Wikimedia European Affiliates Cooperation


What is this all about?Edit

In May 2020, the Movement Strategy recommendations were published. Now it’s time to figure out how to implement them. Wikimedia affiliates will play a major role in the implementation phase. They know their needs and wishes as well as the communities' needs and wishes. They know which resources, capacities and skill they can add. The idea is to bring these motivation and opportunities together and to offer meetings, maybe platforms, where we can benefit from cooperation and leave any competition mode behind.

At this stage we concentrate on European affiliates to just make it happen. We want to be flexible, iterative and learning. Starting large would add complexity in a phase where we are still experimenting and trying out. Start small, get bigger when we have a better understanding of what works and what does not - that is what we have in mind.

We plan to have a series of meetings where we come together to figure out ways to start initiative which meet existing needs of affiliates and communities.

Who is driving this?Edit

Wikimedia Österreich, Wikimedia Deutschland, and Wikimedia Nederland found together with a joint idea: We don't need to wait until all structures and governance changes are completed - since this will take its time. In the meantime we can exit the waiting room and start doing things. Together.




First initiatives where European chapters work together to make them happen are

Read more about the initiatives an add your own ideas on the European initiatives page.