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Heh fengk mer en Aanzahl Lengks un Aanjahbe övver der Wikkimehdija Blog, de Wikkimehdija Schteftong iehre offezjälle Blog, dä och för Neujeschkeite us de jannze Bewähjong öm Wikkimehdija ze verdeile dehnt.

Ene Beijdrahch äntwärrve

In an effort to develop strategic campaigns and content that advance our goals, we will no longer be accepting incoming requests or pre-written content for the blog. Rather, we encourage you to reach out to us directly at talktocomms wikimedia.org with an explanation of your communications aims so that we can work with you to determine the strategies and tactics that will have the biggest impact. For community-focused or technical posts, refer to #Other blogs instead.

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The code for the old (2014–2018) theme is mirrored on GitHub, and the code for the oldest (until July 2014) theme is still is available for download from the Wikimedia git repository.

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