunteer-run Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) met for the first time in October, preparing their recommendations about funding requests by 12 organizations (11 Wikimedia chapters and the Foundation) from a pool of more than $10 million of Wikimedia donations. In this new model, the funding requests have to be submitted in public, enabling a community review period that lasted until October 22.

The staff which supports the FDC scored each request according to a criteria list:

  • estimates for the potential impact,
  • the organization's ability to execute the planned activities,
  • their expected financial efficiency,
  • the quality of the proposed success measures
  • the potential benefit for the Wikimedia movement

The Signpost (the English Wikipedia's weekly community newspaper) has published an overview of these scores and of the requested sums.

The Board of Trustees will announce its decision about the FDC's recommendations in December.

Wikipedia Zero now available to 230 million people after Saudi Arabia launch; has already grown Wikipedia readership in Africa and Asia edit

Wikipedia Zero, the program offering mobile Internet users access to Wikipedia without data charges, added Saudi Telecom Company (STC) to the list of partners. With STC's 25 million subscribers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait, altogether 230 million mobile users in 31 countries have now access to the program, half a year after its worldwide start. A preliminary evaluation of its effect on readership is promising: Wikipedia pageviews from Orange Niger customers grew by 77% and those from Orange Kenya customers grew by 88% in a four-month period including the launch in these countries. In Malaysia, unique visitors to Wikipedia from local operator Digi jumped by 42% after it joined Wikipedia Zero.

Engineering edit

A detailed report of the Engineering Department's activities for October 2012 can be found at:

VisualEditor edit

VisualEditor, the upcoming rich-text interface aiming to make it easier to edit wiki pages, didn't see many visible changes in October, but was heavily restructured behind the scenes. This "refactoring" made the code more modular, and easier to change and extend, even for developers who are not familiar with the entirety of the VisualEditor's code.

As for Parsoid, the parsing program that translates plain wikitext into HTML annotated for easy editing, and vice-versa, it was heavily tested in October. The team focused on testing the JavaScript prototype parser on 100,000 randomly-selected articles from the English Wikipedia. They compared the articles' original wikitext to the one obtained after a "round-trip" (the operation consisting of converting wikitext to annotated HTML, and back to wikitext).

For a little over 75% of these articles, this resulted in exactly the same wikitext, as intended. For another 18%, there were some minor differences without consequence. Finally, just under 7% of articles contained errors that change the produced HTML structure. The team is now focusing on these remaining issues, in preparation for the December release.

Editor engagement edit

Version 5 of Article feedback, a quality assessment tool also aiming to engage readers and encourage them to contribute, is still being tested on 10% of articles on the English Wikipedia. A few additional features and improvements were developed and deployed to the site in October, mostly related to abuse prevention and moderation. After a few final upcoming improvements, this tool is expected to be expanded to all articles on the English Wikipedia in early 2013.

Additional features and improvements were also developed for the Page Curation tool (an interface for experienced contributors to review and improve newly created pages), based on the feedback provided by users. A dashboard of metrics was created to better assess the impact of this tool.

The MicroDesign team (focusing on small design issues) mostly worked behind the scenes in October. They began working on a new tool called "Agora" to make it easier to build and deploy future improvements, and started to improve the templates that are displayed when the "edit" window is opened.

Post-edit confirmation message

The Editor engagement experiments (E3) team deployed a post-edit confirmation message to 16 Wikipedia sites. They also tested a redesigned account creation page and developed an event logging tool to help measure the success of future experiments. The E3 team is looking to hire new developers to join their ranks.

Mobile edit

(see also general "Highlights" section)

In October, the Mobile team unveiled a redesign of the mobile site, with particular emphasis on navigation and readability, for example through new typography.

Wikipedia Zero (a collaboration with mobile carriers to enable free mobile access to Wikipedia) expanded to include a new partnership with Saudi Telecom Company (STC), reaching about 25 millions of customers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. The Wikipedia Zero program aims to increase readership in countries where the internet is primarily accessed from mobile devices; initial numbers indicate that the initiative is indeed growing Wikipedia readership in Africa and Asia.

The Mobile team also started to decommission the Wiki Loves Monuments mobile application, as the contest ended in October. Last, a native Wikipedia application was released for use with Microsoft's newest operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Partially translated Tamil Interface of the Universal Language Selector

Language engineering edit

The Language engineering team, whose work aims to reduce barriers to participation for contributors using languages other than English (especially those using a non-Roman alphabet), continued to improve their Universal language selector, and the interface for translating site-wide notices.

They also developed a JavaScript library (a bundle of code reusable by other developers) offering an interface to enter characters not available on a user's keyboard, and discussed with the VisualEditor team to ensure proper language support in the upcoming editing interface. Last, they shared their experience in designing (and testing) tools and features for a multilingual audience.

Fundraising edit

Major Gifts and Foundations edit

  • Planning an event on November 13th for some long-time Bay Area funders to kick off the online fundraiser.
  • Completed our application and answered questions on the Talk Page for WMF's proposal to the FDC

Annual Fundraiser edit

Megan Hernandez presenting one of the "Facts" banners at the metrics and activities meeting
  • Continued weekly fundraising testing in the US and increased international testing in preparation for the 2012 fundraising campaign. Results can be found on Meta at We Need a Breakthrough.
  • Here are two examples of new banners for 2012: Facts banner and Facts banner featuring an editor appeal
  • Worked with Wikimedia volunteer translators to prepare fundraising messages in as many languages as possible.
  • Coordinated testing with Wikimedia chapters.
  • Intensified the "International User Experience": 1:1 sessions with volunteers from all over the world providing feedback on our donation pages and payment methods. This feedback has already helped us improve our payment processing significantly.
  • Hired and trained an international donor services team to repond to donor emails during the fundraiser. We are also developing a tagging system that will allow us to give the team high level data on top donation problems every day throughout the campaign.

Global Development edit

Global Development Highlights edit

  • Finalization of the Global Dev dashboard
  • First in-person meeting of the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC), which ran through the first submissions via the FDC process and made recommendations
  • Research shows a significant improvement of articles edited by students on the English Wikipedia
  • Saudi Telecom launched Wikipedia Zero, reaches 25 million people.

Education Program edit

Jami Mathewson at an information session and workshop introducing the Wikimedia Foundation’s Wikipedia Education Program, hosted by Open.Michigan and MLibrary
U.S. professor blogs about her experiences

Alverno College professor Jennifer Geigel Mikulay wrote a post for the Wikimedia Foundation blog about her experiences incorporating Wikipedia into her classroom. She asks her students to write Wikipedia articles about public artworks or create videos posted on Wikimedia Commons to illustrate article content, and the best part is that all of her students are women, so she's helping to address Wikipedia's gender gap. Learn more about her experiences by reading her post.

More than 20 classes join Egypt program this term

The Wikipedia Education Program in Egypt is kicking off its second term, with courses at the University of Alexandria joining Cairo University and Ain Shams University in participating. More than 20 courses are already on board, with both new and returning professors using Wikipedia in their classrooms this term. At Ain Shams University, courses will be working to translate high quality articles from the English, German, Hebrew, and French Wikipedias onto the Arabic Wikipedia this term. See the full list of courses.

Michigan hosts teaching with Wikipedia workshop

Open.Michigan, a University of Michigan open educational resources initiative, hosted Wikipedia Education Program staff member Jami Mathewson last month for a workshop on teaching with Wikipedia. More than 35 faculty, staff, and students at the University of Michigan attended an information session on the program, and a total of 16 people stayed for the in-depth workshop led by the University of Michigan student club. Learn more about the event by reading Open.Michigan's blog post about the workshop.

Wikimedia Grants Program edit

Grants funded edit

The following grant proposals were funded:

Grant-funded progress edit

  • CEE (Central and Eastern European) Wikimedia group meeting in Belgrade, in addition to established chapters (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, and Estonia), many proto-chapters attended as well (Greece, Belarus, Armenia, Slovenia)
    • 2-day program, well documented (conducted in English primarily) – documentation:
    • lots of excitement by proto-chapter groups about off-wiki activities and better integration with international community
  • Working with CIS in India to aid in the transition of the former India Program to the new "Access To Knowledge" program as a priority partnership. Jessie went to Bangalore to guide in the meeting of the teams, as well as facilitate learning conversations about the things that have worked well in the past and the things that haven't worked as well.
    • Stronger focus on output and outcome reporting (instead of inputs/process)
    • Still in the hiring phase for the programme director position: a mission-critical position for the success of this program

Participation Support Program edit

The following requests have been funded:

FDC Progress edit

(see also general "Highlights" section)

  • onboarding FDC members – 7 members (+2 Board representatives) started September 15, orientation began from last week of September and through October
    • different regions, languages, projects, chapters, community members, Global South, plus two Board reps
    • intense orientation sessions
  • deadline for proposals was Oct 1; 12 proposals are in, including WMF's proposal
    • lots of challenges around differing fiscal years
  • on-wiki staff assessments went up; FDC has met in San Francisco, and their recommendation goes to Board on 15 Nov. The Board will announce decision to community 15 December, grant agreements signed and funds disbursed by 15 Jan. Then gear up for second round of funding in May/April.

Mobile edit

  • Saudi Telecom launched Wikipedia Zero, reaches 25 million people.
  • Completing work on software which will enable Wikipedia access over SMS.
  • Added some diagnostics and created additional partner testing suport materials for subsequent deployments of Wikipedia Zero. Mobile phone users who attempt to use Wikipedia Zero on an unsupported partner network will be informed that standard charges may apply.
  • Beta version of J2ME based Wikipedia application has been completed. Currently testing on supported mobile phones.
  • Initial analysis of usage data from Wikipedia Zero deployments has shown readership increases –

Brazil edit

  • Outreach and education program events (Rio de Janeiro - "FIM" (books fair and information production), Curitiba (CODAIP – Copyright), Porto Alegre (enterpreneurship fair – workshops for professors and lecture)
  • Started discussion on Portuguese Wikipedia about next steps for the Education Program, need feedback from community on levels of engagement in the future
  • Follow up with professors regarding articles, contributions and activeness
  • Stats - general monthly analyses for Portuguese Wikimedia projects
  • Finalized a planning up to June 2013 based on debates with the community regarding the Brazil Catalyst Program and presented that to 2 local organizations.
  • Attended and supported WikiBrasil meet-up – a three days event organized by the community where about 25 people discussed projects to be developed in the next year, as well as where the Associação Pietro Roveri pelo Conhecimento e a Colaboração Livres was incorporated.
  • Continued hiring process / interviewed candidates for data analyst job position

Fellowships edit

  • Program: As WMF begins a process of narrowing focus, we're preparing to wind down the fellowships program over the next few months. WMF may investigate other avenues for supporting projects led by individual editors via grantmaking.
  • Dispute Resolution: The community has supported rolling out an easier way to file dispute resolution requests across English Wikipedia, and process improvements are in progress to impliment the community's decision.
  • Small Wiki Editor Engagement: This month concludes a 6 week pilot of help documentation improvements in Bangla Wikipedia. A midpoint progress report is now available and a full statistical report on the outcomes is being prepared. Plans are in development for the next Bangla experiment, focusing on building a support system for new editors tailored to a wiki of this size.
  • Teahouse: We've wrapped up phase 2 of the Teahouse project, having built stable and sustainable systems into the English Wikipedia Teahouse and handed it over to full community ownership. The complete project and metrics reports are on meta.
  • WikiWomen's Collaborative: We're digging into results of the first month of this social media initiative and an assessment report is in progress. Content for the WWC's Facebook page, Twitter feed and blog channel is being created by Sarah and WikiWomen volunteers around the world, using the WikiWomen's Collab organizing hub on Meta. While October has been focused on engaging the existing community, November will be focused on engaging women who aren't yet editing Wikipedia and related projects.
Evan Rosen presenting the Global Development Dashboard at the metrics and activities meeting

Learning & Evaluation edit

  • Global Development Dashboard up and running! It showcases the main metrics related to the goals that the GD team has committed to achieving during this 2012-13 fiscal year
  • Lots of analysis done in support of other teams – see data embedded in those sections!
  • Working in conjunction with Analytics team to create better and more powerful tools for our teams to evaluate their programs effectively based on data. This primarily includes testing of and advising regarding the development of "Limn" and "Kraken".

Human Resources edit

Staff Changes edit

New Requisitions Filled
  • Zeljko Filipin, QA Engineer – Test Automation (Engineering Contractor)
  • Brad Jorsch, Software Developer – MediaWiki (Engineering)
  • Andre Klapper, Bug Wrangler (Engineering Contractor)
  • Adele Vrana, Senior Project Assistant (Administration)
  • Luke Welling, Senior Software Engineer (Engineering)
New Interns
  • Zoe Bernard, Intern (Communications)
  • Darrin Fox, Intern (Communications)
  • Alice Roberts, Intern (Communications)
  • Jawad Qadir, Intern (Communications)
New Contractors
  • Antonella Amatulli (Fundraising)
  • Steven Bernardin (Engineering)
  • Kristina Baker (Legal)
  • Cristiana Coimbra (Fundraising)
  • Michelle Grover (Engineering)
  • Joanie Hjulmand (Fundraising)
  • Sandra Hust (Fundraising)
  • Alex Kuiper (Fundraising)
  • Robert Miller (Administration)
  • Elena Strelnikova (Fundraising)
Contracts Extended
  • Aaron Halfaker (Engineering)
  • Antoine Musso (Engineering)
  • Guillaume Paumier (Engineering)
  • Steven Zhang (Global Development)
  • Rebecca Neumann (LCA)
  • Andrew White
Contracts Ended
  • Moushira Elamrawy
  • Stuart Geiger
New Postings
  • Release Manager
  • Software Engineer - VisualEditor (Features)
  • Operations Engineer/Database Administrator

Statistics edit

Total Requisitions Filled
October Actual: 127
October Total Plan: 151,
October Filled: 6, Month Attrition: 1,
YTD Filled: 27, YTD Attrition: 12
1 Position canceled for FY

Remaining Open positions to fiscal year end: 46 (8 of which are on hold)

Department Updates edit

HR ran and facilitated a few key initiatives in the month of October. We did the first segment of a pilot leadership development program for managers, to build leadership ability at the mid-level of the organization that translates strategy into tactics. The overall leadership program is co-designed between Gayle Karen Young and Jennifer Garvey Berger, and will run with 13 managers over a 9-month period, consisting of three 3-day sessions, 3 months apart. Eventually, all leaders in the organization below C-level will go through this program. Jennifer wrote a blog post about her experience with us:

HR piloted a recruitment training for hiring managers to improve our recruiting processes and practices. We also supported the design and facilitation of the first WMF board retreat to support better board governance and group dynamics to evolve board functioning, and supported the FDC by doing an "effective group dynamics and decision-making" segment as part of their face-to-face meeting.

Real-time feed for HR updates or

Finance and Administration edit

  • We completed a site visit and asset review at the Tampa Data Center.
  • We are in the process of reviewing RFP for audit services for the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Engaging in a continuing review of chapters in support of the FDC and other projects.
  • Work continued on the third floor space redesign

Legal and Community Advocacy edit

Communications report, October 2012 edit

October saw communications managing some spillover of the WMUK/COI media relations work from September, but through mid October the media moved on from the topic. The latest Wikipedia editor survey was finalized (and has now launched) and work pushed forward on a community-focussed effort to allow Wikimedians to give each other official branded merchandise in recognition for their hard work. The team has also kicked off work on the 2011-12 WMF Annual Report, which will continue through November. November will see more communications work around the 2012 fundraising drive and further Wikipedia Zero announcements.

Major announcements edit

The Wikimedia Foundation and Saudi Telecom (STC) partner to provide access to Wikipedia free of mobile data charges in the Middle East (October 14, 2012)

(related coverage) CNET (October 15, 2012)

Saudi Gazette (October 14, 2012)

Major Storylines through October edit

WMUK/COI story abates (early October, 2012)

Media coverage of allegations of conflict of interest around the WMUK community continued through early October, but in limited, follow-up stories. As of the middle of the month there have been no further media inquiries.

UK Women’s edit-a-thon with Royal Society makes news (October 17-19, 2012)

A group edit-a-thon at the Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, aiming to bring more women editors to Wikipedia garnered strong media attention. Held in conjunction with Ada Lovelace Day, the event quickly filled up and improved dozens of articles, including many about women in science.

(WMUK blog post)
Is Wikipedia done? (October 25, 2012)

An Atlantic story in late October prompted speculation that Wikipedia might be nearing completion, an intriguing idea that prompted multiple media outlets, including some mainstream outlets, to repost and reference the story.

Other worthwhile reads edit | A map of the world, according to Wikipedia geotags (October 2, 2012)

Talking Points Memo | Wikipedia Maps: Inside Encyclopedia’s Little-Known Cache Of Geo Data (October 9, 2012)

Wall Street Journal | Editors Won't Let It Be When It Comes to 'the' or 'The' (October 12, 2012)

Web Pro News | Wikipedia gives its mobile site new type layout (October 24, 2012)

WMF Blog posts edit

Thirty-six blog posts through October, including bilingual posts in Swedish, Spanish, Bengali, Italian, Russian, and Arabic.

A few highlights:

Gendered language and the Swedish Wikipedia article for Marissa Mayer (October 30)

Wikipedia app for Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets (October 26)

Where it’s a given that you would publish your source code (October 22)

Media Contact, October 2012 edit

Wikipedia Signpost, October 2012 edit

For lots of detailed coverage and news summaries, see the community-edited newsletter “Wikipedia Signpost” for October 2012:

Visitors and Guests edit

Visitors and guests to the WMF office in October 2012:

  1. Olivier & Jean-Philippe Hugot (Hugot Avocats)
  2. Stephen Lloyd (Bates Wells & Braithwaite London LLP)
  3. Michael Mandiby (CUNY)
  4. Valerie Aurora (TAI)
  5. Kathy Ramsey (TAI)
  6. Max Klein (Volunteer)
  7. Rufus Pollock (Open Knowledge Foundation)
  8. Christy Wilson (Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  9. Steve Spiker (Urban Strategies Council, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  10. Mike Linksvayer (Creative Commons, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  11. Anna Daniel (Creative Commons, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  12. Jessica Coates (Creative Commons, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  13. Alan McConchie (Mapping Mashups, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  14. Tim McCormick (Stanford, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  15. Randall Leeds (, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  16. Mike Bobak (OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  17. Dan Whaley (, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  18. Nicolas Torzec (Yahoo!, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  19. Léo Grimaldi (Orange San Francisco, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  20. Steve Rhodes (OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  21. J Peralta (OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  22. Matthew Crowe (AHHHA, Inc, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  23. Elliot Harmon (Creative Commons, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  24. Brian Behlendorf (World Economic Forum, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  25. Jennifer Lin (OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  26. Megan Edwards (, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  27. Max Vidrine (, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  28. Sameer Verma (SFSU, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  29. Timothy Vollmer (Creative Commons, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  30. Parker Higgins (Electronic Frontier Foundation, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  31. Matt Senate (Digital Citizen Project, OKFN Meet-up visitor)
  32. Daniel Mietchen (User:Daniel_Mietchen)
  33. Ed Johnson (Rearden Commerce)
  34. Chris Nolan (owner of
  35. Mike Schwartz (Wikia)
  36. Sara Wood (Wikia)
  37. Mark Davis (Wikia)
  38. Trevor Bolliger (Wikia)
  39. Glenn Galbreath (Cornell Law Professor/Externship Coordinator)
  40. Rebecca Bowe (EFF)
  41. Maira Sutton (EFF)
  42. Carolina Rossini (EFF)
  43. Mark Rumold (EFF)
  44. Mitch Stoltz (EFF)
  45. Marcia Hofmann (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  46. Luis Villa (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  47. Daniel Ross (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  48. Carina Zona (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  49. Shiney Code (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  50. Roberto Burgos (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  51. Liz Henry (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  52. Kathy Ramsey (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  53. KC Crowell (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  54. Marina Kukso (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  55. Liz Flavall (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  56. laura ray (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  57. Jenny Liu (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  58. Mahvish Nagda (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  59. Mary Zhu (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  60. Julia Fasick (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  61. Lettie Malan (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  62. Tim Chevalier (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  63. Jenny Ryan (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  64. Ariel Haney (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  65. Sara Smollett (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  66. Shreyas Patankar (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  67. Morgan Marquis-Boire (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  68. Mariam Khan (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  69. Alex Peake (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  70. Heather Browning (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  71. Robyn Henderson (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  72. D Potter (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  73. David Helgason (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  74. Alex Glowaski (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  75. Andrea Horbinski (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  76. Christine Templin (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  77. Rauhmel Fox (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  78. Rose White (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  79. Angie Chang (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  80. Danielle Siembieda (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  81. Pius Uzamere (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  82. Phil Wee (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  83. Sepi Nasiri (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  84. Mateo Fowler (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  85. Priyanka Sharma (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  86. Navi Ganancial (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  87. Marisol Torrez (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  88. Meghan Quirk (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  89. Matt Zimmerman (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  90. Sarah Mei (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  91. Angela Foreman (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  92. Andra Keay (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  93. natacha rodriguez (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  94. Angelo Olivera (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  95. Harvey Grosser (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  96. Tom Mayer (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  97. Christine Oneto (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  98. Beth Devin (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  99. RJM Joynt (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  100. Margaret Mckinney (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  101. Steven Seltser (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  102. B Unyi (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  103. Jed Davis (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  104. Julie Parent (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  105. karla parker (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  106. Anatoly Goldin (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  107. Star Simpson (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  108. Arnas Lucassen (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  109. Leslie Tom (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  110. Melita Mihaljevic (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  111. Ed Parker (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  112. Beth Reid (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  113. Fiona Tay (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  114. Kellie Brownell (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  115. Christina Nguyen (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  116. Yas Etessam (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  117. Snail Tsunami (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  118. Viktor Goldin (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  119. Catha Strauss (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  120. Kevin Kilkenny (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  121. Christine Hodges (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  122. Nana Second (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  123. Lilia Markham (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  124. Jamie Giedinghagen (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  125. Mark Bünger (ADA Lovelace Day Attendee)
  126. John Brosnan (Kimpton)
  127. Peter McCollough (Time)
  128. Carmel Wade (Dell)
  129. Tag Cummings (Dell)
  130. Dennis Bauier (IRIS)
  131. Ryan Downe Karpf (coffee and power)
  132. Chris Smith (Special Agent, Environmental Protection Agency)
  133. Adrian Collins (Deputy Director, Environmental Protection Agency)
  134. David Peters (Exbrook)
  135. David Weir (Independent Consultant)
  136. Kelly Smith (Travel and Transport)
  137. Jessica Coates (Creative Commons)
  138. Adam Hyde (FLOSS Manuals)
  139. Chris Smith (Special Agent, Environmental Protection Agency)
  140. Adrian Collins (Deputy Director, Environmental Protection Agency)
  141. Lisa Perez Jackson (Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency)
  142. Jared Blumenfeld (Regional Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency)
  143. Nancy 'Teddy' Ryerson (Chief of Staff to the Regional Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency)
  144. Deborah Bezona (SML insurance agency)
  145. Mandy Lee (SML insurance agency)
  146. Trevor Bolliger (Wikia)
  147. Mat Caldwell (Mozilla)
  148. Brad Fullenbach (Mozilla)
  149. Anne Clin (User:Risker)