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Wikimedia Deutschland: 2013 Annual Plan - projects edit

Note on the project descriptions edit

In 2012 Wikimedia Deutschland introduced a target-oriented approach to the composition of our Annual Plan. We have added another step to the forward planning for 2013 in order to define the results we want to achieve in the coming months more clearly. In the late fall of 2012, Wikimedia Deutschland’s general assembly adopted four annual goals for 2013. These goals are based on three key themes: focusing on the communities; increasing diversity of knowledge; and establishing free knowledge in society. The 2013 Annual Plan describes our goals, as well as a range of desired changes that will help us achieve these goals.

The formal description of these changes in the 2013 Annual Plan means we know precisely which results we are aiming for. We need clear project planning in order to find out how we can achieve these results in the most effective way. The following project descriptions provide brief summaries of the 22 projects with which Wikimedia Deutschland’s departments plan to meet the goals set out in the 2013 Annual Plan. This plan was published in November 2012. Each of the descriptions outlines a project and explains why this particular measure has been chosen to achieve the annual goals. The project descriptions also list milestones to be reached over the course of 2013.

List of the planned projects for 2013 edit

Key theme 1:
Focusing on the communities
Key theme 2:
Increasing diversity of knowledge
Key theme 3:
Establishing free knowledge in society
Goal 1:
Goal 2:
Goal 3:
Goal 4:
and projects

The association’s new role
(Team Communities)
Project 1. A new understanding of our role

Support for new contributors
(Team Communities)
Project 7. Entrée
Project 8. Drop by sometime!

Taking reader interests into account
(Team Communities)
Project 12. Reader interests 

Connecting agents
(Education and Knowledge)
Project 13. Promoting free education
Project 14. Tour of Free Knowledge

Better motivation within the communities
(Team Communities)
Project 2. Gathering ideas on how to create a motivating working climate

Concept on diversity in Wikipedia
(Education and Knowledge)
Project 9. Diversity for Wikipedia

Freeing government works
(Politics and Society)
Project 15. Election questionnaire
Project 16. Legislative proposal on government works
Project 17. Digital Openness Benchmark

Better support for volunteers
(Team Communities)
Project 3. Great support – A
Project 4. Great support – B

Project 5. Community projects budget (CPB)
Project 6. Tools at your service

Encouraging participation
(Education and Knowledge)
Project 10. Shared knowledge initiative
Project 11. Be a part of Wikimedia

Representing our interests at EU level
(Politics and Society)
Project 18. Roadmap to Brussels

Continuing cooperations and identifying new projects
(Politics and Society)
Project 19. GLAM on tour
Project 20. Zugang gestalten III (Shaping Access conference)
Project 21. Wikidata meets archeology
Project 22. Excellent partnerships

Ongoing projects edit

In addition to the 22 new projects for 2013, the association will continue working on two projects from last year, Wikidata and RENDER, which will end in March and late September respectively. (Wikidata development continues beyond this first year.) A third project involves setting up a Haus des Freien Wissens (House of Free Knowledge).

List of changes and comments edit

We welcome comments on the individual project descriptions. Please send general questions and suggestions to this central discussion page.

As 22 project pages mean that we have 22 different discussion pages, it is something of a challenge to keep things straight! We have set up a page where all of the project headwords are linked (without any other links) as a reference point. If you click the following link, you will see a list of the changes to and comments on all 22 project descriptions: