Wikimedia Conference 2013/Schedule/Friday

Schedule edit

Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Time
09:00 Walk-in 09:00
09:15 09:15
09:30 Ice-breaking / team building stuff 09:30
09:45 09:45
10:00 10:00
10:15 10:15
10:30 10:30
10:45 10:45
11:00 Morning break 11:00
11:15 11:15
11:30 State of the movement part 1.
A few minutes per organization
11:45 11:45
12:00 12:00
12:15 12:15
12:30 12:30
12:45 12:45
13:00 Lunch 13:00
13:15 13:15
13:30 13:30
13:45 13:45
Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Time
14:00 Resources sharing and standardization
( Co-Presentation WMZA & WMCH)
Plenary room
Small offices
experiences and planning - first employee
Room Porta Vigentina
1-day outreach events
photo hunts, takes the city, etc.
Room Porta Magenta 1-2
14:15 14:15
14:30 14:30
14:45 14:45
15:00 Small afternoon break 15:00
15:15 Wikimedia UK Governance Review
lessons and conclusions
Plenary Room
Brainstorming & dating
interchapter collaborations
Room Porta Vigentina
Small grants programs
experiences and how-to
Room Porta Magenta 1-2
15:30 15:30
15:45 15:45
16:00 16:00
16:15 Afternoon break 16:15
16:30 16:30
16:45 Is Global South a good socio-economic division?

Plenary Room
Beyond chapters
other movement entities
(session lead: Bence Damokos)
Room Porta Vigentina
Frequent small meetings
experiences & how-to
Room Porta Magenta 1-2
17:00 17:00
17:15 17:15
17:30 17:30
17:45 Walk-out 17:45

Detailed descriptions edit

State of the movement I edit

Duration (min): 90
Speakers: chapters and thematic organizations representatives
Goal: giving all attendees an overview of what Wikimedia chapters and thematic organizations actually do
Etherpad: Etherpad link
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/State of the movement

The "State of the Movements" session will consist of lightning talks. Each organization will have at most 3 minutes to present itself. They will be welcomed to introduce whatever topic about them they think is important to share with the rest of the group, such as most important activities from the last year, future plans or encountered problems.

Presenting organizations:

Inter-Chapter Resources Sharing and Standardization edit

Duration (min): 60
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 1#Inter-Chapter Resources Sharing and Standardization

Wikimedia Chapters need a way of sharing resources with regards to web hosting and Document filling that is secure . This track explores what can be done in the mean time.

  • The effect of a shared system in term of efficiency of usage of the donors money: do not repeat the costs and pay for the best --Charles Andrès (WMCH)
  • The importance of a good centralised filing system for a vibrant chapter, use of Dropbox and Google Drive.--Thuvack (talk) (WMZA) - Presentation Slides

Small offices edit

Duration (min): 60
Facilitator: Pietro
Etherpad: etherpad:smalloffices
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 1#Small offices
Brainstorming: /Small Offices

1-day outreach events edit

Duration (min): 60
Etherpad: etherpad:Milan-1dayevents
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 1#1-day outreach events

Wikimedia UK Governance Review edit

Duration (min): 60
Lead: Chris Keating - Chris Keating (The Land) (talk) 15:13, 19 April 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Etherpad: etherpad:wmconf2013-wmuk-governance-review
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 1#Wikimedia UK Governance Review
Slides: Slideshare

Earlier this year, a consultancy called Compass Partnership conducted a detailed review of the governance of Wikimedia UK. This was the first detailed look at the governance of a Wikimedia organisation. This session will look at the learning points from the review, and discussion of how they can be applied more widely in the Wikimedia movement. In particular, the report contains a list of characteristics of effective governance (pages 9 to 12). Session led by Chris Keating, Wikimedia UK chair.

You can read the review here. You are recommended in particular to read the Executive Summary and the Characteristics on pages 9 to 12.

Brainstorming and dating edit

Duration (min): 60
Lead: Iolanda Pensa, Shani Evenstein, Lodewijk / Effeietsanders, Santiago Navarro.
Facilitator: -
Etherpad: etherpad:wmconf2013-brainstorming-dating
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 1#Brainstorming and dating

What is the value of collaborating? What can each chapter/affiliate offer (Interchapter Matrix)? Followed by a discussion about few specific areas of potential collaboration (lobbying, meetings, GLAMs and education).

Small grants programs edit

Duration (min): 60
Etherpad: [[etherpad:wmconf2013-small-grants] (empty or not saved from /Small grants programs

Is Global South a good socio-economic division? edit

Duration (min): 60
Etherpad: etherpad:wmconf2013-is-global-south-meaningful
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 1#s Global South a good socio-economic division?
Where are the notes to the discussions about this track ?? ---Thuvack (talk) 13:10, 20 April 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
This? PiRSquared17 (talk) 15:50, 20 April 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Beyond chapters edit

Duration (min): 60
Etherpad: etherpad:wmconf2013-beyond-chapters
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 1#Beyond chapters

Frequent small meetings edit

Duration (min): 60
Etherpad: etherpad:wmconf2013-frequent-small-meetings
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 1#Frequent small meetings