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Wikimedia Community of Kazakh language User Group (kk. Уикимедиа қауымдастығының қазақтілді қолданушылар тобы) - group of people interested in Wikimedia projects in Kazakh language.


To improve the performance of our users, to increase the collaboration between the members and other organizations outside of Wikimedia who are interested in sharing the knowledge, to create meetups, contests. In future we plan to make the community even bigger, e.g. Wikimedia Kazakhstan. Our main goal is consistent with the Wikimedia mission - we want to make knowledge accessible all over the world, especially in Kazakh language and we will do our best to fulfill this mission.

Planned ActivitiesEdit

  • To organize first meeting of all the active members of Kazakh Wikipedia - April 18-19.
  • Regular meetings with NIS schools - they have many branches in several cities in Kazakhstan and they have their own wiki club. We are planning to collaborate with them in order to help them edit Wikipedia more in a Wiki way - September 24-25, November 19-20.
  • Photo hunting events to rare places inside as well as outside of the cities. During summer time - Approximately June 5-6, 12-13, July 24-25 (With the plan of making it monthly activity).
  • To lobby freedom of Panorama - Summer (Exact dates TBD)
  • To use Social Media to encourage people use, edit Kazakh Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects - In progress.
  • To be a guest in local TED-alike shows, programs, TV-shows or press in order to advertise editing Wikipedia. (Kaiyr has done one visit to the local newspaper)


Previously there was an attempt to create a Kazakh Wikimedia.

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