Wikimedia CEE Online Meeting 2020/Programme/Submissions/Translatable modules: Better workflows for onwiki developers

Yes, it's a possibility. I can do the basic presentation as a separate brief pre-recorded video. (I can even do two versions: English and Russian.) And of course, I'll join the Q & A because I will be very interested in questions and comments. (It will be useful to record this as well, if no one objects.)

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Translatable modules
Better workflows for onwiki developers
Type of submission (lightning talk, discussion, panel, workshop)
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Amir E. Aharoni
User:Aaharoni-WMF (a.k.a. User:Amire80)
The Wikimedia Foundation
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Advanced capacity development
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Wikimedia Foundation's Language team is starting to work on the Translatable modules project: A framework for writing Scribunto modules in Lua in a way that will make them as easy and convenient to localize as MediaWiki and extensions on The plan is to have a community consultation about it during September 2020. This session will present a summary of the ideas behind this project and the results of the consultation. Most importantly, the team will be interested in hearing from module developers and localizers more comments about the technology.
How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?
Central and Eastern Europe is one of the hotspots of language diversity of Wikimedia—a large region with many languages in which there are many active Wikimedia projects. In these projects there are many volunteer software localizers and developers of modules, templates, and gadgets. It will be very useful for them to be informed about it, and hearing their comments about the plan will improve the project itself and make that it does what the community actually needs.
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