Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2016/Programme/Submissions/What's happening in GLAM

What's happening in GLAM edit

Presentation slides

Name(s) and/or username(s) edit

Liam Wyatt, User:Wittylama

Topic edit

  • Wikidata
  • Best practices for editing workshops
  • Project management training: communication, organizing events
  • Project management: surveys, metrics, reporting
  • Other: GLAM

Type of submission (Please choose one) edit

  • Presentation (one-to-many)

Summary edit

Wikimedia Conference - GLAM & TWL Highlights

Following the GLAM, Libraries Tools, & Resource presentation at this year's WMCon Berlin, this presentation proposes to give a brief tour of recent developments in GLAM-Wiki, including new and relevant developments/precedents in: Wikidata; The Wikipedia Library; multimedia formats; statistics/metrics.

Followed by short guided discussion with the audience about how these ideas can/can't be applied in the CEE context, or what precedents CEE can share with the wider Wikimedia community.

Expected outcomes edit

- A greater awareness of best practices and new trends in cultural partnerships - Identification of areas where CEE affiliates are leading and can teach the rest of the Wikimedia community

Duration (without Q&A) edit

Probably 30 minutes (but could be longer or shorter depending on the requirements of the schedule)

Slides or further information edit

Slides for this presentation

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