Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2013/Submissions

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The official registration was open until 20 October 2013. It is now closed.

Programme submissionsEdit

Focus of the conferenceEdit

We are very happy to see all your ideas and it seems that many Wikipedians, Wikimedians and interested people are highly engaged in thinking about many aspects concerning diversity in Wikipedia. This is great!

To help us organize sessions and accomplish our goals of developing a shared understanding and set of actions for improving diversity, we intend to focus this first conference on two aspects of diversity:

1. Gender diversity - the gender gap, LGBT initiatives

2. Geographic diversity - the global south, linguistic and economic diversity

We hope that future events will be organized to focus more specifically on other important diversity aspects like age, education, and disabilities.

We invite attendees to consider the following questions:Edit

In the context of gender diversity:

  • What ideas and initiatives do you have for fostering gender diversity?
  • Which ones did you already put into practice/implement? What worked and what did not? What are your lessons learned? What should we be aware of when trying to implement new ideas?
  • Are there (m)any projects within one language version which can be transferred to others and what are the possible implications?
  • What projects can be implemented in the future? How can we work on diversity topics together in future and ensure an on-going exchange?

In the context of geographic diversity:

  • What does diversity (or a lack thereof) mean for the quality of articles?
  • What other aspects of diversity matter, besides gender? (language, country, etc). What dimensions of diversity affect the movement as a whole? How can we address these challenges?
  • What type of knowledge is (under-) represented on a global scale?
  • Are there strategies for fostering diversity that cut across multiple contexts?

Do you have ideas for topics or sessions?Edit

Please discuss your ideas for topics or sessions on the talk page.

If you'd like to lead a session at the conference, please add your submission when you register using the provided form.

These are the suggestions made so far and presents an overview of the Wikimedia Diversity Conference topics:

Socio-demographic aspectsEdit

  • gender diversity
  • LGBT initiatives
  • engagement of older people/senior citizens
  • involvement of people with different educational backgrounds
  • migration background

Cultural and economic dimensions of diversityEdit

  • engagement of language groups (language diversity)
  • geographic diversity/engaging the global south
  • contribution by traditional/indigenous/spoken cultures

Diversity through editor engagementEdit

  • technological improvements, e.g. visual editor, flow,...
  • creation of "protected spaces", e.g. teahouse, Wikiwomen's Collaborative,...
  • how to use MediaWiki/Wikimedia projects to attract contributors (outreach)
  • communication channels

Other topicsEdit

  • Methods/ways to measure "diversity"?
  • Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of diversity initiatives
  • Disabilities and Wikimedia