Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2022/Programme development

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2022
Ohrid, North Macedonia, 14–16 October
Bringing Back Together!

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This page is devoted to the programme development for the Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2022.

Programme Committee


Topics of interest


The following table reports the results from a community survey that was launched to identify the needs of the communities across the region where the indicated topics are classified in four groups. Additionally, the identification of topics of interest was made on the basis of the results from the CEE Hub Research.

Strategic discussions:

Are there important topics that your community needs to discuss in person?

Top issues affecting the community that need to be discussed in person are:
  1. Cross-border cooperation within CEE region,
  2. Community creation and peer learning, including community engagement, cross-chapter collaboration
  3. Volunteerism and spreading volunteering ideas
  4. CEE Hub and capacity building, including Community Health
  5. Implementation and of the Movement Strategy
  6. Community Retention and Inclusion
  7. Partnership, with Foundation Chapters and user groups and outside Institutions
Capacity development:

Are there important skills that many people in your community need to learn?

Important skills that people need to learn are:
  1. Leadership fostering
  2. Capacity building and volunteer retention
  3. Management skills,
  4. Project planning and sustainable development of ideas
  5. Problem solving and dispute solving management skills,
  6. Communication skills and generic soft skills,
  7. Creative thinking and sense or purpose
  8. Mentoring/Training skills and Peer Learning
  9. Social media and PR skills,
  10. IT skills and IT literacy
Working groups:

Are there projects that your community needs to work on in-person? For each project you name, please share tasks that are difficult to do online which should be done in-person.

Some of the projects or activities that need to be, partially or fully, planned in person are:
  1. Organizing events, education and GLAM related workshops
  2. GLAM Projects,
  3. CEE Hub
  4. Discussing diversity projects
  5. Developing and improving Capacity building and problems solving skills
  6. Editing competitions
  7. Consensus building and team building skills, deep dives and capacity matching
  8. Workshops and project implementations,
  9. CEE Spring,
  10. Education activities and implementing Wiki projects in education,
  11. Wiki Camps and Wiki Clubs,
  12. Initiating new ideas and projects are often done in person, in most cases.
Community building:

What is the most important goal, problem, or obstacle you think this community should focus on in the next 12 months?

Some of the participants noted the following:
  1. Getting unified and increase the collaboration,
  2. Avoiding misinformation and rebuilding trust among the volunteers,
  3. Establishing functional CEE Hub
  4. Regional capacity building, including CEE Hub growth, capacity matching and networking
  5. Decreasing geographical gap of volunteers and improvement of collaboration
  6. Improvement of content verifiability
  7. Gender gap
  8. Community Sustainability
Community building:

Why is this goal, problem or obstacle most important?

Some of the participants noted the following:
  1. Online communication is being insecure and lack of non-verbal communication,
  2. Lack of capacity prevents successful tackling of any goal or problem
  3. Limited volunteer base, burnout and need of leadership
  4. Content verifiability and compactness
Working groups:

What does your community need to do at an in-person gathering to achieve that goal?

  1. Direct communication
  2. Bringing people together and finding common ground on which the ideas/ projects are based
  3. In-person meetings improve people's bond
  4. Developing brainstorming, motivation,
  5. Discussion regional collaboration, especially CEE Hub.
  6. Removing Distance Gap between the communities
  7. Improve of knowledge and idea share
  8. Organizing workshops and discussion panels



The slogan for the conference was Bringing Back Together!.



See: Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2022/Submissions



The themes of the conference will be defined based on the topics indicated in the submitted session proposals.


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