Wikimedia Chapters Association/Points of Contact

Wikimedia Committees edit

Wikimedia Chapters Association edit

If you are seeking advice or help with Chapter related issues and for any questions related to the work of the WCA, you can directly approach the Chair, Markus Glaser (, the Deputy Chair, Ziko van Dijk or any council member.

Announcements edit

If you are only interested in announcements of the Wikimedia Chapters Association and get pointers to wiki pages or discussions where we are working currently working, consider subscribing to the mailing list This list is not open for discussions, only for announcements.

Discussions edit

Discussions happen on This is a public mailinglist you may subscribe to.

Workplace edit

The WCA uses the Meta wiki (here) to work and publish its results.

See the navigation box on the left top on this page to choose an activity you like to know more about. Feel free to edit the pages or leave comments on the talk pages.

Council Members edit

A full list of all council members can be found here