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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2019
Belgrade, Serbia, 11–13 October
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Registration edit

Main article: Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2019/Participants

List of officially approved participants edit

List of Wikimedia CEE affiliates' delegates edit

Name Username Afliliation Position
Elvana Tufa Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group
Miranda Mehmeti Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group
NafiShehu Wikimedia Community User Group Albania
Silva Arapi silva.arapi Wikimedia Community User Group Albania
Arpine Andreasyan A.rpi.a Wikimedia Armenia
Tamara Grigoryan Wikimedia Armenia
Claudia Garad Claudia.Garad Wikimedia Austria
Tobias Schönberg tobias1984 Wikimedia Austria
Eldar Azimov Eldarado Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group
Toghrul Rahimli Toghrul Rahimli Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group
Guzal Ramazanovna Sitdykova Guram52 Writers union of Russia and Bashkortostan
Ildus Sitdykov Il-Gil Writers union of Russia and Bashkortostan
Uladzimir Rusakovich W Wikimedia Community User Group Belarus
AnToni Bosnian Wikipedia
Anna Prodromou AProdromou Wikimedia Community User Group Cyprus
Jakub Holzer Jakub Holzer (WMCZ) Wikimedia Czech Republic
Jan Loužek Wikimedia Czech Republic
Gennadii Lipunov GennadyL Don Wikimedians User Group
JukoFF Don Wikimedians User Group
Uku Kangur ukangur Wikimedia Estonia
Ursula Erik .Toon Wikimedia Estonia
Andrey Nikolaevich Petrov Erzianj jurnalist Wikimedians of Erzya language User Group
Tatiana Petrovna Shvetsova AZORAVA Wikimedians of Erzya language User Group
Jaba Labadze Jaba1977 Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
Mikheili Chabukashvili MIKHEIL Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
Marios Magioladitis Magioladitis Wikimedia Community User Group Greece
MARKELLOS Wikimedia Community User Group Greece
Alensha Wikimedia Hungary
Samat Wikimedia Hungary
Kaiyr Kazakh Wikimedians
Biafra Wikimedians of Latvia User Group
Mārtiņš Bruņenieks Papuass Wikimedians of Latvia User Group
Leon Liesener Vogone Lithuanian community
Mantas Dirgela dirgela Lithuanian community
Dandarmkd Shared Knowledge
Kiril Simeonovski Shared Knowledge
Natasha Nedanoska User group GLAM Macedonia
Snezhana Shtrkovska User group GLAM Macedonia
Elena Tatiana Chis CEllen Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova
Strainu Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova
Bonvol Wikimedia Polska
Tomasz Raburski Tomasz Raburski Wikimedia Polska
Bogdan Lažetić
Wikimedia Community of Republika Srpska
Bojana Podgorica Bojana Wiki PG
Wikimedia Community of Republika Srpska
Vladimir Medeyko Drbug Wikimedia Russia
Stanislav Kozlovskiy Ctac Wikimedia Russia
Đorđe Stakić djordjes Wikimedia Serbia
Nebojša Ratković Wikimedia Serbia
Matej Grochal Jetam2 Wikimedians of Slovakia
Radoslava Semanová Akdar Wikimedians of Slovakia
Jernej Polajnar Yerpo Wikipedians of Slovenia User Group
Vera Pelhan Pinky sl Wikipedians of Slovenia User Group
Heikki Kastemaa Kulttuurinavigaattori Wikimedia Finland
Yupik Wikimedia Finland
John Andersson John Andersson (WMSE) Wikimedia Sverige
basak Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
Zafer Batik Sakhalinio Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
KuboF Hromoslav Esperanto and Free Knowledge (ELiSo)
Pavlo Sokhan Friend Wikimedia Ukraine
Viktor Semeniuk Visem Wikimedia Ukraine

Other participants edit

Invited speakers and self-funded representatives of CEE Wikimedia affiliates

Name Username Afliliation Position
Jan Lochman Juandev Individual Project Manager
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight Rosiestep AffCom, Wikimedia District of Columbia, WikiWomen User Group, Strategy Working Group member Community Health
Francesc Fort Silvestre TaronjaSatsuma Amical Wikimedia
Aram Trtrian Aram Terterian Wikimedia Armenia
Chaigkanous Minasian HoMen Wikimedia Armenian Community
Simon Legner Simon04 Wikimedia Austria
Christine Domgörgen Wikimedia Deutschland
Cornelius Kibelka Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland
Frans Grijzenhout Grijz Wikimedia Nederland
Tim Moritz Hector
Camelia Boban Camelia.boban WikiDonne User Group, AffCom, Strategy Working Group coordinator Diversity
Adora Svitak ASvitak (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Asaf Bartov Asaf (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Brooke Camarda BCamarda (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Christel Steigenberger CSteigenberger (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Dariusz Jemielniak pundit Wikimedia Foundation
Chris Koerner Wikimedia Foundation
Kaarel Vaidla Wikimedia Foundation
Valerie D'Costa Wikimedia Foundation
Gergő Tisza Tgr Wikimedia Hungary
Mohsen Salek mardetanha Iranian Wikimedian User Group
Kristina Millona Kristina Millona Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group
Comp1089 Para-Wikimedians Community User Group
Michał Buczyński Aegis Maelstrom Wikimedia Polska
Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska Magalia Wikimedia Polska
Pawel Marynowski Yarl Wikimedia Polska
Wojciech Pędzich Wikimedia Polska
Oleg Abarnikov Soul Train Wikimedia Russia
Daria Cybulska Strategy Working Group member Resource Allocation
Philip Kopetzky Strategy Working Group member Community Health
NickK Wikimedia Ukraine

Local team edit

Important information for grant-funded delegates edit

Please note the following:

  • Your travel and stay will be organised and paid for by Wikimedia Serbia (thanks to WMF grant), using the information provided in the registration form. Please do not buy plane / train / bus tickets on your own, unless specifically asked to do so by our staff.
  • The scholarship covers: travel to/from Belgrade (excluding travel from your place of residence to/from local airport/station), accommodation, catering, conference participation
  • The scholarship does not cover: insurance, travel from your place of residence to/from local airport/station.

Important information for self-funded delegates edit

If you are coming to the CEE Meeting from your own budget, keep in mind the following prices:

  • Single room in Hotel M - 50.00 EUR per night (breakfast included)
  • Twin room in Hotel M - 60.00 EUR per night (breakfast included)
  • Tourist tax - approximately 1.40 EUR per person per night
  • Registration fee - 100.00 EUR (lunch and dinner during the conference are included in this fee).

Update: Hotel M is no longer available for booking.

We recommend you to book rooms in the nearby hotels: Hotel Sterling (4 stars) or Hotel N (3 stars). Both hotels are 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel M.

Please note that all the payments must be in Serbian Dinars (appx. 1 EUR = 118 RSD) except registration fee which you can pay via bank account. We will send the payment instruction once the WMF confirms the list of all registered participants.

Wikimedia Foundation staff edit

If you are a staff member / contractor for Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and you wish to be included in WMF's team for CEE Meeting 2019, please sort this out internally, using usual WMF channels. Generally speaking, in terms of costs, organisation of stay etc. WMF staff will be treated similarly to the self-funded delegates, but all the details will be sorted out by WMF or within WMF - Wikimedia Serbia cooperation.

Invited speakers edit

A very limited number of invited speakers, not being the WMF staff or CEE Wikimedia affiliates' delegates may have their costs of travel, accommodation and meals covered, if their submission is accepted by programme committee and the funds are available. We will contact them directly when the positive decision of invitation is made.

Friendly space policy edit

Taking into account that civility and assuming good faith are core principles of the Wikimedia movement, Wikimedia Serbia together with Hotel M expect all participants to abide to the Friendly Space Policy during all activities of CEE Meeting 2019. You will be asked to confirm your agreement to this policy in registration form.