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Les sans pagEs

Natacha Rault from les sans pagEs association

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Project name:

Les sans pagEs Suisse

Please provide a detailed description of your project, including the names of the partners and people involved:

Quick overview of les sans pagEs :

Les sans pagEs is a wikipedia francophone project founded in July 2016  and a community-led initiative currently running in several cities in Europe, meant to reduce the gender gap (content gap and female contributors gap) on Wikimedia projects. The initiative operates primarily on the francophone wikipedia, by organizing regular and larger events around gender gap issues, both on site and online in the francophone community, while upgrading the quality of already existing articles related to the gender gap. It also tries to identify potential leaders for further development of local initiatives, provides a framework to implement activities locally and establish cross project collaboration.

The team noticed from other projects that it is important to have both regular face to face and online activities to foster interest, share learning resources and know-how and continue to achieve a significant impact online. It was also noticed that many face to face meet-up in francophone countries are in majority editathons, presentations, trainings, and social interactions of social-oriented events or training events. Without meaning to undervalue the importance of social interractions, les sans pagEs decided to put a strong focus on edit-a-thons and meetings actually resulting in practical production and online contribution (creation or improvement of articles, sharing of resources, training  etc.).

Accordingly, les sans pagEs has successfully been launched in June 2016 with the following goals:

  • To reduce the gender gap in Wikipedia articles by organising regular face to face edit-a-thons where the primary goal is to actually contribute articles, images and data to reduce the content gender gap on Wikimedia projects
  • To help grow a Wikipedia community more diverse and inclusive by meeting, attracting and training contributors from all genders, and generally fostering a better understanding of gender gap issues in Wikimedia projects
  • To make the Wikimedia community more diverse and engaged by promoting cross-project cooperation on gender gap issues and encouraging participants to find resources and support in the Wikimedia movement
  • To promote and communicate in the media and social networks about issues relating to the gender gap
  • To share resources, know-how and experiences on gender gap issues and the Wikimedia movement and projects

Primarily launched in Geneva, it has expanded to several additional cities, first in Nantes (FR), Paris (FR), Grenoble (FR), Sion (CH), later in Montpellier (FR), Marseille or Lyon (FR), and even Tunis and Montreal.

The main pivot point generating interaction is the project page on Wikipedia, each location or sub-project generating a sub page showcasing the results in terms of participants and content.

The team also works on its sustainability through participation to large-scale, international Wikimedia events: that way, les sans pagEs could learn from international experience and share  experience with other language editions of Wikipedia. All these participations generate reports and activity updates on the main project page on the francophone wikipedia on a very systematic basis.

There has been a large coverage of the activities in the francophone medias. There is also an active Twitter account and a Facebook page, which attracts mainly newbies and promotes the generated article contents.

Finally, we are building a website with the intent to let contributors blog about their initiatives and experiences, and to showcase gender gap analyses and various resources, including motivational videos, to make Wikipedia a better place for everyone and help new people contribute. This website also is meant to include our press coverage, so we can gain notoriety and so that our local groups may become self-sufficient, or at least viable, in the future.

After after two very successful years, les sans pagEs aims to

  • maintain its activities in already active areas, such as in Switzerland
  • extend its activities to more geographical areas for an increased impact
  • extend its reach through the creation of tools and the organization of more train-the-trainer activities
  • increase its collaboration with like-minded organizations to foster more partnerships

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects, especially detailing the metrics associated to this project :

Les sans pagEs activity should be expected to continue to :

  • lead to newly created and improved Wikipedia articles (+images +wikidata entries…)
  • lead to recruitement of new editors
  • increase visibility of Wiki{p|m}edia projects in the media
  • build capacity with new and more efficient local organizers

As a matter of comparison, les sans pagEs achievements in 2018

  • 38 programs registered on the dashboard
  • 249 editors tracked by the dashboard for for the IRL locally organized events
  • 369 created articles during events
  • 1788 new articles as part of the online project
  • two new location : Marseille and Montpellier and a new project les sans pagEs méditerranée
  • 6 locally active groups with several local project pages
  • A new project has emmerged with LSP and Afrocrowd mentorship : Noircir Wikipedia, founded by two local members of LSP Geneva
  • Press mentions:
  • Presence on social medias
    • Twitter: more than 1200 followers and 7000 tweets :
    • Facebook : more than 800 followers and interractions and more than 20 events on Facebook
    • blog : https://sanspages.

Here, introduce specifics of the programmatic activities for which funding is looked after

Those below are those of the activities run by les sans pagEs, in relationship with Switzerland

Current partners:

  • Wikimedia France (hosting wikisource and editathons)
  • Gaité Lyrique in Paris (hosting monthly events)
  • Equal opportunity office of the university of Geneva (hosting wikimidis)
  • Noircir Wikipedia (sponsored and mentored by LSP)
  • Women in Red (distant online collaboration)
  • Wiki Loves love (online challenge organized jointly)
  • Wiki Loves Women
  • Archives départementales de l'Hérault (hosting local events in Montpellier)
  • Urban Prod (hosting local events in Marseille)

Please provide a detailed budget for your request:

Description générale Description détaillée Montant en CHF
Wikimidis and Wikimercredis meetup once per week at lunch time - catering for participants (15 chf / person), moyenne 4 to 5 participants per wikimidis - same for Wikimercredis, but where food will be provided by organizer 2700 chf
 Assises wikimédiennes et francophones du Genre

conference and annual close up meeting for LSP

  transport and accomodation for approx-15 persons based on past experience : 200 chf for 2 nights night, 200 chf in average for transport /pers) 5000 chf
  catering (40 chf / day and per person including two meals + breakfast) 1200 chf
logistics for room, publicity, invitations, flyers & posters, kakemono, baby-sitting 1000 chf
  intervant·e·s et / ou formateurice 500 chf
transport transport and accomodationfor active contributors / organisers wanting to attend an LSP or wikimedian event in Switzerland or France (excluding those organized by WMCH)

Would allow in average to two persons per month to participate to an event organized in France, based on passed LSP activity.

5000 chf
miscellanous et divers +/- 20% de flexibilité pour changer les affectation ci dessus, l'expérience montrant que les estimation peuvent évoluer en fonction des imprévus, des disponibilités
 total 15 400 chf

How does your project fulfill WMCH's strategic focus on GLAM, Education and Community programs?

Our project is set up to be very strongly Community oriented, in supporting current communities and growing new ones. It would fit with WMCH strategic focus on Community program.

The current strategy of the Wikimedia Foundation has identified some priorities which LSP directly address

  • to map the current areas of diversity and the diversity gaps within the movement as well as projects that have been concentrating on bridging these gaps;
  • finding ways to increase awareness of privilege and to overcome related cultural, institutional, technological and behavioral barriers to inclusion and to knowledge equity;
  • ways to include missing voices and bridge gaps in content, reach, and users (in terms of both access and contributions).
  • collaborating with institutions such as museums, universities, librairies, archives  and NGOs to create content with the aim of reducing the gender gap

Provide the provisional target start date and completion date:

The funding would start on October 1st 2019 and end on September 30 2020.

Provide any other information you believe helps to understand your project better (links, background stories):

Reporting of all events are usually published on the project page and a dashboard set up to identify clearly the impact of each event :és

All events are published on the calendar of the main francophone project here :

All persons receiving funding to go to an event are asked to post a feedback on the main project page to share the learning and experience with the community.

Community endorsements:

The Wikimedia community is invited to endorse proposals or discuss any concerns they have on proposal talk pages. As soon as you draft your proposal, you should notify areas of the community (via village pump, mailing list, talk page, or other project-appropriate venues) that are most likely to be impacted or involved in your project. Community support is a factor in review, so please post a link to the notification and any relevant discussions in the section provided on your proposal, and encourage community members to post feedback on your proposal page.

--— Otarie69

  • LurKin : "Meeting and training contributors in real-life is key to make them feel committed to reducing the gender gap. The fact that we are providing safe spaces where they can create and edit articles and get help every time they need it is key. The metrics of the project Les Sans Pages speak for themselves, it works and we should keep up the good work!" --LurKin
  • Tatakdh : "Wokshops & meetings are so important to learn how Wikipedia works, and how we all can reduce the gender gap on it ! I'm really proud to be a part of the project & contribute in this context "--Tatakdh (talk) 06:29, 3 September 2019 (UTC)[reply]
  • Sophiedidacressources
  • AfricanadeCuba: I learned to contribute in Wikipedia gracias to LSP. His workshops are also places of culture and mutuel respect. A song to diversity. This project that inspired me to create Noircir Wikipedia project.
  • DeuxPlusQuatre
  • Touam
  • Lewisiscray
  • This project has proven its impact and I thus support supporting it for 2020 activities. Moumou82 (talk) 15:38, 22 September 2019 (UTC)[reply]
  • Aneses This project is doing a hard job to support new and current contributors to create and improve Wikipedia articles.

Please note that only applications that have been completed in full will be considered.

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