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Session documentationEdit

Ilona Buchem // Promoting gender diversity through open innovationEdit

Netha Hussain // Diversifying India through outreach among womenEdit

Andrés Maggese // Preservation of indigenous languages through WikipediaEdit

John Andersson // Thematic edit-a-thons as a way to reach new groupsEdit

Nemin Wang // Editor diversity on Chinese WikipediaEdit

Gregory Varnum // LGBT OutreachEdit

Dumisani Ndubane // Wiki Indaba and the African agendaEdit

Katie Chan // Where´s the T in Wikimedia DiversityEdit

T Vishnu Vardhan // So many languages: Challenges and opportunities for the Wikimedia movement in IndiaEdit

Jake Orlowitz and Siko Bouterse // Inviting diversity: A playful approach to broadening our communityEdit

Matthew Flaschen, Jared Zimmerman, Vibha Bamba, Pau Giner // Engaging new editors by reducing barriersEdit

Ilona Buchem and Netha Hussain // Design DiversityEdit

Alyssa Wright, Siko Bouterse and Jessie Wild // Creating a toolset for impactEdit

Alyssa Wright // Collaborating with other open source communitiesEdit

Ting Chen // The economy of DiversityEdit

Valerie Aurora // Diversity initiatives that worked in other open communitiesEdit

Silvia Stieneker // Women edit - from a small local initiative to a nationwide networkEdit

Emily Temple-Wood // Women scientists and philosophers on English WikipediaEdit

Gerard Meijssen // Wikidata as a tool to bring initial informationEdit

Tim Moritz Hector // The Teahouse - why and how we internationalize itEdit

Sydney Poore // Mentoring: how to mentor women and older people in the Wikimedia movementEdit

Alolita Sharma // The question of culture: changing the diversity equation of open sourceEdit

Siko Bouterse // Ideas into Action: IdeaLab Diversity working sessionEdit

Round up session documentationEdit

  1. gender diversity: women (best practices & new ideas)Round up 1 gender diversity: women (best practices & new ideas)
  2. gender diversity: LGBT (best practices & new ideas)Round up 2 gender diversity: LGBT (best practices & new ideas)
  3. geographic diversity: language pluralism (best practices & new ideas)Round up 3 geographic diversity: language pluralism (best practices & new ideas)
  4. diversity: general (technical) approaches to further openness in WikipediaRound up 4 diversity: general (technical) approaches to further openness in Wikipedia
  5. talking points to frame the issue of Diversity for Wikimedia

General documentationEdit

Our Commons Category: Category:Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2013


Photos of the conference can be found here.


Throughout the conference we conducted video interviews with most of the speakers in which they talk about their work. The videos can be found on Vimeo and Wikimedia Commons.

Follow-up ActionEdit

IRC chat on Learning PatternsEdit

When: Thursday, 14 November at 17:00 UTC (=18:00 CET)

What: Learn how to create a learning pattern, and together hack out the key learning patterns/best practices that emerged over the past weekend.

Who: Hopefully as many of us as possible, led by WMFer Jonathan Morgan

Where: IRC #wikimedia-office and a Google Hangout (link TBD); you can join one or both.

For more information, please see Evaluation/News/Learning patterns hackathon or contact Jessie Wild (WMF).

Blog postsEdit

Diversity Page on MetaEdit

Ideas in the IdealabEdit

Many ideas were put up regarding diversity on the IdeaLab.