Wikimedia Deutschland/2013 annual plan/projects/p8

All 2013 projects | Key theme 2: Increasing diversity of knowledge – Goal 2: Diversity – Change 2.1: Support for new contributors

Project description: Drop by sometime!

  • We will promote decentralized structures and face-to-face meetings (P8)

Contact / Project Manager
currently Christoph Jackel (Team Communities)
Total budget
Implementation period
April 8, 2013 – December 11, 2013

What is the project about?


There are currently a number of initiatives underway aimed at strengthening decentralized structures in the Wikimedia movement. These range from theme-based organizations (like those focusing on medicine) to local user groups. Lively communities in urban centers are launching initiatives that encourage a wide variety of face-to-face meetings and local contact points.

Many people have also become active members of Wikimedia Deutschland, thus showing an interest in the promotion of free knowledge – but so far they have been given few opportunities to get involved.

All this offers great potential for strengthening the vibrant parts of existing communities, providing entry points for new contributors and increasing the variety and visibility of participation options.

How will this project help us meet our annual goals?


Tapping into the impulses of existing communities is an essential part of our wish to improve and facilitate collaboration in and with the communities.

At the same time, strong and visible thematic and local communities are also good entry points for new community members. The wide variety of ways to get involved broadens the range of people who find a constructive role for themselves in the movement (cf. Goal 2).

This project will be conducted with a good level of interaction with the Education & Knowledge department, particularly with the “Shared knowledge initiative,” and also supports the achievement of the annual plan goal for diversity: Attractive support mechanisms for new contributors.

What are the key milestones along the way and by when should we reach them?

No. When What
1. May 4/5 and May 25/26, 2013 In addition to online discussion, the open space sessions of the Zedler Prize award ceremony and the general assembly will enable an exchange of existing ideas and positive experiences on how to promote vibrant and diverse decentralized structures.
2. September 9, 2013 Publication of a concept on how to create opportunities for involvement for association members who have not actively participated so far.
3. Through December 11, 2013 Implementation of measures in the concept that are slated for 2013.